After getting her moms drugs, Ashley was told by the nurse that the doctor is waiting for her in the office. She entered the office and the doctor said

” Please sit down ”

”Whats wrong doctor why did you call me ” she said as she sat down

”We ran some test on your mom and we found something wrong ” the doctor paused ”Your mom has lung cancer ”

”WHAT! ” Ashley exclaimed as she stood up

” She is at the crucial stage and she will die soon ”

” This cannot be happening ” she murmured as she started crying

” Im sorry maam ” the doctor said trying to console her

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BACK TO PRESENT ~~~~~~~~~

”Im sorry Ashley, Im really sorry ” Carey said trying to console her friend

Later that night Ashley went to her mothers room surprised to see her awake, sitting up on her bed

”Mom you have to rest ”

”Ashley Im not your biological mother ”

” Mom you have to rest… ”

”Ashley I said Im not your biological mother ”

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