Twin Sisters Reunited

Twenty years later

” Sorry but they couldn make it ” The doctor to the lady in front of him

” What do you mean by they couldn make it ” Becky retorted with tears coming down from her eyes

” Im sorry maam ” the doctor said

Immediately the doctor left Becky cleaned her tears grabbed her phone from her bag and called the private investigator she hired because she knew the accident that caused her bosses death was no accident

”Have you found anything about the person who caused the accident ”

”No but we are still looking into it ” Detective Jeff retorted

”What about Ashley, have you found anything about her ”Becky said

” No maam we haven found anything about her yet ” Jeff retorted

”So what Im I paying you people for, to lazy around doing nothing? ”

”Maam we are trying our best ”

”Trying your best isn good enough, I want you to find her now ” Becky ended the call, she was very angry that they haven found Ashley yet. She then uttered to herself

”What Im I paying this people for if they can even fund a six month old child ” she sighed and went to meet the doctor

Few days had past and it was the for the funeral Becky was assigned to take care of Alexa, while Alexas uncle was Assigned to take care of Wayne enterprises until Alexa comes of age

That day was a very sorrowful day for the Wayne family, loosing three family members, their tomb were next to each other and this was inscribed

”Daniel Wayne, 1990-2021 RIP ” on the other one it wrote

”Alexis Wayne 1992-2021 RIP ” and on the last one it wrote

”Ashley Wayne December 1st 2020- June 3rd 2021 RIP ”

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