In Wayne enterprises headquarters California, two people were arguing one an old man who was wearing a black suit and trousers with a white inner shirt and tie while the other a beautiful white lady with long curly black hair her dark blue eyes was very rare and very beautiful she wore a black suit and trousers with a black inner shirt that shows her cleavage

”Uncle I told you Im not going to apologize to that ungrateful idiot ” Alexa said calmly as she sat down

”Alexa please you know that his dad is one of the major shareholders I still can believe you talked to him like that ”

”Uncle John please just don make me angry than I am right now! Why should I apologize to that spoiled good for nothing…. ” She was interrupted by a knock at the door

”Come in ” Alexa said in a serious tone

”Miss Alexa, Mr Ashton and Mr Alex are here to see you ” Anna, Alexas secretary said

”Tell them to come in ” Alexa said as she sipped her coffee

Anna left and close the door behind her she immediately sighed out of relief, she could feel the tension in the room but she didn want to find out why the president and CEO was fighting

Ashley got down from the bus and entered the large building in front of her when a person walked up to her and asked

”Are you Miss Ashley Smith ” the stranger said

”Yes I am ” ” Come with me ” they walked into the reception

”Hi, my name is Carey Jones Im the supervisor of this branch and Ill be telling you about your duties, but first put this on ” Carey said as she handed Ashley a pair of facemask

”Why do I have to wear this ” Ashley said staring at the facemask

” You will be meeting a lot of people, who you don know what kind of disease they are carrying, and I don want what happened to the last receptionist to happen again ”

”What happened to the last receptionist? ” Ashley asked

”You don want to know ” Carey retorted

Carey carefully explained all her duties to Ashley and when she was about leave she suddenly remembered something

”Ashley under no circumstances should you remove your facemask ” Ashley nodded

Back at Wayne enterprises headquarters, Alex and Ashton walked into the office

”Hey babe ” Alex said as he pecked Alexa on the lips

Alexa, Alex and Ashton has been friends for as long as she could remember, Alexs father Michael Stark owns Stark enterprises a company that specializes in technology while Ashtons father David Park owns the biggest gaming company in the world, his mom owns a top brand fashion company called Flame

Ashtons ,Alexs and Alexas parent were best friends so when her parents died they helped the company a lot hence having big shares in the company

”Why did you come any problem? ” Alexa asked

”Yes, there is some bad news ” Ashton said as he handed her the papers he was holding

”What is this supposed to mean ?Spill it out ” Alexa said angrily

”Do you know the branch at NYC , we checked its financial report and there something wrong ” Alexa said

”Whats wrong? ” John interrupted

”Sir someone took a million dollars from the companys account without anyone consent ” Ashton retorted

”So you mean there is a fraud in the company ” John said

”Yes Sir ” Alex retorted

”Anna get your ass in here right now ” Alexa shouted as she stood up

Anna walked in, scared that she might have done something wrong

”Yes maam ”

”Anna call my pilot tell him to get ready we
e going to NYC ASAP and you two are coming with me ” She Walked out and banged the door behind her

Everyone was shocked at what Alexa said soon afterwards Anna left and the boys right after leaving John behind

”I left you to look after the company and see what you did ” he muttered as he left the office

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