Twin Sisters Reunited

Met for the first time

A ”Umm sorry sir ”

”Umm… ” He looked at her name tag on her desk

”Ashley right ”

”Yes sir…umm what did you say again I didn hear you ”

He was so busy looking into her eyes he didn even answer the question, she had the most beautiful eyes bit her dark blue eyes were so familiar

”Umm.. Please can you show me where the general manager office is?*he asked after regaining his senses

” You see that elevator over there ” She said as she pointed towards the elevator ” Take that to the top floor and ask someone to show you where the GM office is? ”

”Don you know where the office is? ” He asked

” No sir , Im just the receptionist I don know ” she replied politely

”Okay,Miss Ashley till we meet again ” he turned around and left

He went to where Alex and Alexa were sitting and said

”lets go ”


The elevator door opened and they saw only one office there and went in

” How dare you enter without knocking ” Joshua said not looking at the person

”Sorry to bother you but I thought this was my office ” Alexa said sarcastically as Joshua looked up and saw who she was

Joshua was the only one in the whole building that knew who she was

”Sorry Miss CEO I didn know it was you ” Joshua ” he said as he stood up and pulled a chair for her ” what brings you here ”

”Joshua..Right ” she said as she looked at the name tag on his desk

”Tell me why there was a fraud a few months ago in this branch

” Maam I don know what you
e talking about ” he said with a nervous tone in his voice you can easily tell he is hiding something

”Cut the crap I did some investigation and I know who is responsible for this, take a look at this ” she handed over to him some papers she was holding she sat down crossed her legs and relaxed, he went through the papers and his facial expression changed he was shocked at what he was seeing

”Boys take him away ” she signalled her men and they dragged Joshua out of the building

”Anna call the supervisor of this branch ” she said as she faced Anna

”Okay boss ” she said as she left the office


Meanwhile at the front desk Ashley and Carey were talking when Anna walked in and said

”Are you Carey Jones ”

” Yes I am what can I do for you ” Carey retorted politely

” Can you follow me the boss is waiting for you ” Anna said

”The boss, is it the person in Joshuas office ” she muttered but Ashley heard her

”Okay ” Carey said as she followed Anna

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