In the reception, Carey told Ashley everything that happened in the BM office

”Congratulations Carey on being our new branch manager ” Ashley said

”Thank you, we should go out tonight ” Carey retorted

”Umm… Okay ” Ashley retorted in hesitation

”Okay Ill pick you up at fifth avenue at exactly 9pm sharp, be there okay ” as she was about to leave, someone stopped her and said

”Umm Carey wait I have to tell you something ”

”What do you want to tell me boss ” she said as she walked to where Alexa was standing

”Ill be coming to the office tomorrow to announce that you are the new branch manager and Ill be coming everyday this week to check if everyone is doing their work properly, so Ill be using the office for a while ” she said tiredly and then she walked out

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back Home ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jane and William got into another fight

”William where have you been all day ? ” She shouted as she followed him into the kitchen

”None of your business now just LEAVE ME ALONE! ” He exclaimed as he went to get some water

”William have you been gambling again ” she said but he ignored her

”William, ANSWER ME! Have you been gambling again? ” She said this time raising the voice higher

”Yes I am but whats your business with that, uh! ” He said as he went to the living room

”William don walk away as Im talking to you ” she said as she followed him

William having had enough of her nagging moved close to her, she subconsciously started moving backwards until she hit the wall, William held her neck lifted her and started strangling her taking away every inch of life in her

”William please let me go ” she said with any ounce of strength she had left

”Dad! ” Someone screamed and immediately he let her go

It was Ashley who just got back from work just to meet this in front of her

”Mom! ” She said as she ran towards her mam who was lying on the floor

”Mom, mom are you alright ” she said as she helped her stand up, she looked at the man who did this as he left the house

Ashley took her mom too her room and asked

”Mom, what happened ”

”Nothing dear ” Jane retorted

”Mom are you sure, shouldn we call the the police ”

” It nothing dear, your dad was just angry, thats all ” she lied

~~~~~~~~~A FEW HOURS LATER~~~~~~~~~

Ashley where are you, Im already there waiting for you ”Carey said

Jane didn know that Ashley was going out but from what she heard she knew

”Shes getting ready she will join you soon ” she said and she cut the call immediately

Ashley entered

”Why aren you dressed yet your friend is waiting for you ”

”Oh, Carey I forgot, are sure I van go what if dad comes back? ” She said

”I told you dad was just angry, o can take care of myself ” she said

”Okay Mom ” Ashley said as she went to get ready


At fifth avenue a figure stepped out of the taxi

”Ashley, there you are ” Carey said as she walked towards her

”Okay lets go, ” she said as she drags Ashley in the car


They stopped at one of the most famous club in new york

”Carey what are we doing here? ” Ashley asked

”To celebrate silly ” Carey retorted as she drags Ashley into the club

Meanwhile inside the club two figures are having a drink

”Alex, why are we here ” Ashton asked

”To calm my nerves ”

”What did you and Alexa fight about now? ”

”Ashley I need to use the restroom ” Carey said as she excused herself

A few minutes had passed and CARE wasn back yet so Ashley decided to go and look for her, she went to the restroom

”Ahh this place stinks ” she said as she went through her bag and wore her facemask

”Carey are you in here, ” she said as she entered the restroom when she didn see anyone she went out and continued her search

”Where could this girl be ” she bummed into


”Sorry I didn see… ” She stopped immediately she saw who it was

”Ashley do you also wear a facemask in a bar ” the guy said

”Sir sorry for ” ” you don have the say sorry and stop being so formal we aren in the office, so call me by my name Ashton ” he interrupted

”Sorry… Ashton ” ” you don have to say sorry ”

” So what are you doing here you don look like the club type ” Ashton said

”Umm Im here with a friend but I couldn find her ” she said staring at the beautiful figure in front of her

”Maybe youll find her outside, let me help you ”

”But si.r..I mean Ashton weren you on your way somewhere ”

”That can wait lets go ” before she could speak he dragged her outside

”Umm where is she? ” Ashley said as she looked around

”How does she look like so I can help you find her ”

”Umm there she is ” she said as she went to where Carey who was kissing a guy was, she dragged her

”Call me ” drunk Carey said

”Thank you for helping me find her ” Ashley said to Ashton

”Your welcome, see you at work tomorrow ”

”Okay, thank you again bye ” she said as she called a cab and left

Ashton watched until the car was out of his sight before entering the club

”Where were you ” Alex said as he approached Ashton

”I met someone ”

” Okay, Alexa just called and you know how she gets ”

”Okay lets go ” he said and immediately they left the club


After dropping Carey, she went straight home, she wondered if her mom was alright and if her dad had come back, when she entered she was shocked at what she saw

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