Training With Father

k to his home.

Seeing AXin in his home he asked her,

Lan Xiang : ”AXin are you going to your home ? ”

AXin : ”Yes, uncle I am going to my home. Its already lunch time so I have to go and grab my lunch. ”

Lan Xiang : ”Then you can join us in the lunch. We also haven had our lunch. ”

AXin : ”No uncle its fine. I have already prepared lunch and I am also planning to visit my grandfather to see if he has taken his lunch or not and if he hasn then we will have our lunch together. ”

Lan Xiang : ”Okay I understand your concern. Then I will meet you later. Bye, and have a great time with your grandfather. ”

AXin : ”Okay uncle then I will get going and have great day and take care of yourself. ”

After AXin left Zhen Lu saw her husband has returned so asked him about lunch. He said that he is hungry so Zhen Lu told him to call Lan Yue and then they will have lunch together.

Then Lan Xiang called Lan Yue for lunch and they had a very peaceful lunch together. After having Lan Yue went to his and Lan Xiang was helping his wife to clean the plates after lunch and after that they all rested for a while.

Then at late afternoon 4.30 pm Lan Xiang got up from his bed and changed his clothes to exercise clothes and went to Lan Yues room and saw that his son is changing.

Then he knocked on the door of Lan Yues room and said, ”Yueer get ready as it is already time for you have your everyday training with father. ”

After hearing his father Lan Yue said, ”I am getting ready father. Just give me two minutes and I will be there. ”

Actually Lan Xiang was very proficient in martial arts and everyday from late afternoon 4.30 p.m. to evening 7 p.m. he would train his son in martial arts.

He had always told his son that, ”You have to learn martial arts so that you will be able to protect all the people who are dearer to you and all the people who need your help as they can protect themselves and if nobody can help in their need and if you can help them in their need to protect them then you should learn it. ”

Lan Xiang has always taught his son that martial arts should always be for defending people who are in trouble but it shouldn be used mindlessly or for personal gain to harm and trouble others.

Lan Yue always remembered his fathers advice and learnt martial arts only for defensive purpose and not for attacking purpose.

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