Friends Together

r own which she wants to do on the night of the festival. Obviously A`Xin have not told any of her friends about this except only Lan Yue to whom she has already told about this a little while earlier. But as she has the fear that Lan Yue might tell anyone else, so had made Lan Yue to promise her that he will not tell anyone about this. Why she did this? The answer is simple this is going to be the most important thing of her life so she does not want anyone to know about this.

So due to the promise which he has made with A`Xin Lan Yue did not utter a single word about A`Xins special preparation to any of his friends.

Now let me introduce you the friends of Lan Yue and A`Xin;

Sito Ran : Friend of Lan Yue.

Zhen Hu : Friend of Lan Yue.

Shen Kai : Friend of Lan Yue.

Fan Jing : Friend of A`Xin.

Tang Long : Friend of A`Xin.

Zhang Fumi : Friend of A`Xin.

Then at this moment Zhang Fumi said to the boys that, ”We have also wanted to part in the play which you guys are doing. But then we have decided drop the idead. ” after hearing this the boys were suprised becaused they have no idea that the girls wanted to take part in the festival special play which they were doing.

After hearing this Zhen Hu asked curiously to all of the girls, ”Why did you decided to drop the idea of joining us in the play? It would have been really fun if you guys would have joined us in th play. ” Hearing Zhen Hu all the girls have looked in the direction of the boys only to find the curious filled gaze of the boys towards them.

After seeing that the boys were staring at them all the girls looked down to ground with the feeling embarrassment on their faces. At that moment the other girls wre cursing Zhang Fumi inside their heart for disclosing this matter in front of the boys.

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