Garys school is not that far away from home and Alan soon arrived.

He saw a shocking scene of three boys struggling against two burly and strong men and one of those boys happens to be Gary, Alan knows the other two boys too, they are Garys friends and neighbours.


– Save the three boys and beat up the men assaulting them.


– Shop Unlocked.

– Strength High grade pill.

– 2 level up.

What?! The system follows me into real life



Alan bash into one of the two burly men.

”Yay! Big brother is here! ”

”Beat them up! ”

”Yeah! Show them whose the boss! ”

Alan stood in front of the three little boys in a protective pose as he glares at the two burly men.

”Hey, who do you think you are?! ”

One of them angrily shouted.

”I am non other than the person who will beat you into a pulp! ”

Alan courageously said as he stands in a heroic pose.

[Additional rewards for those astonishing heroic lines]


That came up as a surprise for Alan because he did not expect his oh so heroic speech will gave an additional reward.

”So you are with this little punks? ”

”Of course I am, and you are with that Old Worthless piece of shit ”

”You! ”

At this point the three boys, Gary and his friends are having the best time of their life, they kept on laughing like they have inhaled a laughing gas.

”Yes Meee! ”

Alan said that to further enrage them and his plan seems to work and they are quiet angry and enrage at Alans words.

The man that kept arguing with Alan send punch at him.

Alan did not do anything special but casually dodged to the side and let the burly mans punch went pass him.

”Even though you harm my brothers, I don intend on hurting a civilian with my martial Arts, if you are go back down, that will be for the best ”

Alan calmly speaks and try to avoid unnecessary fighting.

”Insolents! ”

It seems the burly man is not thinking the same thing and find Alans words as an offence and he sends a punch again.

”You never seems to learn, huh? ”

Alan grabs the mans hand and hurled him over his shoulder, knocking him on the hard ground.

”Ahh! ”

The man screamed in pain as he thrashed around on the ground.

”Yay! ”

”Go! Go! Go! ”

”Beat them up! Don show mercy! ”

Gary and his friends cheered for Alan and kept commenting on the match, they are very excited at what is happening.

It seems they have already forget the fear those people cause them a while ago and instead they are behaving in a jovial manner.

Alan turn and brilliantly smiled at his brother and his friends.

”Brother! ”

”Watch out! ”

”Your back! ”

They all shouted but it was too late…


Alan felt something hard hit his back and he winced in pain but he quickly get over it and quickly turn around.


Alan moves very quickly and he struck at the assaulting mans neck.

Alan make sure to limit his strength so as to not kill him, even though he limits his strength, the man still clutched his neck and he kept gasping for breath.

Alan jump back and the three boys are confused as to why he did that.

The place where Alan is standing moments ago, a steel bar is smashed.

The man that has been clutching his neck, remove a pocket knife and held it in a defensive pose.

”Brother, be careful ”

Alan heard his little brothers worried voice from behind.

”Don worry, I will be fine ”


Alan lean back and barely managed to evade the attack, when he want to counter attack…

He saw a steel bar coming his way and he quickly dodged by dropping down.

Alan swipes the man with steel bar and he quickly stand up.


A knife attack to his right side but he dodged it.


A knife attack to his right side and he dodge it again.

”Aren you getting tired of using same tactics over and over again ”

After saying that, Alan raise his leg and delivered an axe kick, knocking the guy unconscious.

The man with the steel bar try to run away but will Alan let him? Absolutely no.

Alan quickly chased after him and tackles him, he then delivered a chop to the back of the thugs neck knocking him unconscious too.

”Wow brother, that is awesome, it is super cool ”

Gary excited said.

”Big bro, why don you call the police? ”

”Okay, I will ”

Alan called the police but when the police arrived the group had already left the place.

Alan is pushing his bicycle and the other three are walking, he make sure to send everyone to their home safely by taking them their himself.

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