One day in a town name Oak town. Their lives a vampire clan and werewolf clan. The two clans had at least 8 wars. Until a vampire and a werewolf fell in love and tried to find coexist.

Jake Point of View

i going to the store for grocery John. John says okay. I start to drive to a store known as Walmart. When I enter the store, I see a beautiful girl. I go to say hello, but I sense a werewolf nearby. I sense that she is the werewolf. I wish she wasn though.

Maybe then I could take her on a date. She looks over and say ”hello. ” I say ”hello ” back and walk away. She probably knows what I am. I hate that I can have her. Well, time to get the groceries I came here for.

Angel Point of view

I think I might have met my mate at the store. But hes a vampire, so I wonder what to do. Should I keep it to myself or should I tell Kora. She might be mad though. So, I decided that I am keeping it to myself. But I wonder if I should ask him something.

I see my mate and try to talk to him. I say, ”Hey you. ” He turns around. ”Meet me at the back. ”

Jake Point of view

That girl just to

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