Angel Point of view

”Hey Angel, what took you so long, ” said Kora. ”I just met someone. ” ”Was it your mate, she said with a smirk? ” ”You are snooping in my business, Kora. ” ”My bad but who is it. ” ”Im not telling you who he is. ” ”Im promise him I wouldn . ” ”Okay ” Kora said sadly. The next day an unknown number call me.

”Who is it? ” ”Its Jake ” the voice on the phone said. ”How did you get my number? ” ”I have my ways. ” ”Anyway, what do you want. ” ”Wanna go on a date out of town. ” ”So, you want to take me, a werewolf, on a date. ” ”Yes ”, he said. ”Why. ” ”Cause I like you. ” ”Sure ”, I say with a smile on my face.

Jake Point of view

I got myself a date. But I shouldn let anyone know about this. I start to ready for my first date. I put on a black jacket with a red shirt. I put on blue jean pants. I start to head out my house and my brother, Jack calls me in the kitchen.

I say, ”what you want. ” ”I just wanted to know where you
e going. ” ”Out somewhere to have some fun. ” ”Alright but be back before dad get come. ” ”You know how he is these days. ” ”Alright Jack. ”

I get in my white convertible and drive to Angel house. I text her Im outside. She walks out in a black dress. and black heels. She carries a black purse. She gets inside and I say ready to go. She nods. We drive to this fast-food place called sonics.

We get our food and drive to the park. We sit on a bench by a tree. ”So, Angel, what are your hobbies. ” ”I like hunting and cooking. ” ”What is yours. ” ”Reading and fighting. ” ”Cool I guess ”, Angel said.

2 hours later

I drive her back to her house. ”I had a great time ” Angel said. ”Me to. ” She gives me a kiss on the cheek. ”Is that my reward. ” ”I guess so. ” ”Good night, Angel ” ”Good night to you too, Jake. ”

She heads inside. I drive back home. I enter and I hear dad pull up. I see Jack on the couch giving me a thumbs up. Dad enter the house. He looks at both of us. ”I will have to tell you something soon so be ready. ” He walks to his room.

My stepmom come from the kitchen and hand us a blood bag. ”Here you go sweetie. ” ”Thanks Ella. ” She goes to talk to dad. I enter my room and go to sleep.

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