Jake POV

Today is the day we go back to school after Christmas break. I drive to school with John. John says, ” you glad its your last year here. ” ”Yeah, this school thing was getting on my last nerve. ” ”So, are you thinking about going to college. ” ”I haven decided yet but Im leaning toward going for now. ” ”Well, it will graduation soon so you better hurry. ” I will John. ”

We arrive at school. When I get go inside, I see Angel and her werewolf crew. Of course, I didn let her see me because of the race thing. There are hybrids like half vampires and half werewolves that are mixed with human. But thats about it. Our two races hate each other.

It because the first werewolf killed the first vampire king son. While the vampire king son did go crazy because of a curse place on him, thats no excuse for killing someone son. I hear the bell ring and head to class.

Angel POV

I am hanging out with my werewolf friends Amber, Nick, Sasha, and Nathan. ”I heard theirs a full moon coming up, it will be time to go wild soon ”, said Nick. ”Don go overboard Nick ”, said Amber. ”Ill watch out for him ”, said Nathan. ”

”You don have to watch me, Nathan. ”

”I am your older brother so yes I do. ”

”What are you going to do on the full moon, Angel ”, said Sasha.

”Just run around the forest. ”

”Seems better than what Nick plan to do ”, said Amber.

”You guys are wimps ”, said Nick.

”No, you
e just irrational ”, said Nathan.

We all start to laugh.

I start to pick up the smell of my mate. I look around but I don see him around. Well, I guess hes hiding from me. Our races are enemies, so I wouldn blame him. But he could have told me at least. He didn even call about it.

The bell ring and we head to class.

At the end the of the school day

So, I didn see him today. When I get out of the school, I going to see him. I say, ” hey guys I got somewhere to be right now so I will see you later. ” They say ”okay ”. After school I run to his house and see him. I stop him from entering.

Jake POV

I am walking home from school and when I was just about enter my house. Angel appeared in my way. ”Why won you let go inside my house. ” She frowned. ”I didn see you in school. ” ”I was preparing for a test. Im in 12th while you
e in 11th so you wouldn know that. ” ”Well, why were you avoiding me then. ”

”You know I can talk to you at school because of the other vampire and werewolves. ” She sighs. ”I know but you could have at least text me that. ” ”I though you would already know. ” This was the agreement we made after all. ”Well, I forgot. ”

”You can be annoying sometimes. ” ”I know but maybe we could go on another date sometime next month. ” I blush and say ”yeah, sure we can. ” She smiled. ”Well bye for now. ” She blows me a kiss and runs away. I go inside and see Jack watching tv.

”Hey bro ” ”Hey little bro. how was school. ” ”It was alright. ” ”Is that all you know how to say. ” ”There isn much to say about it. ” ”Well alright then. ” I go to my room.

Jack is my older brother who is very protective of me. Hes been that way since our mom died. She died from a werewolf bite when I was just 14. Now, I have a crush on one.

Now that I think about. I think Angel will be very protective of me too.

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