Jake Point of view

Well, something to know is that my brother is half vampire half human. Also, my cousin, John is a vampire. My dad is one too obviously. We have royal blood from being descendants of king Eren. King Eren was the first vampire king. We can still go out on our despite being royalty.

Well today is Saturday and time to do what I always do. I go to the bathroom and brush my fangs. Next, I grab some blood packs. After getting done with that I take a shower and put on my clothes for the day. Im wearing a black shirt with a skull on it. Im wearing blue jean pants. I have some black shoes on.

I go on to wake my brother, father, and stepmother up because they will stay sleep if I don . I go to watch tv till 1:00, which is when we go out. I go jogging till 5:00. I go skateboarding with my friends Katie, Larry, Logan, and Ryan.

”Skateboarding is the best way to get your mind off life ”, said Logan. ”I don know about that buddy ”, said Ryan. ”Shopping is actually the best way ”, says Katie. ”Its not Katie ”, said Larry. ”You
e supposed to back me up on this bro. ” ”No way Im doing that. ” ”Oh no, another sibling argument between those two ” says Logan while shaking his head.

After hanging out with them I get called to the castle. I get there and make some important decision for a piece of land my family owned. Nobody in my family wanted to do this and I owned them for something.

I then go home and sleep.

Angel POV

Im going to tell you about my daily life and family. Kora is my half-sister. She is half human half werewolf. Which means that she can turn into a full wolf but can display wolf traits in her human form. My mother and father are werewolves.

My mom is the werewolf queen. So, I am royalty. We are descendants of from the second werewolf king half-brother, Markus. I also have a adopted brother named Jimmy. He is related to the south werewolf tribe.

The werewolves are divided into two clans. The south and north werewolf tribes. We are part of the north werewolf tribe. The south werewolf tribe leader is decided with votes.

Jimmy is still going to school despite being from the south werewolf tribe. Also, there is a legend from long ago. That a vampire and werewolf would mate and end the war that been going on for centuries. Most people don believe it will ever happen. But it already has, and they don even know it.

Now for my daily life. Ill explain a day from it. I wake up and take a shower. I put on a white shirt with a skirt. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I go shopping with Amber and Sasha. We also go to the skateboard park to meet up with Nick and Nathan.

While we hang out, I see some vampire and even my mate. I then go to the werewolf castle and make some werewolf royalty decision. I go home and watch Jimmy. ”So, how was school. ” ”It was good ”, he said with a smile. ”Thats good buddy. ” ”Do you have a boyfriend. ” ”What!!! No, I do not. ” ”Well, you been coming home later than usual lately. ” ”Mind your business buddy. ” ”Fine, I won ask any further. ”

I go to eat some food and watch tv. I would go to a werewolf party if there was any around this time.

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