Jake Pov

Today is Wednesday. I go to school and go home. When I get home, dad called me and Jack to his room. We enter his room. His room walls are black with fangs all around them. He has a desk, bed, dresser, mirror, and tv.

We look to see his dad serious.

”What is it dad, ” said Jack.

”I have something to tell you two. Something that only the royal bloodline can do. ”

”Why only the royal bloodline ” I asked?

”It because our ancestors were given special power ” dad says.

What is it that only the royal bloodline can do ” asked Jack.

”We can turn other people to vampires. But you gain access to it when you turn 18. ”

”Why ” I asked.

”So, you don do something stupid. ”

”So, I can use this ability, right I asked?

”You can use it because your 18. John can use it because he 16. Jack, you can use it because your over 18. You both can do it now but don go turning to many people. ”

”We don ” we both say.

We walk out and I talk to Jack.

”You got anyone you want to turn. ”

”Just my girlfriend ” Jack says.

”Does she know about us. ”

Jack nods his head and say, ”yeah she does. What about you Jake. ”

”Not really but that could change. ”

”Well, I got a girl to turn so see you later, ” said Jack.

Jack gets in his car and leaves.

Jack Pov

I drive to Paris house. I knock on the door, and she open it.

”Hello darling ” I say.

”Hello honey ” Paris say and smile at me.

Paris has light auburn hair hanging down with hazel eyes. She is wearing a yellow jacket with sweatpants on.

”You are looking beautiful today ” I say.

”You say that every time you see me ” she says.

”Because it always true and I want you to know it. ”

”Anyway, what are you doing here ” she asked?

”I can see my girlfriend randomly. ”

”Well, you can but at least have a good reason. ”

I grab her hand and she look at me. I pull her close to and whisper ”Im going to make your wish come true. ”

She looks at me surprised but then smiles at me.

”Please do honey ”

Her dream is to be a vampire. I text my dad how do I do it. He texts me the information back. I look at it and begin. I bite my hand and say, ”You need to drink my blood. ”

She nods and sucks my wrist where the blood coming out. I then bite into her neck, and she screamed. i suck her blood till her body lay life less. I then put her onto the bed.

I feel her skin become cold. I see her body become paler. I hear her start to breathe again slowly. I see her hand twitch a bit. She opens her eyes, and they were blood red.

Three minutes later they return to the hazel color it was before.

”How do you feel ” I asked?

”I feel more alive and stronger. ”

She gets up and run around her house at vampiric speed.

”Having fun darling. ”

”Yes, I am ” she says and kiss me.

”Thank you honey ” she says.

e welcome but you need to pay me back in the bedroom. ”

”Lets go then. ”

We head to her room, and you know the rest.

Special: Paris History

Paris Pov

When I was 6 years old when I watch my first vampire movie. I would always watch any vampire movie and show to come out from that moment onwards. I started to want to be a vampire at the age of 10.

I wear goth clothes until I was 14. At 15 I started dating people. I would ask if they like vampires and would break up if they didn . I met Jack at age 17. We meet at the library.

I was looking for a vampire book and I bump into him.

”Im so sorry ” I say

”Its no problem cutie. ”

”Are you flirting with me. ”

”That depends on you, cutie. ”

”My name is Paris and not cutie ” I say proudly.

”Well Paris want to go out on a date sometime. ”

”Ill think about it. Wait, do you like vampires. ”

He laughs and whispers ”I am a vampire. ”

”No way thats true. ”

”I got nothing to prove to you. You either believe me or not. ”

He starts to walk and say, ”Got to go for now but I think Ill be seeing you later and the name is Jack. ”

I would later go out with him for three years. He told me he was 18 and has a 11-year-old brother on our first date. We broke up when I went to college at 20.

I move back at 21 and went to see Jack but he was never home. I didn see him till a year later at Walmart. We would get back together, and we plan to get married later in the future.

The End of Paris Backstory

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