Angel Point of view

I start to put on the dress I bought for prom and put on my white masquerade mask. My dress is a long white sequin dress. I put on white heels. I use some perfume on myself and waited outside. Kora already went to prom with her date. She wouldn tell me who is it though.

She did say ” who are you going to prom with since you
e asking me the same question? ” ”Thats a secret ” I told her. Since I must keep it a secret that me and Jake are going to the prom together.

Jake Pov

I started to get dress in a black jacket and a white formal shirt and black pants. I get in my car and drive to Angel house. I pull up outside and see Angel outside. I see her in a white dress and white heels with a black purse with some makeup on.

”Hey, are you coming or what ” I said.

”Im coming ” she said.

She starts to run. Is she in a hurry tonight? She begins to trip while running but I catch her just in time. ”

Thanks ” she said smiling.

e welcome beautiful wolf ” I said.

”The wolf part wasn needed. ”

”Yes, it was. ”

She looked annoyed at me and said, ”lets go vamp. ”

”Ill let that slide. Also, you should be more careful okay. ”

”Okay. ”

We walk toward the car. Angel stops and turn to me.

”Actually, shut up vamp. I already know that ” she says confidently smirking and start back walking.

She must be proud of doing that. We get in the car and drive to the prom. We arrive at Oak high school and walk into the prom. I see Katie, Larry, and Logan with their dates.

Katie with John. Katie wearing a red dress and heels. Shes wearing her brown hair down with makeup on. John is wearing an all-white suit with white Jordons shoes. Larry with his girlfriend. Larry has his blonde hair comb with a tuxedo on. His girlfriend is dark skin with brown hair and a black dress and heels on with makeup.

I see Logan with his girlfriend. Logan has his black hair comb with a black dress up shirt and pants with a red tie. His girlfriend is tan with blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a yellow dress with makeup on.

Angel POV

We walked in and I see Amber, Nick, Sasha, and Nathan. Amber with her girlfriend. Amber and her girlfriend are wearing matching blue dresses with makeup on. Nick with his long black hair with a black jacket and pants on. Nick is flirting with some girls.

Nathan with his short black hair with a white dress up shirt and black dress up pants. Nathan is with his girlfriend. She is wearing a gray dress with gray heels and makeup on. Sasha is with her boyfriend. Sasha has her white hair tied up with a white dress and heels on. Her boyfriend is in a tuxedo with glasses.

Jake Pov

Everyone looked at us. My friends come up to us.

Logan says, ” I thought you weren coming to prom and who this. ”

”I change my mind, and this is Angelina ” I say.

I couldn tell them she is Angel; her friends would hear and find out. Also, Angel said she was wearing a special perfume so they shouldn be able to smell that she is a wolf.

”You got yourself a pretty girl tonight, ” said Larry.

Larrys girlfriend hit him for saying that.

”Sorry baby ” he said while protecting himself.

We all laugh, and a song start.

I say ”want to dance ” to Angel with my hand out.

She says, ” It would be my pleasure. ”

She grabs my hand, and we head to the dance floor.

Angel Pov

We start to dance, and I hear some people say take off your mask and try to grab it. Jake pushes them away and continue to dance with me. Some people keep trying to take off my mask.

Jake asked, ” Should we go home. ”

I said ”no ”.

Jake smile and grab my hand. He takes to me an empty classroom. He pulls out his phone and put on some music

”Now we can dance in peace ” he said.

We start to dance until the end of the prom. I

get a text from my friends saying, ”you should have come to the prom. ”

I say, ”I did something more fun than the prom tonight. ”

Amber text ”spill what you did ”

I text her back ” Its a secret. ”

She texts a sad face emoji to me.

Jake Pov

I drop Angel off at her house.

Angel says, ” I had a good time tonight, ”

”I did as well ” I say and kiss her on the lips.

We kiss for a few minutes. She had to catch her breath after it. She goes near a tree and change her clothes. She waves when she gets to her door, and I wave back. She smiles and open her door. When I see that she is inside I drive off.

I get to my house and enter.

”So, you went to the prom after all ” said Jack waiting at the table.

”Yeah, I did. ”

”I told you this would happen. ”

”Yes, you did now can I go to my room. ”

”Sure, little brother. ”

I walk away seeing Jack smirking.

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