Jake Pov

I wake and check my calendar. I see that it is my graduation day. I get up and put on my graduation suit. I head downstairs and see my dad in a suit.

He was looking at a picture. He looks up and say, ”I wish your mother can see you now. ”

”Me too ” I say.

You think I would hate werewolves for what they did to my mom, but I can hate Angel for some reason. Maybe its love that make it happen this way.

I see my stepmom dress up in a black dress with her curly brown hair and eyes.

She says, ”this must make you so happy Jake. ”

”Yes, it does ”

”My little brother is growing up ” says Jack coming from upstairs.

Jack is wearing normal clothes.

e not dressing up for this occasion, ” said my father?

”Its just not my style dad. ”

My father sighs and say, ”do whatever you want. ”

We all get in the car and head to the school. We get there and go inside.

”This place bring back memories, ” said Jack.

”Im sure it does brother ” I say.

I see John waiting by the auditorium.

He looks at us and walk up to us.

”You didn think I would meet my favorite cousin graduation did you ” John says and smile.

”No ” I say

”Good then get going Jake. ”

”Im going now ” I say and move toward my class.

We do the graduation ceremony and get our diploma. We are the class of 2000. After the graduation ended. My friends called me to give me their congratulation. My family also congratulated me.

I see Angel hiding behind a tree and waving for me to come here. I say ”excuse me for a moment ” to my family and head toward her. She pulls me toward her and gives me a kiss. we kiss for 2 minutes and pull back.

”You didn think I would miss my favorite vampire graduations, ” said Angel.

”I did for a moment there. ”

She looks mad and says, ”Wow but that how you think of me ”.

”Well, we aren dating officially. ”

”You want to change that love. ”

”Yes, I do. Wanna go out Angel ” I said.

”Let me think for a moment. Sure Jake. ”

”Great ” I said and kiss her.

She pulls out something from her pocket.

”Here is your graduation present. ”

she gives me a gold watch.

”Thank you, Angel. ”

”Your welcome love. ”

I put it on.

”Well, I got to go before my family get suspicious. ”

She says ”okay, see you later love. ”

I leave and return to my family. We go to an expensive restaurant to celebrate. After that John leaves and the rest of us goes home. Dad and Ella go to their room. I walk to my room and Jack appear behind me.

”How does it feel to be done with high school. ”

”It feels great honestly ” I say and smile.

”Thats how it felt for me too. But you
e going to college soon. Your making better choices than me little brother. I just want you to know that Im proud of you and will forever be no matter what you do. ”

”Thank you, Jack. ” I start to tear up.

”Don start crying now little brother. You got the rest of your life to do that. ”

”I know. ”

Jack leaves and goes to his girlfriend house.

I text Angel good night and go to sleep.

Angel Pov

Jake will be leaving for college soon. I won be able to see him often then. But we just start dating. If only I met him sooner, then we would have more time. But at least I don have to worry about anyone taking him.

I start to laugh and smile. I can believe we are dating now. Maybe life will be more interesting after high school now.

John Pov

I was walking out of the store when I see this werewolf. She is 54. She has hazel hair and eyes. She looks kind of beautiful.

”What are you looking at vampire. ”

”Just your beauty. No need to be hostile. ”

She blushes and say ”How can I not be hostile. We are from two different sides. ”

”That may be true but Im an honest kind of vampire. ”

Ever since I was young, I could never lie to someone. It just how I was. People would avoid me because I was just telling them the truth which they didn want to hear. But Jake and Jack always stood by me.

”I don believe you vampire. ”

”Stop calling me vampire. I have a name and its John. ”

”My name is Kora ” she says.

”Nice to meet you, Kora. ”

”I don feel the same way. ”

”Theres no need for you to be so aggressive. Theres nobody here to but us right now. ”

”Maybe so but the fact remains that our clans do not like each other. ”

”That got nothing to do with us ” I say.

e a weird kind of vampire John. ”

”I get that a lot. ”

”But I don dislike that. ”

She blushes and walks away.

I think my heart just skip a beat. I need to calm down. Nothing will happen with her. I don think the world is ready for that yet.

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