after reaching home lucian took in bridal style inside the house his family members and isabellas family members for sitting there lucian mother told him to take Isabella to his room.

after bringing her in his room he lyed her on his bed. then he heard a knock on his door.

when he open the door his assistant Leo and family doctor Jimmy was standing.

Jimmy was also a vampire,lucian told them to come inside and check isabella .

after checking Isabella doctor told him she was unconscious because someone has given her sleeping pills.

she will woke up after 2 hour . After the doctor left . lucian, s assistant came and told him that Jackson went to prison.

lucian had a smile on his face it was lucians and Leos plan after lucian left with Isabella the police came with Leo and took Jackson with them.

Jackson went to prison for 20 years .


after 2 hour all the family members were waiting for Isabella to woke up , lucian was sitting next to her on the bed holding her hand .

After Isabella woke up she felt someone was holding her hand when she looked up she saw lucian was holding her hand .

after lucian notice that isabella woke up he ask her how is she feeling all the family members notice that isabella woke up and started asking her if she needs anything.

Isabella told them that she is fine now . they all left isabella and lucian for some privacy.

after they left lucian looked at isabella before asking how is she feeling.

isabella told him she is feeling better .her hand touched his face asking lucian if he was OK

lucian took isabella hand in his and said he was fine and he was so scared that he will lose isabella.

lucian told her that he loves her more than anything and he will always love her.

but he wanted isabella to love him back he thought in his mind .

after listening to him she told him that she is loves him too .

lucian could not take it any more and started to kiss her passionately.

isabella was so shocked but after a few minutes she also started to kiss him back .

after they both were beardless they stop and isabella was blushing hard .

after seeing her face lucian started laughing. them Mr. walker came and told lucian that he wanted to take Isabella home .

lucian said uncle she is not well today so he should not take her home today

they should wait for her to recover. Mr. Walker don want to but after Mr King and Mrs king pleased they finally said yes

Mr Walker and his family left and Mrs king insured that she will take care of her .

Shepherd told them that she will come tomorrow with mia to look after isabella.

after saying good bye to her family. isabella told lucian that she wanted to sleep so where will she sleep .

isabella thought she can sleep in lucian, s room

but lucian told her that he will sleep in the guest room is next to his room so he will sleep In his room .

it was the first time she was in his room she was lying in the king ,s sized bed .

A large room with different fixtures in it . it was all coloured in grey..

After that night both of there parents planned something

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