Lunch at King\'s Residence

isbella,s and lucian parents though that u both are not loving each other so they planned to that if both of u stay alone for some days before u get married love would work out , so they decided to send them to Island which was owned bu lucian,s father they send lucian and Isabella to that island .

The island dont had any people but just a small hut that hut only had one room and it was made of wood .

After reaching the island . there was nothing to eat . just was fruits to eat .

Isabella and lucian they spend their time in the beech they did not even talk to each other just looking in the sea . Lucian took a apple from the basket and offers it to Isabella . she took a bite and smiled to lucian .

he smiled back at isabella .after the sunset lucian asked isabella can we go to the hut its getting colder and it will be night in a fews minutes.

Isabella said ok then both of them were going in the direction of there hut where they will live

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