isabella is save

before isabella could say something Jackson arrived and Jackson was the first to attack lucian. he had a vampire spary he spary it on lucian .

he became unconscious. his Glaze fell on isabella

who saw all this and was frightened.

she try to Run but Jackson grab her by her hair and put a cloth on her mouth.

isabella fell unconscious and Jackson thought a plan and crab Isabella and took her with came to his house.

Lucian fell from the stairs down .

heaving the sound Mr and Mrs Walker and Mr and Mrs king ran to the hallway.

when this lucian unconscious and Isabella missing they were frightened. try to wake up lucian but it was no king calls a doctor who was a vampire doctor.

he check lucian and sad here is the medicine given this he will wake up till evening they did what the doctor told them to do .

it was evening now and everyone was waiting lucian to wake him and tell them what happened to Isabella.

Mrs Walker was crying because they could not find Isabella anywhere isabellas brother was also present here he was so worried about his sister.

after lucian wake up he saw everyone was sitting there but he could not find isabella. ..

Jack was the first to ask lucian where was Isabella lucian locked at Jack and sad he didn know where was she .

he said to his parents that Jackson attack him maybe he took isabella with him .

dad called out lucian check the cctv cameras maybe you will find something in their.

Mr. king replied its no use son . we have already checked it but did not find anything .

lucian said I am going to find her now Mr amd Mrs king were worried about there son but lucian insisted that he wants to find her.

Mr am Mrs kind finally said ok . lucian left in the black may back .Jack wanted to come but lucian don let him .

Mr and Mrs Walker were very worried .so Mr and Mrs king told them to stay with them .

Mr Walker try to say its ok we want to find her to . Mr King insisted no you should lucian will find her .

after that Mr and Mrs Walker went to rest in a guest room.

lucian called Jackson and ask about Isabella Jackson told him to bring the foreign file if he wanted is a Isabella alive..

now lucian was a little scared and he told him that he will bring the file now just do nothing to Isabella.

Lucien to his company called his assistant Leo to make a file similar to the foreign file Leo wanted to ask him why.

when he saw lucian was not in a good mood he just did as lucian told him to .

After 2 hours Leo brought that file and lucian said nothing and went to his car .

now lucian was driving very fast then he reached jacksons house.

he called Jackson and Jackson took him to isabella.

Isabella was on the bed she was looking very pretty . lucian give Jackson the file and Jackson told him to took isabella.

when Jackson read the file he thought how can lucian give it to him but then he thought meybe this time lucian loved isabella.

lucian took isabella with him and made her sit in the back seat. and started driving the car he called his parents that he found isabella .

isabella was safe and sound but she is unconscious so please call our family doctor.

he one last time look at isabella before driving…

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