”Im still alive? Or dead. ”

”Its too dark, I can see anything. My body feels cold, what is this? Water? I seem to have died. ”

”But why? Im too short, Im not even married at all. Erm.. let alone get married, Ive never been close to a woman. ”

”My life has been bad luck, and now its over. ”

Seen the body of a man who began to sink into the water that has no bottom, he was talking to himself wondering whether he was still alive or not. Slowly the man began to close his eyes and kept sinking deeper and deeper.

But suddenly a very bright light appeared in front of him making him slightly open his eyes, something grabbed his hand and pulled him quickly.

When he realized that the man had fully opened his eyes and was quite surprised by what he saw around him, he stood and turned around in amazement at the place where he stood. Such a beautiful and majestic place, it seemed that he was alone there.

”Where is this? Am I dead already? Is this heaven? Is it okay if I die and then enter heaven easily? ”

”No, this is not heaven, ” said a woman who suddenly appeared in front of him.

A beautiful goddess with long white hair adorned with several gold-colored ties, blue eyes and an asterisk on her forehead. He came from the shard of light that shaped him and sat on the throne chair to welcome the man.

”Emm.. can you explain whats going on right now? ” asked the man, quite confused because someone suddenly appeared.

”I invite your dead spirit. Oh yes I am a goddess, ” the woman replied with a smile.

”What goddess?! Can you tell me why I was summoned here? ”

”You have two choices. One, whiten your soul and be reborn as a stranger. All your memories disappear and you become a different person. ”

”Wait a minute, in other words the current me is going to die? ”

”Yahh.. actually you are already dead, and one more thing. Reincarnated in another world and received my orders, in exchange you can keep your current memories. By retaining your knowledge and experience, you can enjoy a new life. ”

”In other words, I will continue this life? ”

”Don you think this is an attractive offer? ” said the goddess with a smile.

”Is it true that people who have died can continue to live again? Then regarding your order, what should I do? ”

”Of course, it seems you quite understand what I mean, Im glad the conversation is progressing quickly. Looks like I chose the right spirit, you will be transferred to a fantasy world that has swords and magic. ”

”A world with swords and magic? Is there really such a place? ” asked the man, slightly surprised.

”Yes of course there is and there you have to kill the prince. ”

”Wait a minute, so this is reincarnation huh, its hard to believe, ” said the man in a tone that wasn sure.

”Usually dead human souls are treated like stained items and then immediately cleaned and recycled. The life that has been lived until now is only pretending, ” said the goddess.

Suddenly the goddess disappeared into a shard of light and the place changed slightly with two chairs and a table. The goddess reappeared and was seen sitting while pouring drinks into the two cups in front of her. The man then walked over and sat in front of the goddess.

”Thats roughly how I consider the previous death, even if reborn the memory is lost, the previous p

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