The first monster appeared on Earth 30 years ago.

It was an inferno dragon that caused the destruction of tens of cities and the deaths of over ten thousand Earth citizens.

Humans tried to fight it with the help of mechanized weapons, but unfortunately mechanized weapons couldn even peel his scales, and tanks couldn break through its defense.

That day, the sky was painted red, and the earths surface was covered in a pools of blood.

It was a day of ultra chaos and global massacre.

The earth was in despair.

That same day, The world witnessed the birth of the first superheroes, The Tactical Seven; a group of men who had been predestined by the heavens to stop the chaos that was soon to be born on Earth.

They possessed magical abilities and superhuman strength, outrunning the defenses of the worlds most powerful tank and even the attacks of the best machine guns.

The inferno dragon was killed in just thirty minutes after they appeared.

These men were disguised, but before they left, they announced the beginning of a new era in which the powerless are no longer safe.

”The heavens and hell are engaged in a fierce battle… ”

Angelic beings vs. demonic beings, gods vs. devils, and the Primordial of Evil vs. Primordial of Righteousness

This war was even bloodier than the brief battle that the world had just witnessed.

”.. Hell, led by the Primordial of Evil, will send the souls of their fallen soldiers in the form of beasts to this world. ”

While heaven was occupied with defeating hell. Hell, on the other hand, was all about multitasking.

Their dead soldiers, demons, and devils will be sent to Earth to cause havoc.

The inferno dragon was one of them; it was extremely powerful to humans, but it was far too weak for the members of The Tactical Seven.

”..And heaven, under the leadership of the Primordial of Righteousness, will assist us by bestowing on some of us humans the ability to fight. ”

To protect themselves from the impending chaos, humans will be given abilities at random.

The Tactical Seven had no idea how humans gained their abilities.

All they knew was that humans would begin to gain abilities soon, as the Primordial of Righteousness had already informed them.

”.. Either take this advice or throw it away, if you notice any slight changes in your house, please evacuate immediately, The Primordial of Evil is likely to use your house as a portal to transport his minions… ”

Monsters will reside in various houses.

Dungeons only seen in fantasy novels will begin to appear, and monsters will spawn on them; after adapting to their new environment, they will burst forth and cause havoc on Earth.

”…If you hear a voice calling to you, please respond with all diligence and honesty… ”

What kind of voice?

Who will address them?

And why is that?

Nobody could answer these questions, and they lacked the courage to ask the Tactical Seven what they meant by what they said.

”…Many people died because we were late; we won ask for your forgiveness because we were too busy fighting monsters that appeared in the northern parts of the earth, specifically the desert of the dead. ”

The desert of the dead, believed to be the resting place of lost spirits and the portal of the dead to and from the Netherlands.

That enigmatic dessert that even history was afraid of has also become a breeding ground for demons.

”…No matter what, don ignore those voices or youll die. ”

That was his final words to them.

A dark vortex was created by one of the Tactical Seven with the ability to manipulate and create dimension.

The vortex was chaotically swirling.

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