Void Lord’s Path

Chapter 1: Lord of the wild plane

Void, the taboo of all planes; since its birth, the pace of growth has not stopped. In the descriptions of other planes, the void is the gathering place of lunatics and destroyers.

The structure of the void is like a big tree, and all the planes swallowed by it will eventually be absorbed into the tree and become a part of the void.

The grading of the planes from low to high is a secondary plane, low plane, medium plane, high plane, and ultimate plane.

The levels of the void lords are based on the level of the plane, and they are sub-lords, star-level lords, moon-level lords, and high-level lords. Of course, there is also the Void Master, which has only existed in legends.

However, among the void lords that exist today, the void lord does not exist, and no lord has the ultimate plane. Its just rumored that a Void Lord appeared a long time ago, but then suddenly disappeared for no reason, and has never appeared again.

The Void certainly belongs to the highest ultimate plane, and traces of the Void can be found in all known planes. The most obvious proof is that when you look up at the starry sky at night, the boundless darkness is the projection of the void.

————————————————– —————————————

Under the pile of black leaves, a pair of dark eyes appeared. It is said to be pitch black because the eyes, including the eyeballs, are all black. There was a mass of weeds where the eyes were looking, and there was a piece of **** flesh on the grass, apparently hunting with traps.

After a while, a green-eyed deer slowly approached the cage; judging from the sharp teeth in its mouth and the salivation of the meat, it was definitely a carnivore.

Although this deer is very alert, its IQ is indeed not high. As long as a slightly intelligent creature sees the placement of this meat, it will know that there is a problem.

Finally, in those eyes of anticipation (although I don know how to see the look of anticipation in the dark eyes), the deer finally couldn bear the temptation of meat and ran into the trap.

Suddenly, the green-eyed deer found in horror that the ground suddenly sank; only with a plop, the green-eyed deer let out a wailing sound and fell down, and then there was no sound.

The owner of this pair of black eyes quickly lifted the disguise and rushed over. I saw this man who looked seventeen or eighteen years old, with dark skin and a pair of black horns on the top of his head.

Looking at the green-eyed deer that had already died on the wooden thorn in the trap, he laughed loudly.

”a ha ha ha ”

”You **** green-eyed deer, Ive finally killed you! As long as you kill a few, you can gather enough resources to recruit dark wolves, and Im one step closer to becoming the master of the void. ”

”Ha ha ha ha! ”

————————————————– —————————————

PS: The troop lair is the most important reliance for the void lord to attack other planes. Lords sacrifice various resources to these troop lairs, from which creatures can be recruited as soldiers every seven days. Moreover, these creatures are in an adult state as soon as they are born, and they can go to the battlefield directly.

These troop nests are divided into nine levels, these creatures are called arms, and the levels are also divided into nine levels. Generally, the troops produced by the nests of several levels of arms are also several levels.

However, it is not constant. The nest can absorb some resources and make some mutations in the troops. As for what it will be like, it depends on luck. Good mutant troops may be stronger or even promoted, and bad mutants may degenerate the troops or even destroy the nest of the troops.

The most famous mutation is the mutation of dragon blood. Dragons are inherently promiscuous and can mate with most creatures and produce offspring.

Therefore, the compatibility of dragon blood is very high, and the absorption of dragon blood in the troop nest can easily make the troop in the lair mutate into dragon blood, and then become more powerful.

It can be said that these troop nests are the perfect killing weapons, which will not betray and are tireless. Its just that these creatures do not have the ability to reproduce, their intelligence is not high, and they only have the instinct to kill.

————————————————– —————————————-

This young ”person ” is called Sartre, and he is a void lord. As for what race he belongs to, he doesn know. The main reason is that the Void Race is very messy, the Void Plane constantly devours new planes, coupled with the chaotic reproduction between various races; there are all kinds of strange appearances, and new races are born and destroyed almost every moment.

Does being the void lord sound very powerful, but in fact,

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