The person who came looked to be a young man in his twenties— Kai decided to refer the other as person. After all, it didn feel right to call him ghost or simply a soul. Calling everyone officer this, grim reaper that, was also too bothersome especially when he didn even know what everyones profession were.

The opposing party was wearing the same uniform as the administrative officers in the admission area so Kai assumed he was one of them.

”I was told I had to wait for an hour but it seems George had misspoke the wrong number. ” The other gently smiled at him. He looked kinder than the previous officer. Although his face was just as ghostly, his entire being gives off a gentle and compassionate aura, making people comfortable. Kai silently named him kind-looking officer.

He led Kai out of the room. Kai was amaze when they came out and were no longer in the magnificent hallway. Instead, they were in front of another room. The kind-looking officer opened the door for Kai, letting him take the lead. Kai entered and was greeted by the sight of a beautiful woman working on a desk upon walking in. She was currently looking down at the computer(?), typing.

When he and the officer entered, the woman simply gave them a glanced before pulling her gaze back. Not a second later, she looked up again, eyes widening in shocked and disbelief as she looked at Kai.

Kai was confused. He couldn tell the reason for her reaction. He continue to stand there quietly, waiting for her to speak.

The woman seemed to also realized her reaction being too violent and quickly composed herself. She fumbled in her computer for a while before she finally spoke, staring straight into Kais eyes.

”Kai Brandon. 17 years of age. Original date of death; 18:12 June 6, 2089, age 86. Accidentally killed today, September 9, 2020 at 17:24 by Grim Reaper No. 1085. Welcome. I am Chloe, the chief administrative officer. As the manager of special counter and the chief of this building, I sincerely apologize for my subordinates mistake. Please allow me to compensate you. ”

The womans opening was weird but her tone was serious and formal. Her apology however, stunned Kai. He didn expect the boss to come to him and personally apologize. He thought they were only here to talk about his compensation. After all, they didn seem to be the kind to bother with people like him. Now, hearing her sincere words along with her solemn expression, he was suddenly at a loss of what to do.

It wasn just him. Even the kind-looking officer beside him was stunned— he never once imagined his boss to apologize or even bother to tell Kai her name. One must know that everyone in the special counter were unfeeling individuals. Apart from himself, who had the same circumstances before as Kai, no one else took the souls of this poor humans seriously. Before, the farthest the boss would ever go would be inviting these people in to her office. She would halfheartedly asked them to hurriedly chose their compensation and would immediately drive them away like ants soon after.

Seeing him not knowing what to say, Chloe laughed, taking back her formal tone. ”You seemed to be in a hurry to get away. Alright, Ill spare you some nonsense. George already told you the options, right? ”

Kais attention was pulled back and he nodded.

Chloe leaned on her desk and touched her chin. She spoke unhurriedly, ”I know these options doesn make sense to you right now so let me briefly tell you what they mean before you start choosing. ”

Kai was grateful and thanked her deeply.

When a soul received their retribution card, they would have to complete it. Completing means going through the punishment levels.

Hell has 13 layers. 9 of these layers were intended for punishment and thus called punishment levels. These punishment levels start at the fourth layer all the way to the twelfth.

On average, it takes 20 to 30 years of staying there to complete ones retribution. Completing the retribution would send the soul to the Styx River. There, they would be washed thoroughly clean and they could go to the wheel of reincarnation for their next life right after.

Before, the other officer George, told Kai in the options that if he chose to reincarnate, he wouldn need to go through the retribution stage. That means he wouldn need to go to the punishment levels and receive punishment. He could go directly to the Styx River and reincarnate. It sounded really generous.

Compared to this, the other option, staying in Hell was nothing. It had a literal meaning and had the useless freedom to chose the period of your stay as a special privilege. He would still have to find his own place to stay, his own food to eat and his own job to earn money.

Although souls don need these things as much as humans do, these things were still essential to help them keep maintain their ghost forms. A house won do much but he needs spiritual energy in the form of food to supplement his daily spiritual consumption. To have food, he needs to have money to spend. To have money, he would need to have a job.

In other words, it was too much trouble. Compared to just simply choosing to reincarnate, it doesn sound as good. But—

e choosing to stay? Why? ” Chloe stared disbelievingly at Kai. She had clearly told him how troublesome it was staying here at Hell and how great it would be to directly reincarnate. Did he perhaps saw through the hidden implications in her words?

”Im waiting for someone. ” Kai spoke plainly and didn elaborate further. He had already decided his choice back in the previous room. Although his reasons had entirely changed now, it only made him more convinced of his choice.

The idea of going straight to reincarnate without going through any hellish retribution sounded good but it was obviously a trap.

No one knows whether they would still get the same privilege after they died again. Whether they ended up becoming evil or not in their next life, they would still have to face retribution after. Even if they were lucky and escaped a couple of times, their retribution would come to bite them sooner or later. In this case, they wouldn be getting away without retribution. Its date would only be postponed to their next life but wouldn be completely rid of— Its like going back to the cycle of endless death and suffering.

Staying in Hell sounded troublesome on the surface but if one were to think it carefully, it was actually the best choice. So what, if he had to find his own place to stay? So what, if he had to find his own food to eat? So what, if he still needed to work and earn money? Isn it the same when living as a human? At least, he wouldn have to repeatedly die and suffer.

Hell was indeed generous, offering an extremely rare key to escape the almost inescapable Mobius strip filled with cruelty such as the wheel of reincarnation as a compensation.

Hearing his answer, Chloe looked at him like he was an idiot. She thought he had seen through her trap of telling how terrible the punishment levels were to make going to reincarnation looked generous and telling staying in Hell was bothersome to make it look worse than the former.

She was hopeful when she heard his choice but she was ultimately disappointed. He was actually only a lovesick youth, unable to let go of his love even when he was already stripped of most of his human emotions!!

Chloe sighed, waving him out.

And he was such a rare soul too! What a real shame! She silently lamented, dialing someone.

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