A silver tabby leaped around the nursery. Her river blue eyes were full of excitement. ”Come on, come on, ” she purred, ”Adventure is out there so we need to be out there too! ” A cream colored tabby with golden eyes crouched in a corner. ”Well maybe we can ask Meadowfall to take us out, ” he mewed. ”No Duskkit, ” the silver kit meowed, ”I hear it calling us! ” ”You know what I hear calling me, Silverkit, ” asked Duskkit. Silverkits ears perked. ”All I hear is my stomach, ” he meowed, ”which means Im hungry! ” ”So well eat first, ” Silverkit mewed. Duskkits ears dropped. Really? He thought to himself. ”Well, ” Silverkit began, ”I suppose we could ask Meadowfall to take us out there. ” Duskkit sighed with relief. He slowly padded outside and to his pleasant surprise, Meadowfall was nearby, along with her apprentice. She was only a few paw steps away. ”Hello, Meadowfall, ” Duskkit mewed. ”Good morning, ” purred Meadowfall. ”We have a question, ” said Silverkit, ”Can you show us the borders of Shadow Clan? ” ”Of course, ” Meadowfall replied. Silverkit sighed deeply. This is not what she had in mind. But of course, it wasn long before it she had a troublesome idea. Out by the border, Duskkit listened carefully, while Silverkit watched Echopaw hunt. Silverkit was jealous and impatient. She wanted to hunt too. She wanted to learn how to fight. Silverkit turned back to look at Duskkit. He and Maplepaw were laughing together about the days when Maplepaw was a kit just like them. For Star Clans sake, Silverkit thought to herself, heyve always got to talk about me, don they? Silverkit picked up her pace to catch up with her brother, and her friend. Maplepaw began twitching her tail. ”Both of you stay here, ” she mewed. But Silverkit would rather explore. ”Lets go Duskkit, ” she whispered. ”Go where, ” he asked. ”Exploring of course! ” Duskkit rolled his eyes. He would never have a choice whether he wanted to go or not. ”Im coming, ” Duskkit murmured. Silverkit walked slowly, at least, around searching for something interesting. Last time they crossed down into River Clan territory. And it was already bad enough that Shadow Clan and River Clan had been in a couple feuds. Silverkit better not cross a border again. ”A badger den, ” Silverkit whispered loudly. Oh no! This is worse than crossing into River Clan! Silverkit walked slowly into the den. Her eyes were wide with wonder. She used paw to carefully pry the badgers mouth open. ”Look at these teeth! ” Duskkit backed away. ”That looks very dangerous Silverkit. ” Silverkit let the badgers mouth close. ”Puh-lease. You need to stop being so scared of everything! ” ”You need to stop bringing us into danger, ” Duskkit hissed. Meanwhile in Shadow Clan camp, Meadowfall and Maplepaw were pelting back to camp. Cats murmured amongst themselves in curiosity as to why they came back so quickly. Graystar walked out of the den and leaped off High Rock. ”We have gone the entire day without a problem. What seems to be the trouble, ” Graystar asked in a calm voice. ”Rosespirits kits have gone missing, ” Meadowfall shouted. Graystars eyes narrowed at the sound of these news. Gasping rose among the queens and Graystar rose her tail for silence. ”I will bring a long a patrol to help me find them. Meadowfall, because you are responsible for this, you must come, ” Graystar meowed, ”And you WILL explain yourself when we come back to camp. Darkpelt, Weaselstripe, you two will also come with me on this search. ” Darkpelt and Weaselstripe nodded. ”We should split up, ” Darkpelt mewed, ”If we spread out we will have better chances of finding the kits. ” ”Agreed, ” said Weaselstripe. At that moment, they split up, and they searched all of the territory. Darkpelt even went to River Clan and asked if they were there again. But there was no luck. Spottednose, the River Clan medicine cat, promised that she would keep an eye out and alert the patrol. Meadowfall decided to check in with Yellowstar. ”I had sent out a patrol a few moments ago, ” she meowed, ”Why don you ask them? ” Meadowfall nodded. ”Of course. ” Graystar, as smart as she was taught to be, thanks to her forbidden friendship with Graystar when they were young apprentices, decided to check in places where Silverkit would most likely be. Now if I were Silverkit, where would I go? She thought. Any dangerous place of course! Graystar dashed every where she knew there could be danger. Horse place? No. The fox den? Its stale. And there was no sight of the two kits. The badgers den? Perhaps? Graystar slowly padded to the nearest badger den. And there just so happened to be Duskkit, standing at the entrance. Graystar became furious. She marched to the two kits growling. Duskkits eyes narrowed. He knew they were in trouble. He knew who was dragging him back to camp. Hopefully she takes Silverkit up and not me. Duskkit watched as Graystar disappeared into the den. There was a silent mew seconds after. Duskkit looked down into the badgers den. Graystar had picked up Silverkit and was marching out. ”Lets go, ” she growled. Graystar looked around for her search patrol, gathering them to go back to camp. Rosespirit purred as the patrol walked in with her kits. ”Where were you? I was so worried, ” Rosespirit meowed. ”By a badgers den, ” Graystar replied, flicking her tail. ”Meadowfall, now you will see me in MY den. ” Meadowfall gulped. ”Yes Graystar. ” Duskkit purred as he padded back into the nursery. He was home where he belonged. Silverkit, on the other hand, was upset. Her grand adventure had come to an end too soon. Silverkit sat in the corner with her ears drooped. ”Don be so sad, Silverkit, ” Duskkit mewed, ”Remember, well be apprentices in two moons! ” Silverkit scoffed and muttered, ”Two moons. I know Im braver than any other kit in this camp. ”

”That may be true but– ”

”I can fight! I can show them! ”

”You can show them in two moons. ”

”I can wait two moons! ”

”Enough, both of you! ”

Silverkit and Duskkit looked at their mother. They weren going anywhere any time soon. Silverkit slowly walked towards her mother and curled up with her tail over her nose. ”You
e on my tail, ” Duskkit murmured. ”Get over it, ” Silverkit grumbled. When Silverkit woke from her nap, she padded outside to see only Weaselstripe. And a buddy of his. Silverkit padded back to Duskkit and shook him gently. ”Wake up. ” Duskkit yawned and looked at Silverkit. ”What is it now, ” he growled. ”Look outside! The deputy is doing something strange! ” Duskkit got up and stretched. ”This better be worth it. ” Duskkit and Silverkit peaked outside the nursery. ”What are they doing to our fresh kill, ” wondered Duskkit. Silverkit shrugged.

”What are we doing Weaselstripe, ” asked Darkpelt. ”Giving this to Thunder Clan, ” Weaselstripe replied. ”Well Im so hungry Id rather eat it, ” Darkpelt meowed as he began to put the bird in his mouth. Weaselstripe hissed. ”Get that out of your mouth! ” ”Why, ” asked Darkpelt. ”Well, ” said Weaselstripe with a cunning smile, ”It is a gift after all. ”

”For what? ”

”For helping us fight our battles of course, of course. ”

”So they
e giving Thunder Clan a gift. Go back to sleep Silverkit. Its not worth any of my time…Silverkit? ”

It was too late. Silverkit had already snuck out. Duskkit sighed. He had to follow her out again to make sure she didn get into any trouble. ”So you decided to come along, eh? ” ”As if I had a choice. ” The two kits snuck carefully behind Weaselstripe and Darkpelt. Getting caught would definitely delay them from becoming an apprentice. ”Where do you think we
e going, ” asked Silverkit. ”Weren you even listening? We
e going to Thunder Clan! Rumors say they have one of the wisest of many leaders, ” Duskkit explained trying to purr quietly. ”Ha, rumors, ” mewed Silverkit.

”Ah, Yellowstar, ” Weaselstripe meowed, ”what a pleasure it is to see a great leader…with such wisdom. ” Yellowstar twitched her ear in confusion. ”Where is your patrol, ” she asked. ”Oh, my dear Yellowstar, ” Weaselstripe chuckled, ” Why should I need a patrol if Im giving a gift? ” Yellowstar stood silent for a moment. Then finally she asked, ”A gift, why? ” ”Isn it obvious? You helped us fight in our many battles against River Clan! Shadow Clan owes you our thanks. ” Yellowstar purred with pride. ”Please, ” Weaselstripe continued, ”accept this gift, as it may be quite a pleasure to you. ” Yellowstar watched as Darkpelt came up to her with a bird, and dropped it at her paws. ”Thank you, ” meowed Yellowstar. She picked up the bird and turned back. ”And may Star Clan welcome you with open paws, ” Weaselstripe murmured under his breath. As walked back to camp, he had spotted Silverkit and Duskkit, hiding behind a bush. ”Back to camp, ” he growled. Silverkit leaped behind Weaselstripe on the way back. She was restless. Eventually, Weaselstripe became paranoid and decided to pick her up. ”Was I a good hider, Weaselstripe? Do you think Ill be a good hunter? ” Weaselstripe growled. Will these questions ever stop? Weaselstripe set Silverkit down as soon as he reached the camp entrance. ”Go back to the nursery, ” Weaselstripe growled. ”Did Yellowstar like the gift, ” asked Duskkit. Weaselstripe looked at Duskkit who looked at him with curious eyes. ”Of course. ” Weaselstripe meowed.

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