Tanyas POV

Life is a game, and just like every game, obstacles arise with each new level you attain.

It takes only the patient and consistent one to master the game and keep trying because trust me, therell be a series of failures and restrictions thatll make you want to give up.

Hope this message gets across to everyone out there.

The End

”Finally, ” I released a sigh of relief as I put an end to the most recent romance book Id been writing.

”Time for a long break. ” I grinned after I saved the word document and rose to my feet, shutting down the MacBook. I glanced at the grandfather clock stuck to the wall opposite me and wasn surprised to see the hands indicate it was 5:13 pm. Thankfully, I had enough time to treat myself to a nice dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.

Shifting the wooden chair backward, I safely secured my spectacles in its casing as my emerald eyes took a sweep of the mahogany desk to make sure nothing was amiss.

I then ran my fingers into my brunette strands and stretched my lips in a smile at the semblance of order I always tried to maintain in the makeshift library. Noting that my job there was done, I snatched up my phone and walked barefooted atop the wooden boards to the door at the left end of the room.

Switching off the light that caused the walls of bookshelves and wooden furniture to be enveloped in the nearing dusk, I banged the door after and proceeded into the well-lit living room.

There I placed my phone on one of the four brown leather couches that blended in with the white walls, flat-screen TV, a cute fireplace, and maroon carpet and crossed a distance, till I arrived at the kitchen entrance and strolled toward the cupboards.

I folded the arms of the black cashmere sweater I was donning atop grey sweatpants and threw my hair into a ponytail. Stretching on the tip of my toes, I pulled open the one in the middle and fetched a pack of spaghetti.

Moving around the kitchen, I got out the other ingredients needed and captured the knife and cutting board before I collected two balls of onions, and placed them all on the counter beside the unopened pack of pasta.

In my bid to begin chopping the onions, I recalled I hadn retrieved the meatballs yet. Resting the utensils for a second, I roamed to the fridge and tugged it ajar. My sight scanned its contents only to come up short.

”Fuck, I thought I had some left, ” I muttered under my breath and clinked the object shut.

”Whats the time, whats the time, ” I chanted and shuffled to the living room, where I grabbed my phone. ”6:03 pm, can I make it? ”

Of course, you can , my subconscious answered for me.

”Yes, I can, ” I argued in a whisper, ”its barely 6 pm, besides, its a 30-minute walk into town. ”

Yeah, a 30-minute walk across the woods by 6 pm in the spring is, a great choice.

”I can make it home before its half past 7, heck this isn my first time, ” I declared, my mind made up as I plucked the keys from the dining table and grasped my grey coat, heading for the door as I slid my feet into a pair of black boots.

Lets hope it won be your last. Is murmured to my brain as I snatched a torchlight and put my phone into one of my bogus pockets.


”My day is made by the sight of your beautiful face, ” the bald fifty-something-year-old man announced at my entry into one of the petty shops that filled the small town.

”Ralph, always the charmer. ” I grinned, closing the door as the warmness of the wooden interior was the direct opposite of the cool wind outside.

”Im just stating a fact. ” He shrugged, appearing from behind the counter. ”You have no idea how beautiful you are little one. ”

”Thats a good thing right? ” I asked in a wink and strode around the grocery shop. ”Wheres Daisy? ”

”Here, still as fresh as the morning sun, ” his wife disclosed, materializing at his side with her ginger-colored hair, brown eyes, a straight nose, and purple-painted lips. Her hippy attire is a direct contrast to her husbands casual one of a blue button-up and brown slacks.

”I can agree more. ” I beamed at the old couple as Ralph slung his arm around her waist. ”Ah, here it is. ”

”Is that what you came out for? ” Ralph implored as he took note of the packet of meatballs in my palm. ”Its a bit late, you shouldn have bothered. ”

”I needed to treat myself to a nice home-cooked meal, and Ill be damned if Id let anything stop me, ” I contested and concluded to get a few other foodstuffs that are a bit low in the house so as not to get thrown off again by a sudden shortage.

”Ooh, whats the celebration? ” Daisy chipped in as I returned to the counter with all I wanted.

”I just completed my third book for the year, so I deserve a little treat. ” I flashed in self-pride as I said this.

”Congratulations, you deserve more than that, but I suggest its time you head back to your cottage, ” Ralph spoke, bagging my groceries as I handed Daisy the cash required.

”Ralph sending me out of his shop? I never thought Ill see the day, ” I shook my head and collected the cellophane bag together with my change.

”Hes saying the truth darling, its a full moon, and almost 7 pm, you should get going, ” Daisy added, prompting me to offer them a skeptical glimpse.

”I love the full moon, ” I confessed. ”Also Im a 25-year-old woman who can handle herself. ”

”Sweetheart, strange things happen in this town whenever theres a full moon, ” Daisy suddenly blurted and I felt my body go still as goosebumps ran down my skin.

”Pay her no heed buttercup, let me see you to the door. ” Ralph chuckled weirdly and urged me to the exit.

”What strange things? ” I couldn help myself from asking.

”Just an old lady trying to mess with your head. ” He strived to smile assuringly, instead, it came out as forced. ”Bye. ”

With that, the door is slammed in my face and Im left frowning at it as I wondered why the sweetest people Id ever come across were acting odd.

Shrugging it off, I turned away from the shop only to be met with silence. The once busy streets were now deserted with only lights shining through closed windows.

The moonlight up ahead cast a stunning but dark glow on the closed shops and aristocratic homes, causing a certain feeling to dwell in my tummy. Not a single sound was heard as my boots pounded atop the concrete roads in the direction of my cottage. I couldn do anything but pick up the pace.

As I approached the woods, I fished out the flashlight from my pocket and gripped the grocery bag tightly. I had an urge to peek behind my back every few seconds as a crawling sensation crept up my spine.

I succeeded in turning on the device, happy as my vision was flooded with white light as I trudged into the expanse of trees and dried leaves. The air felt different and somehow charged with something I couldn place my finger on.

I warned you it was a bad idea, that tiny voice in my head whispered mockingly as the surrounding grew darker with each step I took. The environment was oddly quiet as not even the creaking of night insects was heard.

The flashlight appeared to be doing a shitty job as the once bright beam now seemed dull, such that it was hard to see a few feet ahead. I expected the moonlight to be of help, rather it came across as if it couldn shed light below the expanse of wide branches that prohibited my view of the sky.

”What was that? ” I had no idea who that question was for but I had to ask thus I caught the sound of a snapping twig.

Slowing my pace, I peered around me, the beam of the torch flashing around in the hopes of seeing a rat or maybe a squirrel to help put my mind at ease. When I didn catch sight of any animal, I concluded it to be merely my mind playing tricks on me as the result of Daisys words from earlier.

I swerved back to my previous stance and began my trek once again. This time it wasn a sound, rather a flash of grey fur. ”O-okay, whats going on? ”

My answer came in the form of a low growl from behind me. Hands shaking, heart racing, I fearfully urged my neck to whirl in the direction of the sound. I didn know what I was expecting to see, however, I didn predict seeing a gigantic dog behind me, its posture poised for a fight as it stared back at me.

”Oh shit, ” I muttered, throwing my feet forward as I proceeded to run for my dear life. Breath coming in short pants, hair flying behind me, and leaves crunching below my feet, I experienced a sense of relief as I saw a yellow light up ahead, light from my cottage.

That relief got snatched away the moment my path was blocked by the same animal. I was able to stop a few inches away from it, and this time I understood I should have listened to my subconscious earlier, hence what was before me was in no way a dog as I thought it to be.

A huge wolf stood before me, canines gritting, eyes fierce, heels dug in the ground. It seemed very angry as it silently watched for my reaction. I swallowed, my mouth going dry as my whole body became paralyzed with fear.

The realization dawned on me that, I was going to die that night.

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