Tanyas POV

With that said and a kiss to the cheek that had the spot buzzing minutes after his departure, I was left alone once more in the room.

I was so stunned at the new information that I didn even move a muscle as my brain strived to comprehend what it meant.

A noise from the door caught my attention for the second time that day. I wasn able to feel fear as shock overtook my whole being. Like a dummy, I watched the double doors open, and from it emerged a young lady presumably in my age range.

She was clad in a white floral dress that stopped at her knees and with her right foot kicked the door closed. A tray was held in her palm as she approached me in 3inch nude wedges as she twisted her head from left to right to prevent her long red hair from entering the object in her hold.

”Hello, ” she greeted in a sweet voice as I gaped at her from atop my knees.

”Umm. ” She cleared her throat and forced a smile on her pink lips, her brown eyes friendly as she continued. ”Alpha said I should bring this up that you must be hungry. ”

I didn offer her a response, rather I observed her features of cute round cheeks, a button nose, thin eyebrows, and long lashes.

”I brought you lunch of Chinese rice with chicken, salad, and orange juice, ” she listed, opening each plate. ”We weren sure about what you wanted so this is the best we could come up with. ”

”Thank you, ” I murmured in appreciation as she happened to be nervous in my presence. ”Please excuse my unresponsive behavior. ”

”You shouldn apologize, Luna, Im at your service anytime, ” she spoke.

”Please call me Tanya, ” I corrected. ”Im not sure I fit into the Luna category yet. ”

”Im Abigail, and you are the Alphas mate for a reason. The moon goddess makes no mistakes, ” she declared.

”Abigail, are you a werewolf? ” I implored, eying the pale-skinned beauty.

”Yes, Luna. ” She bowed. ”But I promise not to hurt you and if I do the Alpha would have my head on a platter for dinner. ”

”Okay that sounds disgusting, ” I gagged and clamped my lids in a bid to rid it of that image.

”The Alpha is a fierce one and his orders are not to be gone against, ” she continued.

”Is this some sort of warning? ” My lips quivered as I asked.

”Im sorry if I made you scared. ” She smiled sheepishly and dropped a bag I didn notice earlier at the foot of the bed. ”These are clothes for you to change into after you are done. Ill take my leave now. ”

”Abigail wait, ” I called as she headed to the door and tapped the space on the bed. ”Come sit. ”

”I was ordered to bring you food as your personal maid, I shouldn have stayed longer and Im sorry, ” she went on to say.

”Abigail hush. ” I smiled kindly at her and dragged the tray to myself, placing it atop my thighs. ”You are my personal maid so I should get to know you better. ”

”What do you want to know Luna? ” She asked, and settled down.

”Were you born in Moonville or? ” I left the question hanging.

”No, I wasn born here, truth be told I moved to this town 4years ago, ” she answered as I snatched a spoon and began eating.

”How old are you? ” I queried midbite as I closed my eyes at the delicious taste.

”Im 24, ” she replied.

”Why did you move here? ” I investigated.

”I didn really have a choice, I was attacked by a rogue, luckily my mate Ricky was around the corner to help out, ” she explained. ”I was brought here for treatment and discovered I was his mate. I fell in love with him and we are happily married for two years now. ”

”Its beautiful. ” I gasped at the Diamond on her finger. ”Not to pry but you are a maid, how can you afford that? ”

”To put it plainly everyone in Moonville is rich, those who seem poor are not if compared to the human definition of poor. ” She shrugged. ”Are you liking your meal? ”

”This? ” I indicated in a muffled voice as she nodded. ”Delicious is not a nice enough word to describe it. ”

”Im glad, ” she said. ”We have the best chef in the area. ”

”Add the whole world to it, ” I asserted and she chuckled. A thought popped in and so I inquired. ”Where did Alpha go? ”

”Sorry, it must have skipped my mind, he asked to inform you that hell be awaiting you at the library, ” she conveyed and glanced at my plate to see Im halfway through.

”Where is the library located? ” I queried.

”In the west wing, ” she declared.

”The west what? ” I asked in a gasp. ”How big is this place? ”

She laughed. ”Don worry Ill take you there, and as for the size of this place, youll find out soon. ”


”Shall we? ” I invited the minute I stepped out of the dresser in a nude thin strapped blouse and jeans to see Abigail already waiting.

”You look nice, ” she complimented after she stared at me from top to bottom.

”Thank you. ” I bobbed my head with a blush. ”Lead the way. ”

”Okay, ” she responded and walked to the double doors there she pushed them wide open. ”From here we go left. ”

I hummed and followed behind her as I discovered the room opened to a balcony with gold rails. The right led to more doors that I guessed to be rooms while the left where we are headed led to the staircase.

”Least I forget, Alpha told me to inform you another room has been set up. So you won be returning to that one, ” she announced as we got to the staircase, my flip-flop-clad feet dragging on the marble tiles. ”The library is on the top floor. ”

”How many floors does this house have? ” I made my curiosity known.

”Three floors and this is the last one, ” she said as we ascended the stairs and turned to our right. ”This floor is made strictly for the Alpha and his family. Your room is somewhere here. ”

I remained mute as I took in the high ceilings decorated with a series of chandeliers that lit up the place.

”And this is the library, ” she declared as we stood before an imposing single door. She knocked and after a few seconds, a thick voice responded from within. ”Come in. ”

So guys tell me, how are you liking this book? Any complains or comments?

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