Tanyas POV

”What? ” I managed to ask despite the electricity racing through my body at the contact.

”I expected my mate to be a meek one, someone who would obey my every rule and give me less stress, ” he murmured lowly as if to himself while he gaped at the spot his fingers were glued to my skin. ”Heck I expected her to be a werewolf too. ”

”Badluck then, you get a human for a mate, ” I said dryly, not sure why I felt the least bit hurt.

”She didn just give me a human mate, ” he shook his head. ”She gave me a hard headed one. ”

”A mate with an hour glass figure and an insanely soft skin, ” he emitted, pushing his hands further on my sides to reveal more flesh and caused a shudder to rake through me. ”One who is as stubborn as the river stone. ”

”Guess youve got work on your hands, ” I jeered, biting my lip after to prevent a moan as his hands hiked further to below my bossom.

”Yes, ” he agreed and nibbled my jaw. ”Im going to enjoy doing the work. ”

Diego Dante Domino, who gives their child such sexy names? My subconscious inquired as he buried his head in my neck, prompting me to go still in surprise before I giggled as his warm breathe fanned my skin.

”Did I tickle you? ” He inquired provoking vibrations on my skin that prompted me to fist his cloth tighter.

”No, ” I denied, and in the bid to utter something else I stupidly said. ”I thought your name sounded weird thats all. ”

”How weird? ” He interrogated, and I was for once thankful his head was buried in my neck so he wouldn see me open and close my mouth like a fish in need of water.

”Its just, your name abreviated will be DDD, ” I let out the only reasonable thing I could come up with instead of blurting the truth about how I thought his name was sexy.

”Only you would think of that, ” he snorted and retracted his head to gape at me. I couldn hold his gaze and therefore stared at his chest where my fingers were clamped.

”Lie to me and say it doesn sound funny, ” I mocked and used the opportunity to retrieve my palm hence Id been holding onto him long enough.

It really does sound funny.

”It does, ” he bobbed his head in affirmation and stared at my lips, his eyes turning intense.

”It would be nice if you let me go now, ” I laughed hysterically still avoiding eye contact thus he came across as he wanted to kiss me.

”What gave you the impression that I do nice things? ” He taunted, scrutinizingly. ”Because Im in no way nice, especially not in bed. ”

”Fuck, ” I gasped, his words having an effect on me.

A smirk appeared on his face at that and he gets up, carrying me with him before he gradually placed me on my feet and kissed my chin. ”Speaking of bed, Im certain Abigail informed you that a new room has been prepared for you. ”

”Yes, ” I answered as he trudged back to his previous spot and proceeded to arrange a few papers as if he wasn just a second ago all over me.

”Did she also explain to you that your belongings have been retrieved and brought here? ” He questioned, channelling his gaze from the desk to me.

”No, she didn add that, ” I grumbled.

”Now you know, ” he declared seeming to be done with what he was doing thus he was now presently erect and not bent over like before. ”I know you want to say something, go ahead. ”

”Im not returning back am I? ” I quizzed fighting back tears as the grievance of the situation dawned on me.

”Sadly no. ” He responded. ”Atleast not until Im certain you won go running off and putting me in the situation of tracking you down and dragging you back here. ”

”What if I try doing that even after? ” I jabbed and bit the inside of my cheek.

”Then just know Ill enjoy giving you your punishment, ” he sneered, his eyes holding a warning, rather I found my pussy twitching in want.

”What does that mean? ” I asked.

”You have to cross me to find out, ” he muttered and eyed me from head to toe.

”Guess Ill find out sooner than later, ” I conversed, hands on hips. ”You said it yourself, Im hard headed and stubborn. ”

”I also said Ill have a lovely time taming you, ” he spoke, rubbing his jaw. ”You leaving this town for only an hour depends on your behavior. ”

”Maybe if youll be good, youll be rewarded nicely, ” he murmured and crossed over to place a kiss on my forehead before walking to the exit.

”Can I ask for one thing? ” I requested, hoping hed grant me what I wanted to ask of.

”Yes darling, you can. ” He halted and swerved to gape at me.

”Can I have my phone back? ” I implored.

”No you can , ” he refused. ”On the other hand, you can use the library phone to call anyone you want, but I must warn you, the call is monitored, so don say anything thatll put you in a compromising situation. ”

”Thanks, ” I swallowed and he smiled, offered me a salute and walked out, the door banging behind him.

”Asshole! ” I hissed at the door and groaned in defeat. ”If only hed let me have my phone Ill be out of here in 30 minutes tops. ”

He must have known that, which is why he didn .

”Ugh! Curse werewolves and their sharp senses, ” I grumbled and aimed my frustration to quiet down.

”Which phone was he even referring to, ” I mumbled, my vision scanning the room, from the shelves to the wide glass windows, to the antiques that were placed around to the chairs we both occupied to lastly the desk.

”Wow, ” I let out in awe at my stupidity hence the desk should have been the first place my eyes would have strayed hence the phone he was referring to would be nothing more than a telephone and not a cellphone.

Scoffing at no one but myself, I strutted to Dantes seat where the device faced directly and sat down, feeling a weird sense of power come with the position. Shaking it off and a little scared thus he could walk in and catch me in his seat, I hastily got up and picked up the phone while at it.

With it in my left hand, I dialed the number I knew off heart and snatched the device to place on my ear as I prayed the line would connect. Thankfully it did and so I counted the seconds till the person on the other side picked up.

”Hello? ” A male voice answered, prompting me to release a sigh of relief.

”Travis, oh my God, ” I said in excitement, clutching the object tightly.

”Who the ** is this? ” He inquired, the cracking of the line making it difficult to discern his words. I glared at the phone in annoyance while wondering who the hell gave them the idea to use telephone in this time and age.

”If this is a prank call Ill be hanging up now, ” he told snapping me out of my thoughts.

”No no, hold on, ” I hastily spoke. ”Travis its me. ”

”Its you who? ” He investigated. ”Look I don have time for this. ”

”Travis its Tanya, ” I explained and hoped he doesn end the call.

”Tanya Marie? ” He inquired.

”Travis how many Tanyas do you know? ” I scoffed, and rolled my eyes at how oblivious my best friend could be at times.

”Oh my goodness, Tanya you had us all worried, ” I heard him exhale through the phone.

”Yeah I know, and Im sorry, ” I confessed, gliding my hand through my midnight strands.

”Where the ** are you and what happened? ” He threw in query. ”You scared us. ”

”Im, home, ” I gulped. ”And Im sorry. ”

”Tanya, please tell me if anything is wrong, ” he persuaded, sounding genuinely bothered. At that point I was tempted to bare my heart out to him hence wed never lied to each other no matter the circumstances.

They say theres always a first time for everything so I made that moment mine and instead said ”Everything is fine and theres no need to worry. ”

”You are my bestfriend so I have to, ” he insisted. ”You went MIA for the whole day, no appearing on social media and no replying of texts, heck your number wasn connecting. ”

”My phone got lost last night on my way to pick up groceries and because I was using a flashlight I didn realize it was missing till I got home, ” I fabricated, as my eyes twitched, a sign that showed when I was lying.

”Shit! ” He exclaimed.

”Yeah, and it was late to go in search of it so today after lunch I took a walk into town and back to the grocery store where I couldn spot it anywhere, ” I explained, going with the fake story.

”Sorry I lied though, Im presently still in the store where I borrowed the owners phone to call you thus I knew youd be worried, ” I ended.

”Well Im glad you are okay, ” he answered seeming to buy the story. ”How soon can you get a new one? ”

”Not soon enough, I didn realize this but no one sells a cellphone here, not even the oldest model, ” I forged more lies. ”So Ill be communicating you through this media and via email till Im ready to go back into the city and purchase a new phone. ”

”How soon will that be? ” He asked.

”Soon enough, might be tomorrow, might be next week or month, ” I mumbled hence it relied on how soon Dante could return my phone to me.

”Its you who decided to go stay in that cursed town, now look what that got you, ” he grumbled, never a fan of moonville because he thought it was too back in time with its structured buildings. ”We were just about to head to go file a missing report. ”

That stunned me, ”why? ” I interrogated. ”And who are the we? ”

”Dude, it was rare not to hear from you for 24 hours and you were miles away so no one could check up on you. ” He confessed. ”Eve and I were just getting prepared to go meet your parents so we can all go to the police station together to give our statements. ”

”Oh, wheres Eve? ” I questioned, wanting to know where my other bestfriend was at.

”Shes upstairs and will be down in a few, ” he clarified. ”You are lucky to call because your dad was thinking of driving out there at first light tomorrow. ”

”Haha, ” I laughed hollowly. ”Therell be no need for that. Ill call them once this call ends. ”

”You should, oh Eve is here, ” he informed. ”Eve come here, Tanyas on the line. ”

I heard shuffling and muffled words for some seconds before she spoke. ”Hoe, where the damn hell have you been that you weren even reachable for more than twenty four hours, and please don tell me you got **ed by a village champ and you are just waking from a sex coma. ”

”Nice to hear from you Eve, ” I snorted. ”Your imagination never seizes to amaze me. ”

”Your attitude is still in tact, guess you are okay, ” she mumbled in her soft voice. ”Which is a relief because I can go get rid of this dress and snuggle on the couch in my pajamas. ”

”Eve.. ” I drawled, a smile forming on my lips for what felt like after a decade. ”I love you. ”

”I love you too babes, now you two lovelies say good bye to each other so Travis can get the hell out of my house and leave me to my faith, ” she uttered dismissing me.

”Always the charmer, ” I said dryly and I was certain I heard Travis say the exact same.

”At times I wonder why you two aren related, ” she scoffed and confirmed my theory.

”Bye Tanya, and don forget to call me tomorrow or Ill be the one driving to you even though I hate that place, ” he told.

”I won , ” I chuckled. ”Love you. ”

”Love you too bestie, ” and with that the line went dead.

”Well that went well, ” I breathed while I summoned courage for the next call and secretly hoped my Dads line would go through.

I dialed his number and waited as it rang, the call got picked and a womanly voice answered, proving things didn always go my way. ”Sarah Madeline Andre, wife of Leonard David Andre speaking. ”

”Hey mom, its Tanya, ” I explained and decided I need to be seated for that call as I threw my weight back into Dantes chair.

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