Tanyas POV

”Well well, look who decided to reach out. ” Yep, thats my mother yall. ”I told Leo not to get so worked up that youll be fine. ”

”Yeah, ” I gulped, feeling sad at the lack of affection in her tone. ”Im fine, no need to worry. ”

”Now why do you think Ill ever do that, ” I heard her scoff through the device. ”You are a grown independent woman who can take care of yourself aren you? ”

”I am, ” I blurted and squeezed my lids to calm my irritation at her taunting. ”Is Dad close? ”

”Nice way to dismiss your mother like always Tanya, ” she growled and I pretended not to hear till she went on to call out. ”Leo, get your ass down here! ”

I stayed silent and it came off as if their phone was on speaker because I could heed mumbling and heavy footsteps before a gruff voice asked. ”What are you doing here not yet ready, and who the hell are you talking to on the phone when you know we should be out of here in minutes? ”

”Dad, its Tanya, ” I spoke a little too loudly and hoped hed hear me.

”Oh my goodness, ” he sighed, his words clearer as he must have collected the phone from mom. ”Sarah why didn you tell me it was our daughter you were speaking to? ”

”You didn give me a chance, ” Mom replied and I couldn stop an eyeroll at their daily dose of argument. One would think they hated each other but being their daughter, I knew it was simply a way they communicated with themselves.

”How are you sweetheart? ” Dad asked in concern, his tone mild. ”We couldn get across to you for hours. ”

”Im good Dad, ” I responded, my throat scratchy from holding in the tears at the raw concern and worry in his voice. ”I misplaced my phone and you know this town, itll take a while before I get hold of a new one. ”

”Good for you, I wonder what you see in that God forsaken place anyway, ” Mom chipped in before Dad could speak. ”That place gives me bad vibes. ”

”Sarah, ” Dad called warningly.

”Oh sorry, I forgot you were having a heart to heart talk with our daughter who didn think twice to end the conversation with me, ” she uttered sarcastically.

”And whos fault is that? ” Dad jabbed and sighed. ”Sorry about that darling you know how insensitive your mother can be at times. ”

”You don need to remind me Dad, ” I laughed hollowly, ”Ive experienced it first hand so its nothing new. ”

”I hope you are good, ” he stated invitingly.

Stilling the truth threatening to bubble out I told instead, ”yes dad I am. Also, I completed a book yesterday. ”

”Whats the title again? ” He hummed in query to himself and said after. ”I got it, Patience: A virtue or a curse? ”

”Yes that one, ” I smiled, happy that I had at least one parent on my side.

”Bring a copy for me once its published, ” he instructed and I nodded absently, my mood lifted.

”Sure dad, ” I agreed. ”I__ ”

My words were cut short by knocks coming from the door. I scurried up instantly from my spot in case it was a guard or one of Dantes loyals who would convey to him the image of me perched in his seat. ”Ill talk to you and mom tomorrow Dad, the owner is asking for her phone. ”

”Oh, okay, give them my thanks for letting you use it, ” he advised and I straightened my attire.

”I will, bye! ” I yelled and put an end to the conversation and returned the phone to its place, my eyes trained on the door. ”Who is that? ”

”Abigail, ” the person answered and I heaved a sigh of relief.

”Come in Abigail, ” I urged and a second later the door creaked and she appeared. ”Anything the matter? ”

”No but Im here to inform you dinner will soon be served, and to escort you to your new room, ” she enlightened, beaming lightly.

”Oh, okay, I had no idea its that late, ” I confided in surprise and gazed out the window to see it was already dusk.

”Its 7:12pm Luna, ” Abigail pointed at the grandfather clock I hadn for once spotted.

”Way to point out my stupidity Abigail, ” I pronounced, biting the inside of my cheek to prevent a laugh.

”Im so sorry, I did not__ ”

”Calm down Abigail, I won hurt you. ” I chuckled and strolled towards her. ”Lets go see my new room from now till further notice. ”

”You sound a bit sad about it, ” she spoke and opened the door for me.

”I should be. ” I shrugged, ”this is so new to me and out of my comfort zone, hopefully, Ill adjust. ”

”You will Luna, and I understand, ” she assured as we strode past the staircase we came through. We were still on the same floor which showed Dante and I would be only rooms away.

You are his mate, did you expect him to let you stay in a different floor?

”This is your room, Ill be out here if you need me, ” she notified as we got to the front of gold rimmed gigantic doors with a gold knob to match.

”As my personal maid, aren you meant to come in with me? ” I inquired in confusion.

”I am but this room is forbidden, only you, the alpha and his sister are allowed in there. ” She bobbed her head at the imposing wood.

”Why? ” I interrogated, my eyebrows furrowed.

”Alphas rules, ” she informed.

”I haven been here for 48 hours and Im already sick of the word Alpha, ” I groaned and kicked the door open with my feet and snorted when I heard her giggle before the doors banged behind me.

The confident strut I stepped into the room with vanished the instant my eyes took in my environment. There was an imposing king sized bed opposite me, with an intricately carved headboard where about four pillows were positioned hence two was no where going to be enough.

I trudged towards it slowly and rubbed my fingers on the black expensive duvet that covered a white bedspread which matched with the black clothed pillows. My vision shifted and I observed everything in this room was in the same bland shades of white and black.

The curtains showed that as they swished in the evening breeze, their dark color corresponding with the milk hue painted walls.

I didn realize I had kicked off my footwear till my toes got buried in the black thick fur carpet that rested below the four posts of the bed in a circular shape.

The other things I caught sight of was a reading table that was positioned beside a mini shelf which contained what I thought to be important books. A laptop that wasn mine was laid atop the desk with the chair adjacent to it that showed it was occupied recently by its rickety posture.

I brushed off the idea that I was to share the room with someone hence from what Ive gathered from Dantes behavior, he was too possessive to let that happen. The room was plain enough to solidify the notion that this room was meant for me alone thus no personal belonging was spotted.

Swerving back to the bed, I held in a gasp as it came off as if a beautiful dress suddenly materialized on it.

”Fuck! I need to be more observant. ” I hissed and assured myself that there was no way that dress would have turned up and so it was simply me who didn notice it earlier.

Yep, that was how you didn notice a werewolf sneak up on you and now you are trapped in this place with no escape.

I ignored my subconscious and gaped at the delicate and well tailored slit dinner gown that was rested sideways on the mattress, its neckline dipped low to give a glimpse of modest cleavage and cut in an off-the-shoulder style.

The mind behind the choice of clothe was revealed as I took in its maroon shade that added brightness to the plain room thus it seemed to sparkle as the light from the chandeliar above kissed its parts.

Wordlessly I picked it up and sighed as the silky material met my skin. Excitement bubbled in me as the realization dawned on me that this was mine, this beautiful piece of art was for me to wear for dinner.

With that thought came the question as to why I needed to wear such a fancy attire for a mere dinner with Dante. Was this going to be a normal occurrence every evening or was today a special occasion?

Not that I was complaining but I couldn help but wonder. I knew I was meant to be the Queen or Luna of this pack, was this going to be part of the job? Wearing fancy dinner gowns every evening and waving at the pack members as I walked past?

Guess we have to find out sooner or later don we?

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