When I Laid My Eyes on You

System 25: Guardian System

Castiel thought life is too boring. Everyday

he sits in his office,sign documents and business proposal, close business deals, and makes tons of money without doing anything, as well as live a comfortable life with no such thing

as a hiccup. it was very relaxing yet its a boring

life. It was to the point that he started to feel

the world is not right.

Everything is too good. So good that he

starts to wonder, why is he so blessed?

Then… he starts to notice. The world is a

repeatition of a day before, as well as the

day he started having this awareness.

He also starts to realize that every turn he

took seems like the turn he took yesterday

and it will still be the same for tomorrow.

Castiel ignored it. He ignored it completely,

that he forgot it for a moment, just a moment

for him to lose his life.

He sighed, watching a replay of his dramatical accident. He watched as the stupid him got stabbed because of a bankrupt company

he just bought. It was not his problem, he thought that life is just that. The winner takes It all.

He just happened to be the winner. Then

he was killed, he turned into a loser just like

that. Castiel felt that it was stupid.

Suddenly he heard a mechanical voice rang inside his head-

[Host no. 4729, I am System 25, a system

from galaxy 540. I am a Guadian System, here to grant your wishes in exchange for mission points. No matter what you exchange it for, whether you wish for a new life, or be a winner in life, will be granted. Do you wish to bind? Please answer YES or NO within 5 Seconds. Counting starts now. 5….4….3….2…]

Castiel was speechless, who the hell ask like


apparently, there is, the system kept counting,

but Castiel never really followed the trend.

[…000009,….] **!!! why is the host not saying

anything? Is he not interested? ಠ_ಠ

It can be??? No one, as in no one ever

rejected it. Its a system able to train rookie

host to champion host with 98.9 %

accomplished record. Besides, No normal

person would refuse, especially those who

desire something for themselves. Humans

call It GReed. Systems call it business.

waiiit… don tell me…

”I refuse. ” Castiel answered coldly,

Patting his nonexistent coat. Truthfully,

Castiel find it interesting. However, he wouldnt

be Castiel with the moniker ”The Golden Koi ”

and ”Business Genius ” if he just agreed

without even knowing the pros and cons, he

will even have a new moniker, probably like - ”stupid **tard who thinks with his pea

sized brain ” if he just up and went with the flow.

The system suddenly felt so stifled. If it had eye balls, it would have probably glared at Castiel. It Gnashed its nonexistant teeth and bitterly snarl inside its head.

”I do not wish for anything. Besides, Ive

been the winner my whole life. Ive been rich,

successful and even lived a life filled with

satisfaction that I even questioned myself,

why am I so lucky? I just walk a few meters

find a million. All the things that I want is within,

my reach, theres no hardship. So.. Tell me,

System 25, from galaxy 540. Whats in it

for me? ” Castiel said arrogantly. It was the truth. Although he found it incredulous at times, Castiel did not lie.

The System fell silent. Do you have to be so overbearing? huh? can you be a little modest?

e making us losers lose face here!

What the Hell is this host acting so arro

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