Martin felt that his memories and the the happenings of this timeline starts to deviate. All of it, he knew, were all because of him. The moment he opened his eyes and starts to change things in its original trajectory, the world itself starts to develop way further from its course.

He gathered these friends of his, who, were supposed to die and turn into a nightwalker. He looked for Bastian on his own, and met him without waiting for the right time. He also didn wait any longer to break up with Eusto, the moment he woke up. He just wanted to make everything according to his wishes and for their survival.

Martin watched, lips pursed as Bastian pulled himself out of the modified truck. He heard a thump above, indicating that Bastian had already situated himself. Suddenly, the car swerved again, cleanly avoiding the missile targeted at them. Rod cursed, hands tight in the steering wheel.

Bastian grabbed the edge of the car roof, his knees pressed down to not be overthrown due to the impact. He aimed at the car ramming beside theirs, eyes glinting as the car window opened, revealing a man wearing tight suit. He was about to jump towards the vehicle Bastian was currently perched at. The man held a hand dagger, using it as a claw to hold himself up. The car kept on bumping against the military truck, however, it does not cause any damage since it was already modified and designed to take a heavy impact.

Bastian gripped his Beretta, he stabilized himself as he aimed before pulling the trigger at the man. The man dodged, gripping at the window before pulling himself up and pushed his feet against their own car. Bastian smirked, before kicking the enemy with a swing of his long leg. The mans tout muscle received the attacked and almost fell off however he balanced himself again, throwing a punch at Bastian. Bastians gloved left hand gripped the mans knuckle before twisting it with a forceful pull, aiming to dislocate and break the mans shoulder. The man grunted, eyes glinting, before pulling back, only to grab Bastians right arm. The force the two exerted made them heavier, thus making the roof cave in a little.

Martin looked up, then pushed the military trucks door open before rushing out. He jumped at the black car at the left, gripping at the hood, his knuckles turned white from the force. The black car swerved, trying to throw him off the car, but Martin pulled his own dagger, before stabbing it at the metal of the car. His lips turning into a devilish grin as he finally saw who was inside the car.

He grinned evilly, eyes meeting the middle aged man seated at the middle of the two bodyguard at the back seat. He lisped, ”So it was you, General! ” His eyes filled with pleasant surprise and excitement, Along with a heavy and malicious intent.

This man. Not even his hatred for Eusto and Allen can compare! This man, General Amadeus, the mastermind of the research facility called Divinity, was behind all the failure of gathering the resources for the cure. This man is the mastermind of the research about the powers of humanity as well as the higher evolution of the undead. He made use of the apocalypse to gather various samples and materials to accomplish his dark ambition- to become an immortal.

It was ironic how a man search for immortality through death. But this man, without any scruples for the lives of others, sacrificed 64% of human population just to achieve what he seeks. And including in those who were directly affected is Bastian. He died holding the last vial of an extracted liquid from the meteorite,which started the virus, and was killed by the generals man when they stole the material for hindering the production of the cure.

General Amadeus is a pure fanatic of the apocalypse. He wants the system of earth as it is right now. A system where power is everything. He wants to become a God. A being with the power to control the living things on earth. He was ambitious and cruel, ready to sacrifice if necessary. And this is what led to the death of 90% of the population at the military base camp durng the invasion.

But why is this man here? They were not supposed to meet until the mission where Eusto and Allen led a team to gather the essence of the Meteor. Martin felt like something was amiss. He hated this man,However, this is not the time to get his revenge. not when the militarys power lean on the mans side. it would just be a loss.

He pulled himself up, stabilizing himself again as the car swerved, he pulled his badge and ID from his chest pocket before showing it to the men inside the car. The guard from the passenger seat read the information before saying something to the middle age man. The man frowned, eyes sweeping at Martin before signing to stop. The driver slammed the brake immidiately almost throwing Martin over, however, he managed to jumped at the side before rolling to a stop. He stood up, patting his dust covered clothes before pulling up his communication device. He instructed the team to stop. He watched as the other cars finally stopped at the side of the empty road, as well as the vehicles of his team. He looked at Bastian standing at the top of the modified truck, as well as the man he was supposed to be fighting against, only to laugh at the sight. The man was quite bruised and looks shabby from the thrashing, a complete of Bastians meticulous self. He chuckled, shaking his head, feeling funny and satisfied. He gestured for Bastian to follow.

Then he walked towards the General standing in front of their car, surrounded by men wearing suits and combat suits.

”Hello, General Amadeus. ” Martin simply greeted. His eyes meeting the mans narrowed one.

”Who are you? ” The man ask.

”Im Martin Arden, the captain of Alpha team. Glad to meet you general. ” Martin introduced himself. He glanced at Bastian, he knew that it was proper courtesy to introduce his people but he wasn gonna do that. This man deserve no politeness of his.

”May I ask why the General tried to attack us just now. I hope General can give us a proper explanation. ” He gritted. The men surrounding the General tense, eyes glaring at Martin. Their hands hovering at their guns.

Bastian stood silently, eyes scanning the crowd. he remained silent and unmoving, just like an immortal without a care for mundane things.

”What is in your truck? There was a report that something illegal is being delivered at the camp, which can greatly harms the humans residing there. Thus the general intends to end it. ” the man wearing glasses explained. Hes probably the assistant.

”What illegal? Its just medical instruments and food packs from the malls and supermarkets we raided. ” Martin simply stated.

The general looked at one of the guards to check the truck. The man immediately called his subordinate. After confirming the others reply, the man turned towards the general, nodding his head to confirm what Martin said.

”I see. It was probably the mistake of the intelligence report. We sincerely apologize for this mishap. ” The assistant spoke, he stared at Bastian, eyes roaming the mans lean figure, a hint of appreciation clearly visible in those eyes.

Martin, seeing the mans interested gaze, stood infront of Bastian. His gaze intimidating, giving a clear warning not to touch his people. The assistant just smirk, Before following the general back to the car. Then they drove away like nothing happened. Martin felt a burning desire to kill. His chilly atmosphere made him all the more scary. I will have a chance to have my revenge in the future. but not now. I still have things to settle. I just hope, youd be this haughty when I finally come to collect what was due..

e gone. Why are you staring at them with such a passionate gaze for? ” Bastians voice drifted towards his ears making it itchy. He really wants to pinch the others ever serious face.

However, hearing those words made him choke. This time, he really felt like choking someone to death?

Whos passionate!

Does this gramps look passionate?

This damn f*cker! Teasing again.

Just you wait. Ill settle you in due time! Martin taught before giving Bastian a stinky eye. He then walked away with a heavy thump from his combat boots, making the dust flew around.

Bastian felt like the mans mood is amazing. His ever changing facial expressions makes him all the more endaring. He smiled, about to call out.


Suddenly a familiar mechanical voice buzz inside his head, making him pause. It seems that the system is back.

[System integration, initiating….


Memory downloading…

Data complete…

New task initiating…

Progress complete…]

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