When I Laid My Eyes on You

System 25: Guardian System


for? ಥ⌣ಥ The system does not understand

this complex feeling, it heard humans call it

Annoyance. It thought, it was probably close

to the word hate. However, as a system with

the highest accomplishment report, and an

A Class system, it really had a hard time

matching with the souls of the hosts.

[Host. Perhaps now, you don want anything.

Being a host bonded to a system like me will

bring you more experience. Each missions to

be accomplish is equalled to the type of world

and difficulty of the mission. You may encounter

danger you can possibly imagine. Situations

that will give you challenges you normally do

not encounter-

Castiel scoffed- ”Each World? You mean

there are various of worlds? I presume you

meant worlds from different planes. As You

said, I can have various experiences and new

challenges to encounter. What you said is true.

But I believed that you and I both know, You

need me, more than I need you. I can just go die completely or reincarnate. It doesnt mean too much to me. So system, Tell

me. What is it that will make me take on this

mission? ”

He wasn normally that of a jerk. However, Its

better to make things clear to it. Hes not a

charity. He doesn run a foundation here.

Material things? That doesn matter. He does

not need it. Experience? Would like to

experience, yes, but not necessary. Challenge?

Hes not a masochist.

Doing such mission is not a problem. However,

he hates failing. That is why, he needs to clarify


I had all the riches you can offer. I don need it.

what I want is….

[Host. I researched and researched thoroughly.

However, all the answers Ive found

seems to be inadequate and lacking based

simply on my data base as a system. So I tried looking for human thoughts. And theres this word I found which I am currently unable to determine if its the answer you are looking for.

This system may not fully understand, but I will

use this word gladly.]

”So, what is it? ” Castiel proded.

[Host. I am system 25. I offer my atmost

sincerity for this business transaction. I do

not completely understand, However, it can be

said that what you pursue is greatness. And

greatness is bound not to happen if one of us

fails. So, you want to say that you hate a pig

as a team mate, right? I can guarantee a

hundred percent, that I will be your greatest

ally. Rest assured, I shall do my best. So I hope

you would keep your end of the bargain. I am a system about to reach the S class level. You

are my last host to assist. PLEASE. FINISH YOUR TASK WITH A 99% GRADE. As a system running based on data and codes, there is no such thing as a 100% success. However. my atmost sincerity lies at the fact that I do not scheme against my host. Also, the gains and losses do not matter to me. Finishing task and missions are the most important. That would be all. So, Host. Is it a deal?]

Castiel smirked. He felt satisfied.

He shrugged, Opening his palm towards the

flickering ball of light in front of him.

”Deal. Happy Cooperation, System 25. ”

The system paused, asking itself if that is all it took to have such an obnoxious host.

Feeling strange, the system is unable to take all of it in. It was such a rip off without even paying for anything. Such a complicated thing, it simply thought before answering in a mechanical tone-

[Happy Cooperation, Host.]

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