nze skin, black eyes, and

handsome countenance. He looks like an

exotic model. The type of man, categorized as

tall dark and handsome. Hes the typical alpha

male type.

The two were currently standing at such close proximity, it made you question whos the lover

of who?

Bastian felt that the two seem intimate.

However he stopped thinking any further,

Martin explained that the two were close

because Allen is an adopted brother. Besides,

he had no interest in such issues.

The four of them decided to team up. Every

week, the people at the base needs to gather

supplies and take on missions assigned for

points to buy materials and rent for the homes

allocated. Living at the base is not for free.

They took in missions that seems impossible

to accomplish and each Time returned with

success. Eusto learned how to survive as per

Martins teaching. And Allen seems to finally

become a superhuman just like the two.

Bastian felt that its good to have such a team.

So he let his guard down.

One time, they had a mission. It was a mission

for two teams to work together. Eusto

suggested to team up with a lieutenant, Along

with four others.

The team seems friendly. They laugh, joked

and even talked about Lives.

and thats what led Bastian think that they

such a good people. Unable to really defend

himself from the betrayal after the success of

the mission.

Bastian died, he was thrown as a bait. He was

eaten alive by the undead, unable to fight

because his limbs were cut off. It was so painful

dying like that. Due to having a super body,

his regenerative ability is much higher than

normal humans, he heals while being eaten

then he died a miserable death. The sad part is? He wasn able to protect his only friend Martin.

[ Main Mission: Survive through the


(Failure means Obliteration of Soul)

Sub Mission:

1.Report the source of the infection to authority

2.Protect Martin

3. Reveal the true colors of his friend and


Additional Mission: Discover the mystery of

the humans abitilites.

(no penalty in case of failure)]

Castiel blinked, truly surprised at the mission

interface. It was such a simple mission, it

almost made him think that it was a bonus


[Host, since it is your first mission, the main

system had given you a package. Please

check the inventory. For further question, You

may address it to me and I shall answer your


[System Inventory:

1 Sirens Call (Item type: Katana)

-able to cut through anything. Its a weapon

used to beahead traitors during the feudal era.

2 Recovery Potion (item type: Liquid potion)

– able to heal any injuries. Helps with fast

regeneration of the body.

Facial Paralysis Mask ( Passive)

– able to remain mysterious despite the

changes of emotions and feelings. Used to hide

and mask ones weakness.

Storage Space (Soul bonded)

– storage in a dimension created by the

system to help the host store miscellaneous

materials, as well as artifacts from a world.

Castiel stared at the gift pack, eyes lingering at the storage space item. ” Such a good gift ” Castiel whispered, his voice had a smooth and sexy baritone, it can make the listener turn soft just from hearing it.

He really felt satisfied. He stood, patting his clothes as he walked towards the exit.

[Where are you going, Host?] System 25 mechanical voice ask. It watched as its host walked without a Care in the world. His gait filled with such lazy elegance, it made it think

that this world is simply a walk in a park.

”Going to find Martin. Wouldn it better to follow the originals memories? Why make things harder when theres already a well laden path to take. ” Castiel answered, hetero chromatic eyes, one blue and one hazel green, filled with mirth. ”Now, let me see how much interesting this world can be. ”

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