Bastian stared blankly, unable to fully comprehend what was exactly happening. Currently, he was standing at the very back of a five man team, a man smaller than him by a few inches stood protectively in front of him. The man watched as his team mates butchered undead left and right, completely enjoying the scene.

(System. I am currently confused. Am I supposed to be rescued like this? I thought it was the other way around?)

[Host, this systems data is currently fluctuating due to this sudden development. The true son of heaven is not supposed to appear here.]

(Right? Thats what Im thinking too. So, why the hell is he here ruining my life?) Bastian growled lowly, however due to the perfect mask the system gift him, all of the complex emotion wasn shown on his face. He will probably rate the product five star. It was a much needed item.

[Host. Please Calm down. The worlds progress is currently undergoing a huge change. The main system found a bug, affecting the overall situation of a select few.]

(Bug you say, are you saying, THAT man right there, is a bug?) Bastian asked incredulously. (Is a bug such a daily occurrence? or it only happened here?)

[Actually, a bug appearing is not a very rare occurrence. There were those bugs who illegally transmigrated to the planes and worlds where the hosts are doing different missions. They were not authorized, thus creating Ripples and causing massive change to the original world and its inhabitant. Then theres also those who were reborn. They try to change their fate. They disrupt the whole worlds progress thus resulting into a massive data fluctuation. However, a bug appearing with such a very strong soul vitality, so strong it almost made the world collapse, is a totally different matter. Ive already sent the data at the main system.

Host, please do remember the mission well. You won be able to access the system functions for the time being. I am called by the higher ups to make a proper status report. ]

(Sure. Ill gladly do my best to remember my mission. Am I required to live my old age here in this world?)

[Host will received a notification from the system if the missions were already accomplished. However, the hosts lifespan corresponds to the mission and the actions the host has taken. Also, please be extra cautious. The world level change from F to C. Further information will be discussed after the meeting.

Good Day, Host. Please proceed with caution] the system warned before a sudden beep sounded in his brain. Bastian doubt it all, however, if it truly was the case, then he just had to make it all work.

He sighed, then he paused. The world diffulty seemed higher than what it was supposed to be. However. Bastian thought it is all the more easier now. The true son of heaven knows the happenings of past life, then he already knew the truth. The third task seemed to have been finished if that was the case. But looking as there is no prompt, then, does it mean he has to still inform the other? Well. Whatever. Things will just settle sooner or later.

He should probably enjoy while hes at it. What does it matter. Now, what am I to do? Say thanks? Not talking is good too.

”Boss! Weve already swept the area. It seems there were no more undead to be wary about for a few hours. ” a man with buzz cut hair walked towards them with a grin. Bastian blinked. Whos this?

This person is not in the Data. The same as the others. Bastian glanced at the true son of heaven. He heaved a sigh of relief as he realized that the other is not a transmigrator, it was rebirth. Bringing this people meant the man knew all of them in the past life, but, the Bastian of the past doesn have any memories regarding these people.

”Good Job, Rod. Let Bunny lead the team to look for supply and a place to stay for the night. Report to me after. ” Martin nod his head, gaze steady. The man called Rod salute to Martin before stealing a glance at the taller man behind, then simply turned and left.

Martin turned towards the familiar yet unfamiliar man, Wondering how to start and what to say.

Bastian watched silently, observing the man before him. Martin stood at 59. He has eyes the Darkest shade of blue, expressing an unknown emotion that makes it harder for Bastian to even raise his voice and scold the other. His button nose slightly red, pinkish lips tightly pursed, as if he was about to cry for some unknown reason. However, he didn . Those clear sapphire stared at Bastian,

a hint of something akin to excitement and sorrow showed at those expressive eyes.

His face looks a lot younger from the originals memory. Bastian thought.

Bastian felt that the man before him seems quite pitiful. He wanted to reach out and pat the mans silky hair, wondering if its as soft and fluffy as it looked. however, reason prevailed. This world is only a mission. Nothing more. This feeling is unfamiliar and unsettling. Bastian didnt like it.

”So…Who are you? And what do you want? ” Bastians asked coldly. It was the attitude of someone meeting a suspicious person. A completely normal reaction for a stranger.

Martin frowned, biting his lips to avoid himself from shouting his anger. Clearly, last life, they were closer and much more intimate. So this show of indifference is putting his moood of. He wanted to reach out and hold this man, just like their past life. But it seems, he can do just that. Martin is quite sure, the man would cut off his limbs if he does so. However he can even say that he was reborn, hell probably look at him like hes a lunatic.

Originally, Martin thought that being given a second chance of life means correcting his mistakes and protecting this person. He wants to live just to remain by this persons side. He hadn considered the fact that even though he remembered, Bastian obviously did not. His chest felt stiffled. He wanted to say that hes a friend and hes not here to harm the other, but that would make the other even more apprehensive. So Martin decided, They had to start from zero. Since he decided to rush here and act so heroically, the original meeting didn happen, he wasn saved to death like back then, so he had to work his way to the others good grace.

Ah. . . theres simply no other way.

Martin shrugged his shoulder, teal blue eyes met the others mismatched eyes, a smile gracing his lips.

Lets be friends-

for now…

”I am Martin, I am a soldier from the military base camp a few miles from here, we
e here to gather much needed resources. We thought you
e a helpless civilian so we decided to help. So if we offended you, I apologize.

These people are my team members. Sorry for the suddenness of it all. We
e normally not this

nosy, so forvige us this time. ” Martin gave his teammate a ”please go along with me ” look.

Bastian stared at them. Helpless civilian my a** ! This little liar.

(What to do, I really want to spank someone?) Bastian thought darkly.

If Martin had an impression meter of Bastian.

Hed here a mechanical voice saying-

[Ding! Bastians Favorability: -100% ]

Hed probably collapse and die just like that.

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