” Is that so? ” Bastian mocked.

Martin stiffened, He knows Bastian hates being lied to. But what was he supposed to say? Its better this way. Someday, hell tell him the truth. Just…. Not Now. So he vaguely answered,

”Yes. Its just a coincidence that we met you.

”Fine, then. ” Bastian acquiesced. Its not like he wants to create trouble, however, according to the originals character, he wouldn just trust someone he just met. He also wouldn be on a friendly term towards a dangerous looking people, who suspiciously appeared at that moment. It was now the end of the world, no one would be that heroic and selfless, unless they had ulterior motives. This showed at the originals previous action. He never helped anyone, just Martin, who was, at that time, dying. Also, the friendship didn immediately

developed after he help the man, they just encountered many things together, hence, the original learned to depend on the other.

Thinking of this fact, He decided the course of action to be taken. Bastian silently stood and watched, he never spoke again. After all, the actor was known for his silent and stubborn nature in the entertainment circle.

Martin couldn find a topic to start a conversation with. At this time, he wished that the man was reborn just like him. Ah. How he missed the other. This longing, he really felt that it can never be satisfied with just a simple hello. He wants more. perhaps, Bastian would raise a brow at him, eyes glinting with such an obvious suspicion, then scoff at him if he ever did something outrageous such as hugging.

Well, Whatever. He has plenty of time.

”Boss, we
e done here. Bunny found a research facility near the section C. It seems that it was abandoned before the Apocalypse even happened. There are some equipments and drugs left. Also, the generators are still working. We can relax there for a bit. ” Rod reported. His voice filled with excitement.

Bastian felt that such a reaction is the normal one nowadays. Electricity, water and even canned goods are now considered a luxury not everyone can afford. The world is starting its initial phase of evolution. It starts with purging, then theres the slow progress of evolution, both humans, plants and animals alike. It was a process that will surely end the the fittest as the survival. And among these, the nightwalkers and the superhumans are currently at the top.

Bastian turned to watch the true son of heaven, Martin. It seems hes currently at his peak. Also, looking at the team he brought, Bastian could say they
e one of the elites.

Martin noticed him staring , flinched, before suddenly remembering that he hadn even introduced his team mates yet.

” Bastian. ” Bastian introduced himself. No need for those fancy introductions, its apocalyptic now, no one would care if you
e rude.

”oh.. right. This here is Rod, bunny is the only woman in our team, that man with dark blue hair is Anderson and the last one is Grid. They
e all people capable of protection themselves. ” Martin introduced them briefly. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

His reluctant and shy expression really burns the eye of the others watching him. Who would want to see your tough boss act like a shy school girl meeting his crush for the very first time? It just looks ugly and creepy. But for Bastian , that look is quite cute. If they knew what hes thinking, theyd probably thought that his sickness is hopeless, while saying theres really no cure.

The man named Rod is bigger compared to the two of them. He looks like a tank from an RPG he used to play. The ones with so much HP, and acts to pull aggro. He stood at 64, muscles bulging against his tight tank top. His dark hair seemed like needles atop his head. Hes probably using some kind of gel to maintain such style. He looks evil with his sharp blue eyes, pointy nose and thin lips. Theres also a faint scar at his chin.

then, theres Anderson. Hes the quite one. Hes also slim and looks like a man who stays at home playing video game to pass time. If Bastian wasn aware that they
e all superhumans, hed probably be mistaken of the others capability. He looks like those punks who can even run a lapse. Not to mention, he has those dark eye bags that simply says he hadnt had a good sleep for a very lone time. He looks tired, his brown droopy eyes looks like theyll be forced shut after a few minutes.

is he really, okay? Bastian thought.

The other man, Grid, looks much stronger than Anderson, but smaller compared to Rod. His short buzz cut hair emphasizes his military like countenance, much similar to Martin. Theres an air of arrogance around him, as well as concealed danger deep within. He looks like a predator, teasing his prey. His silvery gaze seemed to darken even more as Bastian stared at him completely unfazed. A person who thinks hes all that. Its Bastians impression towards the man sizing him up.

Well, the woman Bunny is the woman he noticed earlier. She really didnt look like a woman At all. She stood taller than Anderson, and also much muscular than Anderson. She has also short pixie hair, tanned skin and wearing a combat uniform just like Martins. Shes definitely not the Bunny type. Bastian coughed, trying to focus at Martin.

Such a team, he trained them well.

Shall I relax and follow them without question for now? It is of no difference if he did so. The system is not here,hes not quite sure how to deal with this reborn man. Also, being cautious is truly a must. After all, theres no one who knows Bastian really well other than this Martin in front of him.

Bastian felt an inkling feeling, this man seems not the Martin who the original met. Its like a version of the Martin of the past, yet for some reason, Bastian felt that past is different from the originals memory.

Truly, What a mess.

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