Everything seems different. And yet, it always comes to mind how theres a sense of deja vu in each moments. It was a life filled with an abnormal circumstances and situations, one would usually think an impossibility that occurs each and every day. 

Bastian remembered. When does he had such awareness? Well, it was probably like the feeling of a normal person being filmed secretly. At first, you won be able to notice. however, gradually, youd realize….. theres something there- watching you, waiting for you to accomplish whats been prophesied. And if you start to change your course, then, that entity watching you will start to take action. It will move closer, observe closer and even starts to change things around you. Its a feeling youll certainly feel uncomfortable of.

Now, theres no such feeling.

Bastian noticed the differences. These differences became the part of a freedom he longed for. Although there are missions and task to accomplish, Bastian find this more relaxing and satisfying. The feeling of being stuck in a quagmire was greatly reduced.

It was probably the will of the world itself. The will who watches and maintained the fate of those in it. It is the enforcer that Maintained authority and the law. As well as the warden who keeps the prisoner detained. A chain that binds the people within it.

Right now, Bastian felt freer than hed ever felt before. And He wants it to remain. This world laden with a hell like curse, is a place where hed enjoy greatly.

Moving towards the facility, Bastian observed how the group had such a tacit understanding. They moved and protect each others back. Their weaknesses being filled up by the others strength. Such a thing is amazing.

He was currently standing idly, just watching them busy themselves. It seems that they were looking for something, he wasn sure what it was though. So He decided to not do anything since he wasn familiar the people around Martin as well as their goal at the moment. They weren close enough to tell him things.

Bastian noticed Martin walking towards him. His hair sticking like a nest, eyes filled with fatigue, probably due to lack of sleep. His tight uniform looks sloppily worn, his pair of combat boots seemed so dirty with some red and white liquid stuck on it, probably zombie matters. He certainly looks haggard and dirty, it makes a slightly mhysophobic Bastian tremble. Just thinking about how those dirty things might touch his clothes made his skin crawl with apprehension.

He gave an unfriendly grunt, pursing his lips before slightly stepping back. ”Can you not move any closer? ” He rudely uttered. True son of heaven or Not, theres no way hed let the other come near him. At least not with those red slimy and brain matters stuck on the other mans clothes.

”Oh ” Martin Whispered awkwardly, He look at himself, lips pursing as he realized how dirty he looked. Martin forgot. Bastian is a little mysophobic. He still remembered how the other wiped those slender fingers after killing undead things even though he was already wearing gloves. He also remembered how the other hated when he forgot to clean himself. Every time he does that, Bastians mismatched eyes would darken, he would grab Martin then pull him towards the bathroom and clean him thoroughly while grumbling to himself as he made sure Martin was clean and shiny. It was kinda funny though, so Martin would always act like a pig just to annoy the other. Those memories made him slightly chuckle.

Martin looked at Bastian holding an iron pipe with his gloved hand. He looked ready to bash anyone wholl approach him with no good intentions. It was a funny sight. However, he also Remembered how Bastian would grab his clothes before throwing a nasty glare at him as warning before the first punch land on his eyes. That was before they were lovers. Bastian had a very short fuse. However, Martin felt good just eliciting any kind of reaction to the others stoic face, so he really made such a mess.

Martin cough, eyes avoiding the latters focused gaze.

Such an intense gaze makes him feel embarrassed. ”Well be going the to the camp. Wanna come with us? Theres a place we can stay there. We can also exchange for resources there. I heard that the officials finally made a new policy of resources exchange and housing rentals. There are lots of survivor waiting outside, since the base cannot house and accommodate everyone for now. However, its a different matter entirely about supers. ” Martin explained. Truthfully, hed rather live outside and happily be a free lone pack instead of being integrated at the military base camp. Perhaps, being reborn changed his military outlook in life. He was no longer concerned about the other peoples lives. He no longer felt the need to prioritize the civilians safety. It was all he did back then. Thats why, all kinds of difficulties followed them. Right now, in this life, being with Bastian and protecting him is the at most priority. It would probably took a long time to even hold his hand without getting a punch or jab in the ribs. Martin feels like the future is bleak.

”I don particularly like being around so many people. But since theres nothing for me now, Might as well join. ” Bastian answered dully. His eyes held a glint that Martin missed as he tried not to stare. His lean figure and long legs truly emphasized his allure. His stature truly attracts attention. Why are some people blessed with such blinding visuals? It was truly unfair. Martin couldn helped feeling envious.

Two person standing side by side, gaze gentle. Theres a very harmonious atmosphere around them. Just like old friends starting to get acquainted again.

Suddenly a mans gruff voice sounded, instantly breaking the harmonious atmosphere between the two. Grid glanced at Bastian, then scoffed, ”Boss, Are you sure he can fight with us? He looks weak. I know I owe you, but I don like protecting useless ones. Even if that person is a friend of yours. ”

”F***er! I told you to shut up! Why the hell are you looking for trouble!! ” Rod growled, appearing behind Grid. He grabbed the mans collar, almost lifting him off the ground. ” Boss, We accidentally passed by and heard you. Sorry! Id take care of this guy for-

”No need. I can handle him myself. ” Bastian said coldly. His gloved hands put the pipe down. His mismatched eyes filled with intense pressure. It was the eyes of a predator ready to pounce at its prey. Every step he took brought forth something akin to fear to those around him.

He looks extremely dangerous. ”Why not spar with me. I shall show you what Im capable of. However, I deeply apologize now,I might end up

breaking a bone or two. ” Bastian said lowly, almost dark and yet still so sexy to the ears.

Martin felt his scalp tingle, a sense of foreboding and excitement filled him. He glanced at Grid, sighing, before silently lighting a candle inside his head. Ayy. You brought it to yourself, I pray for your soul. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

”Hah. Such arrogant remarks. Where do you want to spar? ” Grid ask smugly. Lips raised in an arrogant arc, seemingly provoking Bastian. Lets see what you got. ”I ain gonna go easy on you, so prepare yourself. ”

They stood apart from each other. The pressure and aura suddenly turned heavy. Just like the scent of the murky ground before it rains. It was suffocating. Grid felt his hair stood up.

A question popping in his mind. Why does this person have such a heavy aura.? As a soldier, he killed and encountered more life-threatening situations, all of it, he breeze pass though with ease. Not even a serial killer left him such an oppressive impression. Grid took a deep breath, his gaze turned firm. No matter what, the teams safety is his priority.

He will not allow anyone joining just like that. You got to have an ability to protect yourself not to be a burden. This will ensure that no one will die because of someone unworthy. No one is worth sacrificing their lives for.

Martin watched Bastian standing there calmly.

He merely stood, awaiting Grids attack. Grid was the first to move. His body seemed like it was expanding. His muscles seemed to contract with every punch he threw. A kick was released, the air current from its raw power made a cracking sound. His movement so heavy it seemed like his putting all his strength in each attack. His movements is fast… it was like a barrage of mirage aiming for Bastians weak spot. His fighting style leaned on aggressive type. If a normal people was hit by him, theyd probably turn a cripple.


that wouldn work. Not against this man. Bastian.

Bastian move like water. His footwork seemed smooth and easy to follow. However, that is a misleading assumption. Bastian is known for being introverted and anti social. Theres no news about him learning any type of martial arts. But Martin knew the others strength very well. Grids aggressive style won work. Not against Bastians calm ones. Bastian may seem weak, however, a single punch from him made a hole at large boulder in his past life. Throwing a sympathetic look at grid, Martin felt a sudden schadenfreude. It will be a wake up call from hell to these people. A slapped in the face that their not all that strong. That theres someone out there whos muchs stronger than them. Ahh I hope you can dodge well, my friend.(^_^;)


Grid felt frustrated. Hes f****ng tired, alright? Why the hell is he just dodging? Also, that f***ng expression. Hes so asking for a beating!

”Is this all? I thought youd be more competent than this! ” Grid yelled, throwing another punch.

Suddenly…. he felt the wind shift. Like a sharp breeze whistling through the heavy air current.

”Three is enough. ” Thats all he heard before a fast hook hit his stomach. Grid felt his whole body tremble. A sour and bitter taste emerged from his stomach. He almost puke!


Grid saw Bastian stepped forward again, eyes seemed indifferent and cold as he deliver another punch. This time, although he tried to dodge, it still hit his rib. A sharp pain immediately spread at his right side, so painful it made him breathless. Earth breath he took made it hurt even more. Hes quite sure he heard a crack. Grid gritted his teeth, He felt ashamed but also frustrated at the fact that despite looking so incompetent, the other was clearly stronger compared to him. He doesn want to lose. Despite feeling his body growing sluggish and heavier by the second, he still gritted his teeth.

He tried attacking again, this time, he moved his right foot forward, using all his strength on his left leg to kick the other who was crouching low due to him dodging Grids early punch. Grid was quite sure, Bastian cannot dodge this time. And as he expected, Bastian didn dodge. However, he didn expect the other to be so foolish! Such a fool! Grid watched as Bstian simply raised his own right leg to counter his kick. He almost laugh smugly, almost. Because the moment the others leg met his, an audible crack and excruciating pain racked his body. He finally collapsed, hands trembling as he clutched his broken leg. ”arghhhhh!!! ”

”Damn it!!!! ” Rod howled, eyes wide as he watched how Bastian broke the other mans leg. He saw how Bastians body seemed to harden, a crystal like luster emitting from his skin. Such body, it was no wonder Grid would end up like that. ”BOSS! STOP HIM! ” Rod moved to help Grid, just like the other three watching the match at the side. But he felt his shoulder suddenly felt so heavy he couldn move at all. He tried to pull of the hand that was holding him down, he really felt angry. Grid is still their friend. True, he was wrong there but Bastian didn have to cripple him! He growled, throwing a punch at the man still clutching his shoulder. However, His punch met his Boss palm. And just like that, all the generated strength and momentum of the three seemed to dissipate. The smaller man looked at him with narrowed eyes. His dark eyes seemed to darken even more. Rod felt his gaze darken, his lips trembled as the other mans smiling face met his. Voice cold, Martin simply looks so innocent. ”Bastian won kill him. Also, Hes a super, he can heal, Its a simple lesson. You should never underestimate your foe. Be thankful You
e not enemies, because I assure you, this man is more capable than what he looks like…. hes a friend, treat him as one. ” Martin explained. His steady and firm tone showed how much trust he had for the other.

Martin paused before saying- ”However, It seems like you
e all starting to slack off. You all seemed pretty weak. You can even free yourself against me, so where does your guts came from? hmm? Don be so aggravated, we can all train together while going on our way back to the military base. It seems like you were all itching for a fight, right? Rod, Bunny, and Anderson. ” (^_^)

The three people who were sentenced: ”…. ”

Grid whos really injured: ”… ”

Boss! we were wrong! Spare us?ಥ⌣ಥ

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