”One day, I dreamt of a place…

It was filled with golden primroses in full bloom….

The scent of flowers lingers in the air…..

While the moonlit sky,

filled with glittering stars…..

I dreamt of our life togeyyther…

As the years pass us by…

My love…

Does my love resonates with yours too? … ” A sweet voice ask,a heart stopping smile curved his lips, gently reaching for the man standing beside him. Their hands intertwined, both contented and happy. ”Why arent you saying anything? Does it resonate? ”

”It does. ” The taller of the two answered. His mellow yet husky tone arouses ones heart. He caressed the other mans face, cupping those smooth and lovely cheeks between his hands. His head lowered, gently grazing his lips to those supple one. ” What is it? ”

”Nothing, really. I just felt that something ominous is slowly coming… It is devouring everything. I hope we
e powerful enough to stand against what was to come. ”

”Whatever it was, it seeks destruction. ”









Martin woke up with a start. His chest is heaving and his body was drenched from sweat. Hands trembling, he pressed his palm on his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. He felt that he had dreamt of something important. Sadly, he couldn remember at all. All that was left was the fragments of emotion corroding his sanity. It was unsettling, but he doesn know how to deal with it.

Grumbling to himself, Martin decided to forget it for now. He wasn exactly sure what it was, and its not like he remembered. Its depressing.

With a tired sigh, he dressed himself. He no longer bath since he already did so before he fell asleep. Besides, water nowadays is a luxury. It must be conserved. Martin thought about the novels he used to read about Apocalyptic worlds where zombies roamed. The authors portrayed the human abilities entirely different to what they have now. Theres no water, fire, wind and even lightning. Theres no space element as well. If there were, then, itd make the humans live much easier and convenient. Martin sighed. He wasn really sure, but he suddenly remembered what Eusto told him. He said something about the meteor of nullah being needed and asked him to come along with them to retrieve it, however Martin refused. It was the last mission, and they weren successful. The teams were annihilated, and only Allen and Eusto Returned. Both were heavily injured, Allen was missing an arm while Eusto lost an eye and his pair of legs. It was reported then that there was a fully evolved nightwalker, as well as a general type zombie at the time. The two survived because Allen Is the highest combatant. He chose to save Eusto. While abandoning the rest.

The two were severely punished, but what can they do? It was a loss right from the very beginning.

Martin gritted his teeth. A devilish grin appearing on his lips. It was their Karma. Back then, when he awakened, he found himself being saved by Bastian again. That was his second life. He had lived twice.

Now it was his third. He promised to protect Bastian this time do as not to lose him, just like how the other man did the same for him. Every death of the man is like death of a piece of his soul. The first life, they were betrayed by Eusto and Allen. Bastian was dismembered and was fed to the hoard of undead, while he was forced to watch. He was then burned, put to a coffin and thrown at the sea, just to die a painful death. But the pain could not be compared watching how the man he lived die before his eyes. He was filled with regret. He realized way too late. Bastian was right, but he denied it just because he knew Allen and Eusto way too long than the other. He felt disappointed. He thought Bastian was just creating baseless accusations. He chose to believe his best friend and his lover. How we wished to trun back time and make his maistakes right, Back then. But-

Reality is cruel. The trust was misplaced and caused the others death. It was his mistake.

That is why, when he found out that he was given a second chance, Martin felt relieved. Happy and excited beyond words. He was given a chance to change his fate. To correct what was wrong and to get his revenge to those who harmed him and Bastian. In the end, he had gotten what he wanted. He achieved his goal. He finally avenged himself. But he still couldn prevent Bastians death. Bastian sacrificed himself, he detonated the last weapon of the humans by using his self as a bait. Martin survived, and he lived to see the final evolution of the humans. Even though the humans finally created the vaccine, annihilated the remaining undead, created an even more powerful and omnipotent AI, and pioneered the start of galaxy exploration- in the end- it was not enough. He was not happy. Bastian is not there with him.

He died of old age, nothing remarkble happened afterwards. He just fell asleep, then reborn again, six months before the apocalypse.

Martin cried back then. He cried so Hard he even had a cold after. Despite his muddled headedness and aching body, he felt he was still lucky. If theres someone out there who truly has the power to give him not one but twice the chance, then hed make sure that it was not wasted. He was thankful. Because he came much earlier, theres much time to be prepared. He just needed to play his cards well. Thus he immediately broke up with Eusto, punch them both while at it, showing how disgusted he was because of the twos affair behind his back and act like a heartbroken b**** who can get over the break up before He left the two, gathered his former team in his second life and finally find Bastian. He no longer craved for vengeance. He had already gotten it on his second life. What he wants is his and Bastians survival. Nothing else matter.

This time, in order to live a happy and long life, he needed that meteor of nullah. He feels like its the answer he was looking for. The key to the entire human race survival, is that thing. But, he knows, getting it wouldn be easy.

Theres a competition from the base, Allen and Eusto, as well as those monsters who annihilated the team. It will be truly a very hard task but for Martin- it does not matter. He simply thought it was just a necessary hardship for their happy ever after.

Martin walked with light steps, his combat boots created a dull thudding sounds against the tiled floor. He feels a little energetic and wants to shed some positivity to his treasure.

Martin found Bastian inside the lounge, he was seated at the couch. He looks so concentrated at what he was doing, but Martin is quite positive that the man already knew he was there even before he stepped into the room and he was just pretending not to show interest. He has a good hearing. But still, tsk, this man…

Whatever- hes used to it. Hes fine with the way they were- for now. Maybe, hell get back with Bastian for ignoring him, someday. The thought was too exciting, he almost hop.

With a happy smile on his lips, Martin took a sit beside Bastian, his body leaning at the mans side contentedly, eyes stealing glances from the mans expressionless face from time to time. The man would occasionally pause, eyes focused at the gun he meticulously disassembled, before wiping it with his slender gloved fingers. He looks busy, and simply indifferent, but the red tips of the mans ears had already betrayed him. Martin almost wanted to laugh, but he merely snickered, before closing his eyes. He wants to savor his time with Bastian. Everyday is a date for him. Every moment is precious. It took him much great effort and time just to have the right to stick at the mans side. At first, he was denied and awkwardly rejected by the other. But now, he finally got to harvest a part of his hard earned labor.


”Stop daydreaming again. Its time to leave, Boss. ” Bastian whispered, eyes giving a fleeting glance Martins face. Lips slightly curving into an arc. An almost unnoticeable smile gracing his face.

”I know. Im not daydreaming. I just felt that being with you is so comfortable. ” Martin muttered, a hint of petulant tone laced his words.

”Hmm.. Whatever you say, Boss. ”

This third life of his. Hell definitely make use of the most of it. Definitely!

Bastian…You and I…We shall live…. Happily this time.

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