I never thought i could feel this level of hatred for someone. She was coming out of The Nova, wearing that smirk. She was wearing her signature irritable black attire…

It was awfully quiet outside, just the rustling of autumn wind. I saw how she pulled her hair out of the ponytail and let them dangle loosely.

I stepped ahead, the plum purple pocket knife in my hand. I saw her flicking her eyes in my direction. Her eyes widen in fear.

”H-hey s-stop please its not how it looks like… ” I was just a few steps away from her now.

”I can n-never do that. You kn-now me… Please-se…. ” She breathed heavily.

I stabbed her right over her heart. Stabbed her until she was lifeless in my hands. Revenge tasted sweeter than death.

I stabbed her five times that night until she died. I turned myself in… The police station. Voluntarily…

” You will be missed, Skye. ”

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