Winterspell (Savior) 5/26

This story is told from multiple, characters points of view. The transition from one persons point of view is indicated by the characters name being above that section. If the section finishes, a new section starts and no name is at the top of that section then that section is bring told from the narrators perspective.

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The wind howled at me.

The ground seemed far away at first but now it reached up for me, I couldn breathe but I couldn tell if it was because the object in my back or the strong wind that pressed against me.

Was it trying to save me?

No, it was just resistance, if anything it meant that I was gonna reach the ground sooner rather than later.

Well at least this time…

I won …



I wanna see mom again, I wanna taste blueberry muffins again.

I wanna live,

I don wanna die,

I don wanna die…

I don – huh? Something seemed to reach out coming up at me, my first reaction was to shield my face.

I stopped abruptly and felt as a cold numb and sharp pain coursed through my whole body, it hurt everywhere and no matter what direction I tried moving the pain simply intensified. I was over a branch of some sort and the ground was still very far down and I was slipping.

Only my left hand moved.

My right side was completely numb.

I dug my fingers into the bark but even so I still slipped.

Little by little, gravity tugged at me.

Everything started coming back to me in vivid colors.




And thats when my hand slipped and I had nothing to hold onto.


Everything slowed.

The wind seemed to stop, I held my breath…

Damn it!

How can I be this unlucky?

As soon as Id thought that something grabbed my wrist and held on.

”Come-on don give up ” said the person whod saved me.

I looked into his eyes, why does he seem so familiar?

Ive seen this figure somewhere before, that hair, those eyes.

But why?

Why was he helping me?

At that moment I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

(Even though fate was cruel to me.)

”You gotta help me here, gimme your other hand, ” he demanded.

Another tear drop.

(Even though Id started thinking that I was cursed. )

”I can , ” I replied.

”This isn the time to be selfish! ” He snapped.

”I think I hurt it, it won move, ” I countered.

His expression softened and he pulled me up it didn seem to be easy but he did it.

(So this pervert, is my knight?)

(My whole body hurt, but that wasn the reason why I felt he way I did, why I cried.

This whole time I had been waiting and hoping for someone, anyone to come save me. )

(You may think Im weak, you may think Im spoiled, even. )

(But Ive been through a lot, kidnapped, starved, used, discarded, hunted and shot.)

(So go ahead, say it, say that Im weak. )

(Cause at that moment I felt weak, not physically because all I could feel at that moment was pain and cold. I felt weak, my will had been drained to the last drop then restored and drained again and again.)

(So weak summed it up.)

Finally, Id been saved. I wasn alone.

He placed his hands around me and said ”don cry ok. ”

That bastard, being reliable in my moment of weakness.

But I couldn help it, I cried and cried.


Alice 2 days later

I woke to find myself in another tent. ”Where? ”

”Oh you finally woke, ” said the guy whod saved me.

e that pervert, from yesterday, ” I replied still a little dazed.

”Yesterday? ” He asked ”youve been out for two days. ”

”And who
e you calling a pervert? ”

”Oh right you saved me, ” I said getting up.

(Like that meant I owed him everything.)

e not going any where, you need to rest. ” He said preventing me from getting up. Reluctantly I gave in.

Then I remembered, ”I was shot, with an arrow! ”

”I know, I changed your bandages twice, ” he replied, ”I still think you have a nice rack. ”

”Y-You didn ! ” I stated, my face getting hot.

”It couldn be helped, I had to change your bandages and you
e not wearing a bra, I don know why. ”

”its not as bad as I thought, the only bad that came out of this is your broken arm. ”

Just as I thought, my right arm was wrapped and then braced by a piece of board. My arm was numb but my fingers moved a little.

”So what are you doing here? ” I asked.

He looked me over and sighed.

”You probably won believe me so Ill tell as straight as I can. ”

I nodded slowly.

”You were kidnapped, so your father asked me to find you destroy your kidnappers. ” He said with a straight face.

Was that an attempt at a joke? If that was what he was trying to do then Id suggest that he never do it again.

But I decided to humor him, ”And? ” I asked.

”Well when I found you, you were basically knocking at deaths door, they didn want you, they wanted something inside you. ” He paused to see of I was following.

I frowned, the part about my dad I couldn believe or perhaps I didn want to, but they did something to me and that sounded pretty close to the truth.

”Inside me? ” I asked.

”Yeah, the state they left you in was- ” he didn seem to want to continue. ”I had to do something, I couldn let you die like that, so I replaced what they had taken with half of mine and closed you up. ”

With that he lifted his shirt to show me the bandages underneath.

e not kidding are you? ” I stated.

I found myself placing my hand over his bandages.

Does it hurt?

Why would you do that for a stranger?

Why would you do that for me?

I wanted to ask him all of these questions that floated around my mind but I couldn .

He winced, and I pulled back my hand. ”Im sorry I didn mean to, ” I apologized.

”Its ok, ” he replied fixing his clothes.

So what was it that they took?

”What did they take? ” I asked softly.

He took up a bag pack and took out an envelope, from which he removed a single parchment and handed it to me.

”Dragon essence, ” he said.

I looked at him trying to see if he was kidding.

”Ok, this just went from very real to very something else, ” I stated ”am i supposed to believe that some people kidnapped me to surgically remove this dragon essence thing from me? ”

He looked hurt.

So i added, ”prove it. ”

He seemed to think about it for a second. Then he got up and went outside.

I looked at the sheet of paper, it was old and seemed fragile almost as if it would crumble if I held on to it like I would a folder leaf.

It had strange symbols and I couldn understand most of it. It seemed to have been written in kanji save a few scribbles off to one side.

It said;

Dragon essence : The lifeline of the hiragi clan. Surviving members of the clan were executed on (April 22 1893) for crimes against the shogun.

A symbol was at the center of the page. An octagonal ring with two dragons both head-and-tail to each other inside it, A small flame at the epicenter.

Whats this supposed to mean?

I thought about it, am I somehow related to this clan? Was my dad Korean?

I frowned again.

Soon after he came back with a sapling in his palm. ”While I don have dragon essence, I do have something similar, mild In comparison to dragon essence, but fundamentally the same thing. ”

He placed his hand over the other, cupping the plant, soon it came to life stretching and contorting until it turned the size of a bonsai tree.

What the- how did he do that?

”Wow! how? ”

I asked surprised.

”Soul essence ” he replied, ”Everyone has it but not that many people know how to use it. ”

”You on the other hand was born with dragon essence, nobody really knows how but a lot of people want it. ”

”Thats why your father had us train you, so that you could protect…

Protect yourself. ”

Hearing this something weighed heavy in my gut.

”What? ” I laughed.

He didn say anything.

”Then you, ” I paused ”shot me? ” I said sitting up.

Say no,

say you didn .

He didn say anything, didn do anything save avoid my gaze.

I swung hard. My palm had a stinging after shock kinda feeling but I didn care.

”All this time I was here thinking I could trust you, ” I said holding back my tears. ”Turns out you
e one of the bad guys. ” I shoved him hard but he barely moved.

I stood up and walked towards the tents entrance. ”Don follow me, ” I stated before leaving the tent the paper in my hand.

The sun was now bright in the sky. A glance to one side revealed some stuff, my shoes included.

I put them on and sat a little while, waiting for him to come and apologize.

He didn .

So I left…

That jerk, idiot, stupid, jerk!

Forcing me to be alone again.

I didn go far.

My arm hurt and so did my head, my stomach and my legs.

I felt light headed.

But I couldn go back.

”I can … ” I mumbled.

For some reason though, I wasn hungry.

Suddenly there was a wolf in front of me he slowly he bared his teeth and growled.

(Huh? Come-on you
e kidding me right?)

”Bad wolf? ” I stated hopefully.


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