Chapter 10 [First Night 05]

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APRIL 29, 2021~ 8ONI

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“WTH”, voices filled with shock echoed throughout the room.
The twelve people looked at each other and were frozen on the spot.

“We all occupied our room for 20 minutes.” Li Sinian laid the body down carefully and felt his breath, checking for any sign of life.
“After we came out, we lingered for a while, using that timeline, then, when he got poisoned, it probably happened after Sister Ding Zihui went upstairs and before Fang Daichuan and I entered the room.”

Nobody made a sound.

An atmosphere of suspicion and fear was slowly slithering onto the long table, squeezing everyone’s hearts.
Everyone’s gazes became akin to the snakes, moving around, and deliberately dodging each other.

Li Sinian stood up and tidied his clothes, “Has anyone noticed something wrong with him?”

Fang Daichuan shook his head, “I didn’t find anything wrong.
Believe me, I am an actor, and I am very sensitive to changes in facial expressions or physical bodies.”

“So you are an actor? That’s neat.” Li Sinian said casually.

Fang Daichuan was stunned, his eyes suddenly became sharp.

Ding Zihui kept lowering his head and sobbing softly, Chen Hui sat on the side and held her shoulders.
The single mother put her arms around the child’s waist and covered his eyes.

“It’s you!” Du Wei raised his arm and pointed at the Boss Du, “It must be you! You were the last one to go up and follow him, you killed him!”

Boss Du sneered, “You also heard that the poisoning time was after Ding Zihui went upstairs and before everyone went back to their own room, which means everyone had a chance to encounter the dead.
At that time, the people on the 2nd floor came down.
People on the 1st floor went up and put things, the scene was very chaotic, why do you say it’s me?”

“In a scene like this, the ones who look on indifferently are not necessarily the good guys, but the ones who jump out first and provoke must be the bandits.” The gentleman who looked calm pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose and spoke up.
His eyes flicked to the side with a glance, peering at Boss Du with a meaningful look.

The man who had just patted the table glared and rebuked, “If you want to wash yourself white then don’t drag us, the 2nd floor! We slept peacefully upstairs, yet you said that we attacked this girl and that we killed this man.
We weren’t there for the first meeting so now, you are trying to bully us!”

“Do you know everyone’s role on the second floor?” Du Wei turned his head and angrily yelled at the man who just spoke, “You sound so sure that there are no wolves among you.
Can you vouch for them?!”

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The man’s eyes flickered in disbelief, “I didn’t say that!”

Li Sinian put his hands on his chest with his right index finger rubbing lightly on his lips, his expression deep in thought.
He looked around and observed everyone’s reaction.

Chen Hui looked down at Ding Zihui and sighed, “Stop arguing.
It’s past midnight, let’s stop here.
This kind of discussion, with all the yelling, there is nothing to gain, and it is estimated that there will be no more deaths tonight.
We will just go upstairs and lock the doors.
Ding Zihui was frightened tonight, the elders and the children should also sleep.”

“Tell me, Li Sinian, does this really have nothing to do with you?” Fang Daichuan followed Li Sinian into the room, he slammed the door behind him with his right hand already formed into a fist.

Li Sinian was taken aback for a moment before he spread his hands and turned around, smiling helplessly at Fang Daichuan, “Are you serious?”

Li Sinian’s room was on the second-floor section, and the layout was different from the others’.
The room was narrow and long, like a medieval tower, with a large bed facing the window, and outside the window was the rocky shore.

There was a bogu frame* standing by the door, and a variety of foreign wines were placed on the lower levels of the rack, with an ancient sword placed on the top neatly.
It looked worthless at first glance, maybe it was only used for decoration.

Fang Daichuan drew out the ancient sword, and put the scabbard against the opponent’s chest.
He was expressionless and spoke quickly, “You’d better not move.
Now, open your waist pocket, I will check it.”

Li Sinian held his hands up, sneering, “Are you kidding me? Think about it with your goldfish-brain, how could it be me? What is my motivation? When have I ever had an opportunity? Am I that capable? Let me tell you, you are not smart enough.”

“You have!” Fang Daichuan fiercely poked the scabbard into his chest, “You have the ability! You have been specially trained, and your hands are the most skillful! You can search a girl’s whole body without even alerting her.
It would be a piece of cake for you to inject the poison into the back of the neck!”

He continued pressing the scabbard into Li Sinian’s chest as he spoke.

“You had an opportunity! We all ran upstairs when Ding Zihui was attacked.
There were only three of you in the first floor lobby! As long as you slowed down enough, you had an opportunity!”

Li Sinian was dragged to the bed by him into a sitting position.

“You have a motive! You! You are a wolf!”

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Li Sinian was silent for a while before he shrugged and laughed softly.
He smiled and shook his head, gently pushing away the scabbard on his chest.
The sword actually looked like an antique treasure.
The scabbard was carved in brass with the art of morning glory and thyme, which were the ancient flowers and plants spiraling around, making complicated patterns.
The metal tip seemed like it had been rubbed and caressed for a long time and it looked polished.

Li Sinian still had a smile on his face.
He looked at Fang Daichuan, raised an eyebrow, tilted his head, and asked, “Do you have any evidence? I am not the only one who can do what you said.”

Fang Daichuan firmly put the scabbard on the opponent’s shoulder, and the cold metal touched the side of Li Sinian’s neck.
It was so cold that he immediately got goosebumps.
Fang Daichuan’s chest rose and fell violently due to his emotionally agitated state.
His chest felt stifled with both anxiety and anger he couldn’t control.
He exclaimed, “Then answer me, why do you seem to be familiar with this place? What does this villa on this deserted island have to do with you!”

This outburst made Li Sinian raise his eyebrows in amusement and he chuckled lightly, “Why do I seem to know my way around? Oh, I see.
You are suspicious of me because of that? Excuse me, I am an American.
I see this kind of villa everywhere.”

“I see you are still playing dumb!” Fang Daichuan scoffed, “You didn’t know that I was an actor, then why did you say that at the airport!”

Li Sinian was about to be crushed by him, “What the hell did I say at the airport?!”

“You can still pretend! The first words you said to me!” Fang Daichuan was shaking with anger when he saw that he was still denying.

Li Sinian felt so frustrated that he wanted to head straight into the wall, “You think you are the heroine?! Are you getting dumb from playing TV series? How could I remember the first sentence I said to you!”

“You asked me why it was me!” Fang Daichuan yelled out in disintegration, “You looked at me, and then you said, ‘’It’s you’! Since you haven’t watched any of my TV series, you shouldn’t have known who I am! But how come you said, ‘It’s you’?!” 

Li Sinian could see that Fang Daichuan couldn’t control his emotions anymore as he proceeded with his outburst, “I didn’t get dragged into this by accident! From the beginning, this was all a trap for me! You and that behind-the-scenes freak designed it! You wanted to bring in an unlucky man who didn’t know anything, so that you could use him for your own evil purposes! That’s why you said you couldn’t be trusted on the first day! And I, for one, am the unlucky one and the fool you used for your own good! Now, I could see through everything, yet you thought I had a goldfish-brain!”

Li Sinian was completely taken aback by him.
He looked at Fang Daichuan without blinking, the other party’s eyes were filled with strong grievance and anger, like a dog who was starved by his master for a long time, barking desperately.
The two stared at each other for half a minute before Li Sinian couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed hysterically, even bending down and covering his waist.

Fang Daichuan was stupefied hearing his laugh, and then became even more furious.
He waved the long sword madly with his right hand and cursed, “Dare to laugh! Explain clearly to me! Who are you! What is your purpose! Why do you involve me! Are you a foreign spy who wants to use me to threaten my parents? I assure you that you will never succeed.
My parents are the best police officers in the country and they will never be instigated to betray the nation!”

“Hahahahahahaha*!” Hearing him say this, Li Sinian laughed even more intensely, practically bursting into laughter, rolling over onto his back and hammering the mattress, the golden tassels on his pillowcase trailing around his face.
He shook his head as he laughed, took a card out of his pocket with a giddy quiver and handed it to Fang Daichuan with a frenzied laugh.

(T/N: Yes the author use 7 )

Fang Daichuan furiously grabbed the card and flipped it.

——His expression froze, his muscles went stiff, and the atmosphere became awkward and embarrassing.

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Li Sinian grinned happily.
He simply laid on his back and rolled slightly on the bed with his remaining delirious state.”I fucking thought you had some solid reasoning,” Li Sinian raised his hand and wiped the tears from his eyes.
He looked up at Fang Daichuan’s 囧* face and uttered mockingly, “I just taught you about multiple deductions of possibilities a while ago, but you learned nothing.
With your IQ, I bet you will definitely lose this werewolf game, because you were just about to kill the seer.” He explained meaningfully, folding his hands behind his back and bending his legs in a relaxed posture.


Pic so you can see the expression better

Fang Daichuan glanced at his face awkwardly, then looked down at the character card.
It had the same style as his witch card; same font, old yellow parchment paper, with unnamed flowers and animals painted on the front.
There was a large white space in the middle, with two large words embroidered in black thread: “Seer*”

(T/N: Seer are [先知, Xiānzhī] )

This was really embarrassing.

Fang Daichuan’s face blushed into tomato shade and he looked just like a boiled crab.
His two ears were particularly eye-catching, and the earlobes were as red as a gemstone that was dripping with blood.

He silently threw the sword back onto the bogu frame and looked down at the floor, he just didn’t know what to say to smooth things out.
Li Sinian did not attempt to say anything either.
He stayed lying on the bed like a grandfather, watching him with amusement.
Whenever Fang Daichuan plucked up the courage to look at him, the two pairs of eyes met and he saw Li Sinian with that mocking look, causing Fang Daichuan’s cheeks to burst crimson again, quickly averting his gaze.

“You…you should have said it earlier!” Fang Daichuan decisively shifted the blame in a stammer and quickly flung the character card in his hand onto the other’s chest.

Li Sinian clasped the card on his chest with his right hand, picked it up, and kissed it lightly.
Then he looked at Fang Daichuan and said, “You did not give me a chance.
Besides, this is the werewolf killing game, big brother.
Do you think I will just bring out my card like that?”

Fang Daichuan covered his face with his right hand. Surely, with his brain, he shouldn’t have tried to analyze the situation and play tactics.
He has lost against this American grandfather.

 “You get up!” Fang Daichuan’s voice that came out from under his palm was muffled up.

Li Sinian shook his head unwillingly, “I don’t want to! You frightened me to death with a sword.
I won’t get up unless you personally help me.”

It is my fault I provoked this kind of ancestor, Fang Daichuan wished he could beat his big mouth five minutes ago.

There is no use crying over spilled milk, Fang Daichuan sighed, lowered his body, and helped him up unwillingly. 

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The other party didn’t appreciate it, “Why are you so reluctant, have I wronged you?”

Fang Daichuan squeezed out two words between his teeth, “No!*I wronged you.”

(T/N: No is [没有, Méiyǒu] )

Li Sinian raised his eyebrows with a smile.

Fang Daichuan finally gave up using force and sat on the bed heavily, not wanting to speak.

Li Sinian tore the identification card casually, walked to the door and took a bottle of wine from the bogu frame.
He gently knocked it against the wall, letting the expensive white wine liquid sprinkle down, a sweet and rich scent drifting out from the bottle.
The parchment paper on the ground was soaked and the writing got blurred gradually.

“I really didn’t expect that not only your IQ is not high, but also your brain hole is not small.” Li Sinian deliberately provoked him with a smile.

Fang Daichuan put his head in his palm, looking like a shy ostrich.

“Have you acted in too many anti-war movies?” Li Sinian couldn’t compare with Fang Daichuan on strength, but he was not afraid of anyone when it came to talking, and his mouth was very poisonous.
“I think your management is screwed.
Your selling point is very problematic.
Why are you fixated on the oppressive total attack personality? Go back and straighten your hair.
It is more suitable for you to change into a naive 3-year-old milky personality.
Really, believe me, in this way, you will become popular.”

The corridor was very quiet and  no one knew if the dispute between the two had been heard by anyone.
Probably not, since Li Sinian’s room was around the corner of the hallway and did not share the wall with other people’s.
Fang Daichuan tested the door of the room, it was very thick and was covered with a steel plate.
Generally, this kind of door was soundproof.
Li Sinian opened the door and poked his head out to take a look at the corridor, before closing the door carefully and locking it.

“So, when did you meet me? Why did you say ‘it’s you’?” Fang Daichuan stared at Li Sinian’s back with a puzzled expression.

Li Sinian turned his head, pressed his fingers to his lips, and blew a kiss.
He winked his right eye with a suggestive smile at the corner of his mouth.

“It’s a secret.”*

(T/N: This sentence is on English in raw, here, another updated image.
Also summary of this chapter  

Chuan’er : You, how could you forget the first word you said to me!
Sinian : … )

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