“Later this deserted island was bought at a high price.
It was that man who released this game.
A while ago, I found out that my father left some information about this island.
I was aware that the time of the nearby volcano’s eruption is just around the corner, so I couldn’t help but come in pretending to be a mercenary, hoping to find clues about my father before the final destruction.
Well, I didn’t expect things would come to this.
Come to think of it, maybe the boss* has already noticed something and deliberately threw me into this game, but then, I’m not sure.”

(T/N: boss is in English in raw)

Fang Daichuan took a sip of wine and raised the bottle towards him, “So you entered this game, solely because you have a reason?”

Li Sinian shook his head, “Everyone who enters this island has their own reason.
Do you really think they came for the 20 million dollars? I haven’t found out yet who they are, however, they more or less must have something to do with this island.
You have seen the situation tonight.
Some people have shown signs that they know each other.
Tomorrow voting must be exciting.
Just wait and see.”

Fang Daichuan took another sip of wine when the singing tunes of seabirds drifted from afar.

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“How about it? Isn’t it cool to drink like this?” Li Sinian temporarily put aside those annoying thoughts and opened the cork with a pop.
Some drops of light golden liquid splashed in the air, and the thick wine was like flowing gold foil.
He raised his head and took a big mouthful, feeling the sweet and sour warmth from his throat all the way through the esophagus, and into his stomach.

Fang Daichuan nodded, “Actually, I don’t know how to drink wine properly.
Once, Deng-ge specifically brought someone to teach me how to behave, how to turn glasses, how to sniff, how to say a bunch of nonsense things that I don’t understand to compliment the other party’s wine.
He used to ramble that it’s a kind of wine etiquette.
Now I just want to say, fuck etiquette!”

The sound of the sea breeze is like the whimper of a pipe organ, while the sparkling wine conveyed an illusion of jubilation and exhilaration with the taste of intoxication.

The two drank and chatted for a while before carrying the wine bottles, and walked down to the reef together.
The more you went down, the louder the organ’s sound became, the low whimper and the occasional high pitch made people feel a sense of horror.

(T/N: I think it is this sound, but I might be wrong, feel free to comment if anyone knows better~~~ I don’t bite and I always appreciate any comment)

“What sound is that?” Fang Daichuan turned his ears to listen.

Standing beneath the rocks and listening quietly for a moment, Li Sinian guessed, “Perhaps the rising and falling of the tide squeezed air into the interior of the reef,” he looked up at the cliff-like reefs more than three metres high, “These reefs should be rich in air holes, or even large internal cavities.
The rise and fall of the tide drives the change of air pressure in the air holes, which is derived from the principle of the pipe organ.”

Fang Daichuan tilted his head and took a sip of the wine, then turned the bottle over and looked at the output origin and the year, mumbling, “A semi-dry sparkling wine from the Burgundy estate, high in residual sugar, with a subtle musky flavour, good with foie gras or whatever seafood, it’s refreshing enough to drink like this, but still a bit of a shame.”

“Is this also a compliment with a bunch of nonsense that you don’t understand?” Li Sinian turned around, laughing.

Fang Daichuan nodded while drinking, “It’s a pity that the owner of the wine is not in front of me.
Now, he can’t hear my compliment.”

Li Sinian laughed carefreely at his words, his smile bringing out his eyes which sparkled playfully.
After taking a sip of wine, he suddenly tore open his shirt.
His skin was extremely white, under the rare misty light blue moon, it resembled an ice emerald.
It looked cold, hard, and impersonal, but somehow, it gave people an illusion of being warm and gentle.

“Foie gras can’t be done, but just wait here, brother.
I will get you seafood.” After saying that, he turned around and looked into Fang Daichuan’s eyes intently, backing away with a smile, and before Fang Daichuan could react, he plunged backwards into the sea.

“Fuck!” Reaching out his hands, the shock and fear quickly sobered up Fang Daichuan.
Although they had walked down from the topmost reef, this was not a shallow place either, and the shadows of the sea and the rocks blended together in the darkness making it look like there was no end.
Fang Daichuan leaned close to the shore, wiped the splashed water on his face, and looked around the dark sea in bewilderment.

There was a low organ-like hum, a lighthouse in the distance, a star at the junction of the sky and the sea.
However, there was no movement on the sea surface.

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“Li Sinian?!” Fang Daichuan didn’t know why he felt so terrified and the unfathomable dark sea multiplied the panic.
He shouted into the dark empty sea, “Li Sinian!”

No one responded.
The sea was still and only the stars flickered lightly as if responding.

After looking around the sea for a second, Fang Daichuan gulped down half a bottle of wine abruptly, took off his T-shirt, the belt, and pulled his feet out of the trousers.

“What are you doing?” Suddenly, Li Sinian popped up from the surface of the sea, dripping with water from the ends of his slightly longer hair, with a smile on his face.

Fang Daichuan watched Li Sinian come out from the water and climb the reef.
He blew the drops of water on his bangs and stuffed Fang Daichuan with a handful of wet things.
Fang Daichuan felt a weight in his hands.
Li Sinian was wiping the water off his body with his shirt.
He looked down at his palm.
Three oysters trembled and spitted out some foam in his palms, timidly exposing their own soft flesh.

Fang Daichuan went mute for a while. It seemed that ever since he had met Li Sinian, he had often experienced brain freeze moments. He had to take a moment to recover from the panic he felt. 

“What kind of supernatural power is this?” Fang Daichuan looked down at the oyster in his palm, then looked up at him, “You can actually catch oysters just by casually diving?”

Li Sinian used a stone in his hand to pry open the shell, then washed the raw oyster meat with the liquor. 

“I told you, when it was a deserted island, I have sneaked in countless times here.
I am very familiar with this place.
Naturally, I know that there are oysters growing under this reef.” He explained, handing the washed oysters to Fang Daichuan, nudging his chin at him to take them.

Fang Daichuan was an authentic Chinese.
He had eaten a lot of grilled garlic oysters*, but he had never eaten raw like this.
He looked down at the sea and thought, ‘This place is a private sea, far away from the national border.
The water is very clean and there should be no heavy metal pollution.’ He hesitated for a while, but decided to follow Li Sinian’s instruction anyway and  stuffed the oyster directly into his mouth.

[蒜蓉生蚝碳烤, Suàn róng shēngháo tàn kǎo] Pic for your stomach

Taste of freshness and sweetness flooded into his tastebuds.
With a soft and creamy texture, the oysters had a touch of wine in them since they had been washed down with sparkling wine.
He nodded with approval as he chewed, his eyes glistening with amazement at the wonderful taste in his mouth.
Li Sinian smiled softly at his reaction and handed him the remaining one.

‘If only the next seven days and seven nights were a dream…’ When Fang Daichuan later recalled this misty night, he couldn’t help feeling that way. How wonderful it would be if when he woke up, he and Li Sinian were still sitting on the beach, drinking sparkling wine, eating oysters, and reminiscing about his childhood and Li Sinian’s father together while recalling faint memories of their past interactions.
There should be no thrilling, no twists and turns, no blood and fear.
How nice it would be.

The memory should have stayed at that moment, or even earlier.
He wished fate had turned a corner before they had the chance to meet; for a lighter, brighter scene and for an uncomplicated relationship.

(T/N: So, ahem, sorry for the cliffhanger but I need to take 2 weeks break, top, for this project.
So, the next chapter should be around 17th May, more or less.)

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