Chapter 23 [Second Night – Part Four]

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JULY 30, 2021~ 8ONI

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Fang Daichuan had been shocked too many times due to the amount of information he received today, so now he no longer felt surprised, panicked or horrified.
He only felt worn out.

Someone lied. 

At that moment, Fang Daichuan wanted to take out the poison and use it on himself.
Even now, someone was still trying to fish in muddy waters. Fang Daichuan really didn’t know if they were not afraid of death, or were too conceited about their IQ and luck.

“Insane, you all are insane.” Old lady Song raised her head and said, sneering.

Fang Daichuan listened to the clear sound of wind and rain outside the window.
Meanwhile, the inside of the house was deadly silent.

This morning, the machine clearly stated that Zhao Chu received five votes, Boss Du got three votes and the remaining four people each got one vote.
It was impossible for Boss Du to vote for himself.
However, only two people admitted that they voted for Boss Du, leaving Zhao Chu with six votes.
Unless the machine was tampered, it was more likely that someone had lied.

“Boss Du, did you vote for yourself?” Li Sinian asked.

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Boss Du mockingly laughed twice: “Do you think it’s possible? I voted for Zhao Chu.”

Song, Ding Zihui, I, Li Sinian, Boss Du, Liu Xin, six of us voted for Zhao Chu, right?” Fang Daichuan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, forcing himself to write down the names.
The ink marks on the paper were like notes he took during high school, when he was about to doze off in maths class, messy and trembling.
A raging fire was igniting inside his chest, burning his cheeks hot, and some emotions were firmly suppressed in his chest.

“As the machine reported this morning, Zhao Chu clearly only had five votes.” Fang Daichuan’s voice was extremely restrained and low, then he burst out and suddenly shouted, “You tell me how it is possible that six people voted for him!!! Do you really want to live? Until now you are still lying! What do you plan to do?!”

“Fang Daichuan, settle down,” Niu Xinyan waved her hand to stop Fang Daichuan.
She looked very  calm as she said, “Anyway, it has become clear that everyone who comes here has their own reason.
Well, everyone has already been mentally prepared to live or die, right? Now that the situation has reached this point, where everyone lies and acts, I think, whether we vote or kill, nobody should feel wronged anymore.
——I’m going to follow the rules of the game and play it seriously.  Everyone, live or die, let’s leave it to fate.
My Nan Nan is still upstairs.
I’m going to coax him to sleep.
You can continue.”

After she finished speaking, she flipped her hair and left, knocking her low-heeled leather shoes on the wooden stairs.
Every step sounded heavy.

“What are you afraid of?” Old lady Song coldly asked her.

Niu Xinyan ignored her and went straight upstairs.
When she reached the place where Ding Zihui was attacked, she froze for a while.
The window in the corner was wide open, and the curtains were wet from the rain.
Somehow it looked dim and gloomy.
She trembled slightly and quickly walked back to the room  and swiped her card to enter.

“She is afraid that her son’s vote will be exposed,” Fang Daichuan sighed.
“That crazy boy voted for his own mother.”

All the people present took a deep breath.
Yang Song rolled his eyes at the sky: “Is she still protecting that kind of son? Tomorrow we should vote her son out first.
That child is acting so odd, it is creepy.”

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Li Sinian didn’t leave, it didn’t make any sense to leave now.
He concluded: “Yang Song voted for me, and no one competed with her for this vote, thus she was telling the truth.
Niu Xinyan voted for Song Xinran.
Niu Xinyan  and Ding Zihui each had one vote.
Of these two votes, one vote was from the child, and the other was from the deceased Zhao Chu.
I am not worried about these two votes, right now they are not much of a problem.
There were five votes for Zhao Chu and Boss Du had three votes.
In other words, if no one purposely lied to make the situation more complicated, then one of the six people, who believed they had voted for Zhao Chu, actually voted for Du Chaosheng.”

Boss Du raised his lips and smiled sarcastically: “So now, the suspicion about me being a wolf is rising again, right?”

“Yes,” Li Sinian nodded, staring into his eyes, and said sincerely, “It’s just a review.
There is no need to conceal one’s vote.
Anyone can doubt anyone.
Yang Song doubts me but I will not hate her for that.
Unless someone is deliberately misleading here…”

No one spoke, everyone’s eyes were glued to the two people.

Boss Du lowered his head, raised his eyebrows and smiled.
He pushed his chair back a bit, put his right foot on his left knee, folded his hands in front of his chest, and said, “Isn’t that too stupid? Everyone knew that today Zhao Chu had five votes and I had three votes.
If I tried to mislead people by telling lies, then I would only make the situation even worse for me.”

“What’s more, what kind of lies can I sprout?” Boss Du sneered, “Is there anything more important than life?”

“Then you have to figure out who has a grudge against you,” Li Sinian said meaningfully, “What if there are people that do not care for their life? Who would deliberately do that to frame you? “

Boss Du gave him a weird smile: “I have an enemy here indeed.
Isn’t it you who has the biggest grudge?”

“Oh? Did you admit it?” Li Sinian pressed harder, staring at Du Chaosheng.

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However, Du Chaosheng only shook his head: “I didn’t say anything.”

“It’s not me,” Li Sinian said expressionlessly.
“I didn’t sign into the game.
Of course, I could only blame myself for being careless.
The boss found out my true intention and I couldn’t blame others.
My purpose is very simple, that is to catch the wolf and go back alive.
Of course, if Boss Du wants to tell me the truth of what happened that year, I can’t ask for better things.
I still don’t know whether my father is  alive or dead.
Until I figure out where he is, I don’t want to play a werewolf game with you, let alone play such a dirty trick!”

Yang Song’s cheeks were a little red, it was unclear if it was because she was angry or anxious.
She bit her three remaining nails, the tiny powder of nail polish was shining brightly under the refraction of the chandelier.
Her eyes also refracted the light, staring directly at Li Sinian: “Are you here because of your father too? Is your father’s life or death uncertain? Didn’t you see the corpse?”

Li Sinian shook his head: “The last time my father appeared, it was on this island.
However, when I traced down the island, the island was already bought.
That’s why I am from the boss team.
My original plan was that after I escorted you to the island, I would take the opportunity to check if there was any clue about my father.
It’s a pity…”

“What did your father do?” Yang Song asked with a frown.

Li Sinian glanced at old lady Song: “Mrs.
Song should know him.
He was one of the prospector* in your place.”

“Li Heng?” Mrs.
Song thought for a while, frowning and asked, “Later he disappeared, did he come to this island?”

Li Sinian nodded: “It is said that this island was explored* by your group at that time.
Is that what happened?”

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The old lady Song sighed: “This island is not a good omen.
The director at the time was Niu Nahan.
After the project was completed, Niu Nahan died, Zhao Chu resigned, Li Heng disappeared, and everyone else scattered away.
I had no choice but to take over as the director.”

“Your father was a prospector?” Yang Song frowned and said in a low voice, looking very puzzled.

No one spoke, the only sound was the heavy rain outside the window.

The clock seemed to not be working, and every minute was slow and torturous.
However, nobody talked and eventually half an hour had passed.

It was late at night and everyone was exhausted.
Liu Xin raised his wrist and glanced at his watch: “Anyway, it’s too late.
I guess whether it’s a werewolf or a villager, nobody will have much energy to do anything tonight.
Everyone should go to bed first and vote again at eight tomorrow morning.”

Li Sinian was affected by his father’s story and he was not in the mood to analyze.
After a while, he stood up with his head lowered and walked upstairs: “Then I will go back first.”

Everyone was afraid that the last one would be poisoned to death like the beer belly last night.
They immediately followed and swarmed up to the second floor.
As he stepped on the stairs, Fang Daichuan turned his head and saw that only Yang Song was left at the long table on the first floor, frowning as she wrote something on the paper.

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