Chapter 36 [Third Night Part Six]

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In the dark sea, Fang Daichuan opened his eyes.

The water plants moved around, the salty sea water stung his eyes, his body felt torn apart by the two different forces.
Among the chaotic scene, someone firmly grasped his hand.

Fang Daichuan doesn’t know how long he is out, maybe a few seconds, maybe a few minutes.
He lost the concept of time.
He shook his head.
All he can hear is the sound of sea water sloshing.
Faint shadows of lights leaked from the distant lighthouse, Fang Daichuan suddenly started moving, because he tasted the blood from the other party in his mouth.

Li Sinian’s physical condition is by no means good.
He took a sigh of relief, quickly pushed Fang Daichuan, making random gestures, asking him to follow him.

Fang Daichuan kick the water* and pulled Li Sinian up.
The two forces behind him and front of his body kept getting stronger.
Fang Daichuan stomped on the reef and using the force, floated upward.
As he dived upwards, Fang Daichuan noticed that the reef was thickly covered with barnacles and oysters, and as the tide surged, the shells of these tiny creatures opened and closed, holding on to the reef, fighting against the force, the way the dense little creatures lifted their shells one by one, making a scene that made Fang Daichuan’s scalp tingle with fear.

(T/N: Because I am extra *cough* I googled diving moves and I found out there are plenty of kicking moves so well, just said that Chuan’er uses one of those moves to swim up, because the author only said ‘kick the water’.
Link for more info)

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Li Sinian that is behind him suddenly stops moving.

Fang Daichuan felt the resistance behind him and looked back at him questioningly.

Li Sinian pointed to a crack in the reef, something stuck in that crack, shining in the darkness.

In this situation, are you still looking for treasure? ! Fang Daichuan stomped on the reef repeatedly, pointed upwards, and rowed upwards desperately.
Li Sinian however, was unmoved as he pressed himself against the edge of the reef, poked two fingers into the crevice and gouged the trinket out.

Fang Daichuan looked at it, it looked like a necklace, in the shape of a golden star, with a diamond in the middle.
It should be underwater for some years, the gold has dimmed a lot.

Fang Daichuan was going to run out of breath, he pulled on Li Sinian’s sleeve.

With countless water plants moving between them, sometimes a fish will sprang out in panic and then be sucked into unknown places by unknown undercurrents.
Li Sinian looked at him, there were turbulent emotions inside his eyes, shining dangerously.
He shook his head at Fang Daichuan, and made gestures, indicating that he was going to take a look inside the coral reefs.
Fang Daichuan was about to die from anxiety.
If he is on the ground and can open his mouth, he would stomp his feet crazily and cursing Li Sinian.

Fang Daichuan was in a foul mood.
At that moment a current made his footing unstable.
He stretched out his hand and tried to grab water plants, but didn’t manage.
He was swept in the current and flew directly into the coral reefs.
In reflex, Li Sinian grabbed his hand, together they got dragged along in the darkness.

The two people rolled around like a washing machine, sucked into a hole in the coral reefs.

Surrounded by darkness, Fang Daichuan couldn’t help but panic.
In his heart, he knew that not a minute had passed since he jumped into the sea, otherwise even if he is an immortal he would not be able to hold his breath for so long.
However, this panic was a completely subconscious reaction of his body, not controlled by his brain, and he soon felt that Li Sinian’s oxygen had almost used up, his brain started seeing white light and his limbs kept hitting something.

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Li Sinian behind him pushing him desperately to swim forward.

Fang Daichuan wanted to kill Li Sinian. Under such circumstances, you still want to get inside the coral reefs? No matter how you look at it, this is courting death! However, he didn’t have time to look at Li Sinian, so he could only swim forward desperately.

The huge suction force stubbornly sucking them up stumbling inside the uphill cave on the coral reefs.
Fang Daichuan rolled and crawled, his last breath was fleeing and his lungs had reached the limit.

At the last moment, Fang Daichuan felt his brain relaxed, a white light exploding in front of him.
The sound of water penetrated his brain and drilled in his ears.
He was exposed to fresh air.

Fang Daichuan got out of the water, inhaling deeply, went ashore, kneeling on the ground and panting heavily.
In fact, his lung capacity has not been very good.
For the last distance, his lungs were burning, he ended up taking a mouthful of seawater.
The seawater mixed with the sand from the coral reefs, proof that he almost died on the bottom of the sea.

This is a huge cave inside a reef, the space is at least two meters high.
How big it was, because it was too dark, Fang Daichuan couldn’t tell.

Li Sinian came out of the water from behind him.
He stroked his hair back, coughing while holding on to the stone wall.
Fang Daichuan hurriedly supported him, and asked, “Are you alright?”

Li Sinian waved his hand and put it on Fang Daichuan’s shoulder.
The hot liquid in his palm made Fang Daichuan stiff.

Fang Daichuan hurriedly opened the antidote he was holding and washed the needle in the puddle where he came.
The sea water is definitely not clean, but right now Li Sinian is poisoned.
Fang Daichuan’s fingers kept shaking, he drew up the antidote and carefully removed the air bubbles from the syringe.

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“You do have a plan.” Li Sinian held Fang Daichuan’s hand, his face was pale and blood had begun to ooze out of his nose, showing that he was dying.

Fang Daichuan slapped his hand off, pushed him against the stone wall, and said firmly, “Lie down, don’t make me miss.”

The antidote was quickly injected into Li Sinian’s arm.
Fang Daichuan had never given anyone an injection before.
He was so nervous that he kept staring at the needle and pushing very slowly.
Li Sinian didn’t care about the needle sticking into his body, he just kept staring at Fang Daichuan’s serious side profile.

“I won’t jump down and get you if I don’t have a plan,” Fang Daichuan babbled.
He tends to babble when he is nervous.
This is his habit from a long time ago, “You are the one who doesn’t think anything.
Are you insane? Do you think this is an extreme sport? I know you are good at swimming.
The problem is that the great me is not good at swimming…”

Fang Daichuan raised his head as he spoke, and saw Li Sinian’s eyes.

He abruptly stopped, pushed the rest of the antidote without saying a word, and then quickly pulled the needle out, feeling his cheeks burning. I must inhale too much seawater. Fang Daichuan calmly touches his chest.
The old deer inside his chest is happily moving around, making his chest aching with pain.

He just survived a near-death experience and at that time his mind was filled with the fear of death.
Now that he relaxes and is trapped in such a small space, Fang Daichuan suddenly feels uncomfortable.
He stood up and walked around, pretending to be looking at the surrounding stone walls, scratching his head: “This place is quite spacious, why is there such a place? Why didn’t you find it when you came down to pry oysters……”

“This cave is blocked by water.
The passage we came in is an upward slope.
I guess this place is above sea level.
It is probably the inside of the reefs that we climbed before.*” Li Sinian leaned to one side and gasped as he spoke.
“Something may have been blocking this place before.
It is probably because of the geological activities in the past two days.
The stone blocking the cave entrance was pulled away by the tide, and now we washed away here.

(T/N : Chapter 11)

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Fang Daichuan heard him talking with difficulty, hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter what the situation is now, don’t talk, just lie down and rest for a while.” He sat down next to Li Sinian, lowering the other man’s head on his lap.

Li Sinian’s forehead was scalding hot, his eyelids twitching, you could see that the antidote and the poison in his body were currently fighting.

Fang Daichuan patted him on the shoulder and coaxed: “Don’t think so much, go to sleep, it’s already late.”

The interior of the grotto* echoes so loudly that the sound of the sea water pounding and gurgling against the stones outside can be heard clearly inside.
The pipe organ sound also becomes much louder, combined with the sound of sea water, it harmonizes, like a hypnotic nursery rhyme.

In such an environment, Li Sinian quickly fell asleep, he slept in a very good posture, lying flat on his back at first, and then when he felt colder, still lying on Fang Daichuan’s lap, he curled his body towards him.

Fang Daichuan gently rubbed his cold arm, thinking that in this confined place we would definitely won’t be able to ignite fire for heating, so he can only rubbing to make heat.

Li Sinian’s lips slightly moved, said something, Fang Daichuan asked subconsciously: “What?” Then, he leaned his head over to listen.

He heard Li Sinian yelling softly: “Mom.”

Fang Daichuan feels as if he just ate an unripe apricot, his heart was terribly sour.

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