Chapter 37 [Third Night Part Seven]

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Li Sinian slept for a long period of time.
Fang Daichuan didn’t have a watch, and couldn’t see the sky outside from inside the cave.
He could only roughly guess that two hours have passed.

Fang Daichuan was afraid that Li Sinian would die  in his sleep, and he himself couldn’t sleep leaning on the rock wall.
Every few minutes, he would reach out and touch Li Sinian to make sure that he was still warm.
Then he will close his eyes for a while.

At this point, Fang Daichuan would rather Li Sinian have a fever and became dumb than him reaching out and feeling cold body.
If he had to spend the night alone with Li Sinian’s corpse, he felt that he would break down.
With his fragile heart, he can’t imagine what he would do.

He internally counted the time from when Li Sinian got poisoned to the time when he injected his antidote on Li Sinian. Will the antidote work? While sleeping, Fang Daichuan kept touching the lid of the antidote in his palm, feeling unease.
If he is late by one minute and half then this bottle of antidote will be wasted.

Finally asleep, he dreamed of touching Li Sinian in the dark.
Li Sinian’s body was already cold.
Panicking, he saw another Li Sinian leaning on the stone wall folding his arm, sneered and said “Fool.
Look at yourself, what are you injecting on me?.” Fang Daichuan looked down and found that the tube with the hourglass was still full, and the tube with the skull was empty.

(T/N : Remember on chapter 6 it have been show that the antidote have hourglass design and poison is using skull design)

Fang Daichuan yelled in his dream, opened his eyes in horror, turned over and sat up.

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Bewildered, his cheeks were hot, he was sweating from head to his back.
He lowered his head and hurriedly looked at the vial in his hand, and confirmed three times that the full bottle was the one with skull cork.

“What are you doing? Looking for lice?” Fang Daichuan looked at the sound, Li Sinian standing using a stone wall as support, talking mockingly while moving his limbs.

At that moment, Li Sinian’s figure and the one in his dream coincided.
Fang Daichuan never realized that sarcastic Li Sinian can look so cute.
Without a word, he jumped up and hugged Li Sinian.
Li Sinian instantly muted, his body stiff, standing upright, looking like he was facing an enemy.

“Don’t you dare scare me again!” Fang Daichuan recalled in his mind.
After the first vote, he went mad in the living room and was reprimanded by Li Sinian after they came back into the room.* He used Li Sinian’s tone at that time, “Even if you don’t want to live, don’t jump into the sea.
Anyway, I still have a bottle of poison here.
I will keep it for you.
If you don’t want to live, tell me, don’t bother others.”

(T/N : On Chapter 17)

Li Sinian slowly hugged him back, squeezed Fang Daichuan’s well-defined arm, and his body gradually relaxed.
He smiled and said, “Then keep it for me.”

The atmosphere began to become awkward.
Of course, it was also possible that Fang Daichuan is the only one that feels awkward.
Li Sinian acted like usual, slowly exploring the stone wall.

Fang Daichuan also leaned forward and touched it with his hands.
The rock wall was wet and covered with moss, and there were some aquatic organisms scattered, embedded on the rock wall.

“What are you doing?” Fang Daichuan casually asked.

Li Sinian pulled out a barnacle and said, “This is the inner cave of a huge reef.
The sound of the organ we heard outside is probably because the inner cave is resonating.
The walls here are wet, covered with moss and many aquatic life.
I suspect that this place should have been filled with water, but a tide will pour the water out, forming a space that is sometimes dry and sometimes filled with water.
But there is more moss here than barnacles.
Possibly, this place may dry more often than filled with water.”

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Fang Daichuan didn’t understand, he shook his head in confusion.

“If it is not because the two of us only managed to come in today by accident, then I will guess that this place is a space that is easily accessible,” Li Sinian frowned.
“I very much doubt that my father has been here.”

He stretched out his hand, the golden star necklace firmly resting in his palm, and explained: “This is my mother’s necklace, my father gave it to her to commemorate their meeting in Mohe.
When I was a kid, I played with it and almost swallowed it.
My dad beat me up so I have a deep impression of it.
After they separated, my father kept this necklace by his side.”

Fang Daichuan’s heart moved.
If it was found in the boss’ villa, one could still deceive oneself, saying that there is hope of surviving.
But, it was found in the reef, it could only mean 2 words-memento.*

(T/N : 遗物 [yí wù ] )

He was afraid that Li Sinian would be sad, so he changed the subject and talked about something else: “I suddenly have an idea, what if the boss is among us? Think about it, you said it yourself, this is a space that can be used.
It is impossible for the boss to not know.
I suddenly thought of a detail.
Do you remember when we got a box of supplies on the fourth floor on the first night?* And the next day when you check the island, it turns out that there are small vegetable garden behind the house, the water in the lake, and the tap water in the villa.* Those supplies are completely unnecessary for us.
But think about it, what if the supplies are for the boss.
What if the boss uses some methods to fake their death at the beginning to hide in this space?”

(T/N : The box is on chapter 7, the water etc is on chapter 12)

Fang Daichuan was originally just spouting nonsense, in order to distract Li Sinian from his father’s memento.
However, the more he thought about it, the more confident he became.

“Have you read And Then There Were None?! The dead bodies that haven’t been checked carefully are the most suspicious! Except for the beer belly on the first night and Du Chaosheng’s body that I saw today, the rest were all shot in front of everyone.
It’s impossible to fake a headshot.
So now that I think about it, Beer Belly and Du Chaosheng are the most suspicious!”

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Li Sinian was taken aback.
He shook his head and said, “No, do you remember the clothes in the box? The clothes are one-size-fits-all, not beer belly nor Du Chaosheng’s size, they can’t wear them.
There is no reason to prepare supplies and put on clothes you can’t wear.
And speaking of which, after receiving this mission, I haven’t seen a boss at all.
I don’t know whether they are male or female, young or old.
And the one that hides the supplies is probably not the boss, just like me, who have been on the island several times.
It is also possible that someone else has come to the island, knowing the hidden space under the reef, and concealing supplies.”

As he said, he walked a few steps inside and asked Fang Daichuan, “Do you have a lighter? Can you illuminate it and take a look.
If someone has been to this grotto, there should be some clues.”

Fang Daichuan obediently checked his pocket, the remaining cigarettes had been soaked in water.
Fortunately, the lighter wasn’t lost.
This lighter is a gift from a fan, an international well-known brand, its waterproof quality is very good.
Fang Daichuan shook off the water, rolled the sparkwheel, a swaying flame lit.

“It’s best not to use it too long,” Fang Daichuan said while looking at Li Sinian, “If this is a closed cave, we don’t know when we can go out, it will be troublesome if the oxygen runs out.”

Li Sinian nodded: “Don’t worry, if I’m right, the tide will rise again tomorrow morning.
When the tide rises and the cave is filled with water, the back suction will no longer exist.
We can use the opportunity to go out.”

They chat as they walk in.
The cave is a gourd-shaped cave, large outside, smaller inside.

There was nothing in the stone room outside, so Fang Daichuan lifted his feet and stepped inside, where the terrain was relatively low and some water had accumulated.
Fang Daichuan walked right on a puddle of water and his shoes, which had just been dried, got wet again.

“Fuck you!” Fang Daichuan yelled in annoyance, and stomped heavily on the dry ground.

There is thud, as if he has kicked something hard.

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Fang Daichuan lowered his body suspiciously, raised the lighter, and took a good look at the thing in front of him.
He scolded: “What the hell is—ah!!!”

Before he could finish scolding, Fang Daichuan let out a frightened scream and sprang upwards, the lighter in his hand falling towards the puddle below.
With a quick reflex, Li Sinian grabbed the lighter.
He re-lit it and looked towards the ground, only to see a decayed skeleton sitting in the corner, its eyes hollow and staring straight at them.

The insects hidden in the skeleton were dissipated by Fang Daichuan’s roar.

A rat rustled past Fang Daichuan’s feet and he took three steps backwards.

“Stay away!” Fang Daichuan shouted to Li Sinian, “How old is this rotten skeleton? If it jumps up and grabs your face, we will both be doomed!”

Li Sinian bent down and picked up a ring from around the skeleton.

Without a word, he blew the water plants and dust from the ring and held it up in front of the lighter while slightly twisted it.
The silver ring, already oxidised and blackened, could not be distinguished under the lighter.

Li Sinian rubbed off the mottled black oxide layer, and the inner ring faintly revealed some traces on the ring, which, upon closer inspection, appeared to be an engraving of two letters: “L&F.”

Li Sinian knelt down to touch the rotting skeleton, his fingers trembling slightly.

(T/N : Yes, that is Li Heng, Sinian’s father.
So no, there is no Star Wars scene here lol.
For people who forget, Sinian wore his mother’s ring so the L&F here is his father.
So yeah, Chuan’er, that is rude of you to kick your in-law like that on first meeting)

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