Chapter 42 [Fourth Day Part Four]

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Fang Daichuan and Ding Zihui were the first group.
No matter how naive Fang Daichuan was, at this point, he had to be suspicious of Sister Ding.
He stood aside, stared at Ding Zihui, pointing his chin at the machine: “You go first.”

Ding Zihui was helpless: “I won’t scam you.
Will you vote for yourself or others?”

“Vote for each other.” Fang Daichuan stared at her warily.
He followed Li Sinian’s example, did not change his mind or give others opportunities.

Ding Zihui voted for Fang Daichuan under his stare.
In order to gain his trust, she stood a step away and looked at Fang Daichuan without hiding anything.
Fang Daichuan was afraid that there would be more troubles, so he quickly voted and the two returned to the table together.

Li Sinian was sitting in the same place playing with the pen, the pen was spinning between his fingers, making a loud sound.
He is very quick, and his fingers are extremely nimble, using his thumb to fondle the side of the pen after a few turns.
—— Others don’t seem to notice, but Fang Daichuan recognized it at a glance, this is a move of someone who knows how to use a knife.
When Fang Daichuan filmed one of his anti-war movies, there was someone who played as a military officer that retired from the military.
This is his usual posture when playing with knives.
The knife will never touch his finger, but after they are done spinning, they will rub their thumb on the knife.
That is how they clear their mind from their bloodlust.

Hearing the two coming back, Li Sinian held his pen in one hand, half raised his head and glanced at Fang Daichuan.
Fang Daichuan suddenly remembered the clear blue sky.
——Li Sinian’s eyes reflecting a light, shining and glowing, a blush appeared on his cheeks.

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“Are you alright?” Fang Daichuan whispered, frowning deeply, he stretched out his right hand and put the back of his hand on Li Sinian’s forehead.

Sure enough, Li Sinian is having a fever and the heat is almost burning his hand.
He slept all night with wet clothes and he just got poisoned.
He hasn’t had a good rest since yesterday.
The fact that he doesn’t have a forty degree fever shows that Li Sinian has a good physique.
There is no medicine on the island, he can only fight the fever by himself, Fang Daichuan inevitably worries.
Li Sinian shook his head lightly, put Fang Daichuan’s hand down, smiled at him and signaled that he was fine.

The second group was Niu Xinyan and Yang Song.
Niu Xinyan looked at her son with some concern and could not stop talking to him.
Her crazy son, who today is not crazy but rather timid and weak, glanced at Fang Daichuan’s direction and quickly lowered his head, somewhat afraid to look in his direction.
However, when Fang Daichuan remembered that last night this kid forced Li Sinian to jump into the sea, he couldn’t help but get angry, snorted and looked dagger at him.

The kid shuddered.

—— Fucking hell, Fang Daichuan suddenly feels guilty, feels like he is bullying a child.

Niu Xinyan seemed to be in pain.
When she stood up, although she tried her best to hold back, her face was still stiff.
Yang Song saw it, calmly helping and said in a low voice, “Be careful.”

The two helped each other and went to the front to vote.
The two girls did not guard against each other.
They voted successfully.
Chen Hui and Liu Xin were next.

When Fang Daichuan saw that Liu Xin went up to vote, he quickly looked away and stared at Liu Xin.
After all, Liu Xin is the focus of today.
But that is not the only reason.
The child has changed into a different person.
There is a strange vibe from him.
Because he did not want to stare at the kid while the mom was away feeling like he was bullying a child, he simply looked away.

The child that no longer stared at, let out a sigh of relief.
He then leaned heavily on the seat, his body was tilted, he shook twice and there was a rustling sound of water under the table.
– A smell of urine gradually spread out.

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What in fresh hell? Fang Daichuan was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do. He actually managed to scare a 13 or 14-year-old into urinating himself? A weird child who sings nursery rhymes and splashing water on the wall, do you still have dignity if people found out?

The child is obviously already old enough to have self-esteem.
He was embarrassed and realized he wet his pants in public, lay on the table and began to cry.

For a moment everyone looked a little sheepish.

Niu Xinyan quickly came back after voting, hugged the child and coaxed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Xiquan has wronged you, let’s go back and change clothes after voting.”

The child who was still crying a moment ago stopped crying.

He raised his head, tears still hanging from the corners of his eyes, but his expression was terrifyingly gloomy.
He sniffed and distanced himself from his mother.

“Pa—”, with a crisp sound, Niu Xinyan’s hair became dishevelled, her whole body was frozen on the spot.

The boy cracked a faint smile, a few drops of water still hanging on his long eyelashes.
Without hesitation, he backhanded another slap at Niu Xinyan’s face with a “pa…”.

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Thirteen or fourteen-year-olds strength isn’t small and ten fingerprints appeared on Niu Xinyan’s face.
She hooked her lips hard, forced a smile, turned her head and explained to the stunned crowd: “Nan Nan…just playing with me…”

Is that why she is injured? Fang Daichuan felt a chill all over his body.

“Split personality?”* Li Sinian whispered to himself.

Fang Daichuan turned his head and glanced at him, and asked in a low voice, “Are you sure? Is it not because the kid is a psychopath?”

“It’s probably a split personality,” Li Sinian frowned deeply, “Have you noticed that every time the crazy child comes out, Niu Xinyan calls him ‘Nan Nan’, when the child acts timid, he is called ‘Xiquan’.”

“Yes, if you have children, you have to get up early every day and make breakfast for them.”* This is what Niu Xinyan said when she met Fang Daichuan at the entrance of the stairs on the third morning.
She has been a widow for many years and has only one son.
So why did she say “them”?

(T/N : On chapter 26.
Now, I really like how the author did put so many clues and foreshadowing on this novel.
I am just glad I managed to get this one transferred correctly to English :nervous sweating: )

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She instructed the cowardly child, “Xiquan, say hello to uncle”, with the mentality and seniority of a mother, but in the middle of the night, she kissed her son and cried, “Nan Nan, I’m afraid.”

Liu Xiquan is indeed her son, but who is Nan Nan?

Fang Daichuan sweating bullets, terrified.

There was a muffled thunder outside the window, the sound seemed to shatter heaven and earth.
The chandelier swayed a few times, flickering several times, before suddenly exploded and went out.

A gloomy silence filled the room.

Liu Xin and Chen Hui silently sat back at the long table and no one dared to speak.
Chen Hui’s right hand was shaking all the time.
She grabbed the corner of her boyfriend’s shirt as if calling for help.

“It’s useless,” the one called Nan Nan, the one who inhabited the boy’s body showed a big smile and scolded softly “What else can you do?”

Niu Xinyan covered her mouth, big drops of tears slide down the side of her face.

(T/N : I happen to translate a story about split personality before so I will just put this warning here, people with split personality usually have a lot trauma so yeah, there is child abuse in this story.
I will put a warning obviously but it is still far away so just a note.
Also please comment if you think I should put trigger warning or not on the part where Niu Xinyan got slapped.)

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