Chapter 43 [Fourth Day Part Five]

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Content warning : violence

Only Du Wei and the child have not voted yet.

The child grinned and stood up, ignoring a wet spot on his trousers, strode toward the machine.
Ding Zihui couldn’t help staring at the water marks but he was keenly aware of it.
The child suddenly turned back and gave her a look, with a cold smile, extremely gloomy.
Ding Zihui was so frightened that she lowered her head, dare not to look at him.

Du Wei voted for the child and stood silently, staring at Liu Xin who was sitting.
His eyes were placed on Liu Xin’s wrist, it is a woman’s wrist watch that looks old and somehow it seemed very meaningful now.

“Aren’t you supposed to keep an eye on me?” the child asked with a smile.

“Watch out!” Li Sinian pushed the table away and stood up, “Stop him!”

It took half a second for Du Wei to react and within that half a second, the smile on the corner of the child’s mouth hadn’t changed and Du Wei have moved.

However it was too late.

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Du Wei’s wide pupils reflected everything that happened within half a second.
There was a weird smile on the corner of the child’s mouth, he decisively clicked the button on Liu Xin’s avatar.
On the screen, Liu Xin’s eyes were sharp, passing through the gold wire lens, meeting the child’s eyes.
Then the machine beeped briefly and Liu Xin’s photo was marked with a big X.

“Do you want to fucking die?!” Du Wei was furious, the others groups were fine, but when it is his turn, he couldn’t even take care of a child, which show his incompetency.
He slapped the child in the face.

Niu Xinyan screamed and rushed up.
At that moment, lightning from the window illuminating her side face, the light reflecting in her eyes.
Her hair was disheveled, like a ghost, she threw herself on the boy and shouted, “Don’t hit him!”

The child slapped her with his backhand.

“Rumble—” Lightning tearing apart the sky, outside the window it looks like a beast with a claw, a strong light swept the villa like a searchlight, the room was ghostly illuminated before the darkness and shadow enveloped the room again as if it were night inside.

Li Sinian pushed the machine hard, but it was useless, the die had been cast.

“Why would you team these two if you knew this would happen?!” Yang Song complained to Li Sinian, “Everyone should be working together!”

Li Sinian glanced at Liu Xin and Du Wei, he grit his teeth so hard his teeth almost crushed.

“You can’t blame him,” Liu Xin came over, he still had a smile on the corner of his mouth even when he was about to die, “He should just want to test me, to see who is my accomplice, right?” Liu Xin looked at Li Sinian, raised the corner of his mouth and smiled.
He glanced at Li Sinian from under the lens again, it was exactly the same gaze from that night, which made people feel uncomfortable for no reason.

He approached Li Sinian and whispered in Li Sinian’s ear: “You think Liu Xiquan’s surname is Liu and he is my son, so he will protect me, right? Unfortunately, the surname is a great deal, some people’s surnames follow their father, some people follow their mother, you guessed wrong.”

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When he spoke, the sound and the warm breath exploded in Li Sinian’s ears, making people imagine the hissing sound that a poisonous snake made or the long nails of the deceased, bringing goose bumps to Li Sinian’s back.
Liu Xin moved his body away from Li Sinian, turned his head and glanced at Niu Xinyan, who was crying on the ground, and then at Yang Song, whose face was gloomy and uncertain, looked as if he thought something.

The machine let out a “Di-” sound and then continued to announce in a flat, waveless electronic voice: “All players except Liu Xin and Liu Xiquan have received one vote each, Du Wei has zero votes and Liu Xin has two votes.
Liu Xin has a higher number of votes.
Liu Xin is out.

Fang Daichuan prayed in his heart, please let what Liu Xin said is true, that he has really changed his faction from a villager to a wolf.
Otherwise with old lady Song and Liu Xin both voted out there were still three wolves left, we will surely lose.

After a couple of seconds, the machine finished reading Liu Xin’s information, it said: “Liu Xin is out, please activate your skills.”

He can activate skills!

Fang Daichuan’s heart froze for a moment.

Liu Xin took out a thin card from his coat pocket and held it between his index and middle fingers.
He looked around at all the people present and finally stared at Li Sinian, pushing his glasses up with the card and smiling faintly.

The ominous premonition in Fang Daichuan’s heart is gradually increasing.

He saw Liu Xin gently turn the character card over, the old yellow parchment paper was stamped with a gold and silver flower pattern, with a hunting rifle lying across the middle and two Chinese characters below it: “Hunter”.*

(T/N : [猎人, Lièrén] )

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“Activated the skill and took out Li Sinian.” Liu Xin raised his head with a smile and glanced at the monitor in the corner of the room.

Four automatic sniper rifles in the corner of the room quietly slid out and the infrared sights were aimed at Li Sinian and Liu Xin.

“Is this what you are aiming for?” Li Sinian’s face was cold, there was a hint of anger on the corner of his mouth, but he was calm, “From the first day, you always muddled in your speech and yesterday you attacked me, now you want to take me out of the game.
What kind of grudge do you have against me? Instead of aiming for the person who indirectly killed you, you want to kill me?”

Liu Xin smiled and shook his head: “I am dying, this skill was not prepared for you.
But since it’s no longer useful, it’s better to remove the most dangerous.
Li Sinian, I’m sorry, you can only blame yourself.
You are too smart, as long as you’re there, that guy can’t win.”

Fang Daichuan anxiously stared at the sniper rifle at the corner of the room, glancing at the muzzle and then at the two men, so anxious that he just wanted to stomp his feet, “What the hell are you guys playing at?!”

Li Sinian stared at Liu Xin’s eyes, words after words suddenly flashed in his mind.

During the second night’s body search, Du Chaosheng glanced at Liu Xin’s wrist.
“Do you also like this brand?”

Liu Xin saying with a laugh, “I just bought it following the trend.”

Du Chaosheng nodded indifferently, and commented.
“This series is gender-neutral.
A lot of women and young people also wear it.”

(T/N : On chapter 20)

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On the morning of the third day, Niu Xinyan unintentionally said, “I only worked as a secretary for my husband.”

Liu Xin seemed to have been scalded by hot coffee, and he couldn’t hold it firmly.
The strong coffee spilled half to the table and the cup and saucer touched, producing a crisp sound.

(T/N : On chapter 26)

On the morning of the third day, Ding Zihui retold the scene she saw the previous night, and said in Niu Xinyan’s tone, ‘What happened to the secretary you personally ‘cared for’? She has worked with you for nine years, but didn’t you ‘personally’ take care of her? I dare not be taken care of by you.’

(T/N : On chapter 29)

Just now, Liu Xin said something important: “The surname is a great deal, some people’s surnames follow their father, some people follow their mother.”

“The secretary he has been with for nine years… he personally took care of it… So that’s what happened.” Li Sinian quietly whispered.

He raised his head and stared at Liu Xin’s face, a halo of light flickering in his light coloured pupils: “The person you’ve been trying to kill, even at the risk of your life, is Du Chaosheng! Du Chaosheng killed his secretary who has followed him for many years, and you are the real lover of that personal secretary! The people you want to protect have never been Niu Xinyan and Liu Xiquan, I was wrong… The person you want to protect is Du Chaosheng’son from his mistress, Du Wei!”

(T/N : Updating image since we now know one of the special roles.
Btw I keep Ding Zihui as villager because there is no definitive proof that she isn’t villager.)

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