the palm of his hand and found that his hands had become the size of a child.

“What’s going on?” He was confused, raised his head, but found that he was not in the cave on the bottom of the sea nor in the villa on the isolated island.
He looked around and found that he was in the alley of his childhood.

The neighbor uncle was riding a Phoenix bicycle*The old bicycle was carefully maintained and cleaned by him, but it would inevitably creak when he rode it.
Aunt Shen came in through hutong** holding a dancing silk fan***, greeted the neighbor with a smile: “Yo, Old Fang, going somewhere?”

“Yes, I want to buy sesame sauce at the grocery store at the Hutong’s entrance!” The neighbor’s voice was very loud, he turned to look at Li Sinian, “Little foreigner devil is also here, playing with your classmates? Your dad is on a business trip again? This afternoon you go to Grandpa’s house for dinner.
There were cold noodles with sesame sauce!*”

[凉面,麻酱汁儿; Liáng miàn, májiàng zhī er] Pic for your stomach

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Li Sinian heard himself whisper, “I’m not a little foreign devil.”

The older children around him trapped him in the middle and circled around him, taunting him as they did so, “Foreign devil, wolf cub, little bastard, no one coaxes you, your father is gone, your mother is a monster, giving birth to a monster!”

“I’m not a monster!” Li Sinian felt his cheeks flushed, his chest seemed to be burning again.
He covered his ears and ran all the way home.
Out of the corner of his eye, he seemed to see another child stop the older children and shouted, “You are not allowed to bully others!”

Li Sinian ran home and closed the wooden door of the house, but those mocking nursery rhymes still came in through the gap between the two doors: “Wolf cub, foreign devil…”

With his back on the door, clenched his fists and shouted, “I’m not!”

There was a rapid ringing of the doorbell outside the door.

How come outside the wooden door there is a doorbell? The young Li Sinian stood on tiptoe and looked outside the door, but there was no one outside when he peeked through the crack of the door.

As if coming from beyond the world of Truman Show*, came the urgent ringing of the doorbell.
Li Sinian tilted his head to look at the sky, the tall camphor trees in the courtyard blocked the sky and the sunlight hung down from between the dense leaves, making it impossible to tell the hour.

The doorbell rang faster than ever.

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Li Sinian frowned and woke up from the chaotic dream.

His pupils were empty for a few seconds, as if the camphor trees and sunlight of his old home were still reflected in the bottom of his eyes.
However, the light in the room was very dim, Li Sinian carefully looked at the furnishings in the room.
The wine rack is filled with all kinds of white wine and red wine, the bed is spacious and large, there is a brass desk clock beside the bed and a silhouette of thirteen people having a dinner is carved on the base.

Li Sinian felt a headache.
At this moment, there was a rapid sound of door bells ringing outside the door.

Li Sinian didn’t want to do anything.
Fang Daichuan had a door card.
When he comes back, he can just swipe the card directly and would not ring the doorbell.
Since it was someone else on the door, he didn’t care.

He turned his head and glanced at the time.
Only ten minutes passed after Fang Daichuan went downstairs.
The doorbell rang again, he frowned, struggled to get up, put on his clothes and walked to the door.

“Who?” Li Sinian asked.
He was a little surprised when he heard his voice.
He was so thirsty that he sounded hoarse.
He put his ear and pressed his hand on the door panel.

There was no sound outside, and Li Sinian suddenly remembered that this door is soundproof.

The doorbell rang again.

Li Sinian sighed and gently turned the door handle.

“It’s you?”

(T/N : Who is at the door?! Thank you jujube for the help)

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