Mrs Song’s institute and was the first to discover the island, and of course a giant diamond mine underneath it, over ten years ago.
He wrote up a preliminary exploration report and the island was sold twice in succession before the Exploration Institute had carried out any detailed exploration.
After this, he continued exploring this island and then simply disappeared, and the island was deserted for many years.

I don’t know what happened on this island, I recently heard that the island was bought, I have suspicion that the person who bought the island would know something and that’s why I secretly lurked around, I was fully involved in the process of them organising this werewolf killing game and since I suspect that this game is related to the events back then, of course I have to find out first, what werewolf killing game is.”

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“What happened on this island?” Yang Song sneered and glanced at him with a frown, “This island has taken countless lives and will continue to do so.
This island has been sold several times.
The most recent transaction was that the boss bought this island from me.”

Li Sinian accidentally dropped the glass in his hand.
He opened his eyes wide and said in disbelief, “You?”

Yang Song nodded, picked up his glass and took a sip of  liquid courage* to tell the story that has been forgotten for a long time: “I guessed right.
You really know something.
You haven’t told me everything, have you? It doesn’t matter.
I also know something.
I think it should be part of the truth you’re looking for.
How about we exchange information with each other?” Yang Song seemed confident and even with the dark complexion on her face she seemed much more energetic.

(T/N : Alcohol is also called liquid courage so here the wine is the liquid courage, just a note)

Li Sinian was noncommittal: “You tell me first, I’ll listen to it to see if it is worth my story.”

Yang Song raised the corner of her lips, but she was not smiling, however she was generous, she didn’t bargain and she didn’t doubt whether Li Sinian would fulfil his promise afterward, so she just looked away and started to tell a story.

“More than ten years ago, before I could remember much, my father had lost some money in business and was desperate to find an opportunity to make his comeback.
The story goes that his investment advisor* found a way from a friend of a friend, saying that this island was being explored by a team of geologists who were frequently visiting the island, each time with very bulky instruments, as if they were here to explore for precious metals.

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The full exploration report is not yet available, my dad’s investment advisor has only got a preliminary report saying that there are huge diamond deposits buried in the shallow seabed below the island, not far from the surface.
I read his diary and he wrote that even if the exploration report was not true, it did not matter if there were no diamond mines, this was an island in the open sea not far from the mainland and therefore, it could still be developed into a high-end property and resort.

He put all his hopes for a comeback on this island and despite the objections of several other shareholders, he removed the last funds and loans from the company’s accounts and used it to buy this island.

In Yang Song’s narrative, a part that has been missing for a long time, together with the part that Li Sinian knew, slowly pieced together into a story that has spanned more than ten years.
The story is huge and complex, involving countless people, forcibly changing the fate of those involved and after more than ten years, under the vicious pull of desire and hatred, it entangled many people together in an attempt to give the survivors a sinister grand finale.

——Maybe too much time has passed and the plot has replaced desire and become fate itself.

(T/N : Alright so apparently the Chinese Werewolf Game is quite different from the Western version.
So see pic below, this is Magician, basically Magician will have a chance to act first before the wolf and they can switch characters cards at night round but not themself.
So say, Sinian the Seer checks A but the Magician already switches A with B then Sinian will only get B’s role instead of A.
And, if the wolf takes out A then it will be B that dies on day round.
Noticed that this is when it is a board game so as Sinian said, if someone that Magician swap gets injected with wolf venom then they will still die anyway this is not a board game but a real killing game.
Little girl and Guard are roles that exist on Western side too so I won’t explain it now on Elder, no pic sorry I can’t find any.
Elder have 2 live, so even if a wolf kill the Elder, they will survive the night and the next day round it will be a no-vote situation.
Elder can be killed only by vote, Hunter’s skill and Witch’s poison.
Alright so now there is another updated image since well, there is no character card to prove but we can trust both Sinian and Yang Song and also I am itching to have everyone identified already)

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