Chapter 53 [Fourth Night – Four]

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JUNE 1, 2022~ 8ONI

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In one of the rooms on the first floor of the villa.

The child already fell asleep on the bed, Niu Xinyan sat on the edge of the bed, gently lifted the quilt and touched his son’s feet, the child’s limbs were warm.

The window was wide open, the wind coming in messing up the young mother’s hair, Niu Xinyan gently brushed her hair, her round eyes full of thoughts.
She touched his forehead and said to him who was asleep, “I am all for you.”

The doorbell rang.

Niu Xinyan rolled her eyes and got out of the bed after thinking for a while.
She held down the handle and pressed it down gently, the door opened just a small crack without making a sound.

Outside the door, Yang Song held a candlestick in his hand and said softly, “I got you a candle.”

“Thank you,” Niu Xinyan lowered her head and tucking her hair behind her ears, carefully reaching out to take the candlestick, “Is there anything else?”

Yang Song was silent for a while: “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

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Niu Xinyan’s eyes moving around: “The child is sleeping…it’s not very convenient…”

“Oh, in that case, I won’t bother you then.” Yang Song said, glancing through her into the room, seeing no figure on the bed, only an oil painting hanging on the wall next to the doorway, the little fire of the candlelight reflecting on the golden fields of the painting with an eerie serenity.
Above the field was a dark blue sky with a flock of blackbirds rising and flying in fright.
She jolted and helped Niu Xinyan close her door.

Niu Xinyan sent Yang Song away, absentmindedly placed the candlestick on the dressing table, sat in front of it and brushed her hair in the dim light.
The clock in the corner of the room gave a faint sound and she turned her head to see that it was getting late.

She sighed, looked back at her son who was sleeping on the bed, walked under the famous painting*.
Below the painting was a coat rack, where her coat was hanging.
She put the coat with worry in her heart, opened the door and went out.

(T/N : So author used [名画;mínɡ huà] which means famous painting but there is no name or anything so just a note)

At the seaside.

The graves were lined up, the bodies were broken and incomplete.
While filling the pit, Fang Daichuan couldn’t help thinking of the classic quote in a world famous book: today I laid you down to rest, in the future, who will do that for me?

(T/N : Alright so either this is a made-up quote or this is a song lyric or I am the one who can’t find it.
I means the raw is [
今日我埋葬了你,他年若有那一天,谁来埋葬我呢。; Jīnrì wǒ máizàngle nǐ, tā nián ruò yǒu nà yītiān, shéi lái máizàng wǒ ne.] so feels free to comment if you know where this come from)

“Where’s your poison?” Li Sinian turned his head and suddenly asked Fang Daichuan as if he just remembered it.

Fang Daichuan wiped the sand from his hands on his trousers, then took out the small bottle from his trousers pocket, spread out his palms and showed him, “I didn’t bring anything else, I just have this with me.”

Li Sinian nodded: “Keep it.”

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“Would you like to bring some self-defence?” Fang Daichuan put away the poison and looked at the dark sky in the distance, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

Li Sinian took out his fountain pen from his trousers pocket, skilfully turned it around like it is a knife, he flipped open the cap with his thumb, crossing his index and middle fingers, he casually put the brass cap into his palm.
The open steel nib was facing Fang Daichuan, emitting a misty cold light under the eerie moonlight: “I have a means of self-defence, don’t worry.”

“What should we do now?” Fang Daichuan was a little overwhelmed.

Li Sinian sighed, “Let’s go to the woods and look for that legendary item card, I want to see if there really is a card that can make players switch factions.”

As they spoke, they walked up the hill behind the house.
At night, the mountain forest was foggy and there was a heavy smell of decayed leaves and wet moss in the air.
Fang Daichuan looked back from the hillside.
The lights of the old villa they lived in had all gone out, the dark buildings stood on the rocks, like a huge gravestone.

The two walked together towards the mountain, surrounded by darkness, Fang Daichuan struggled to keep his footing as the ground became wet and sticky from the rainwater absorbed in the earth.

“Where will the item card be?” Fang Daichuan asked as he searched for it, “Is it just thrown out carelessly on the side of the road? Or is it inside a box or something?”

Li Sinian shook his head: “I don’t know, I didn’t handle these things, the game wasn’t designed by me.
Only the boss knows why this game uses item cards.”

As the two were talking, Li Sinian stopped, turned around and covered Fang Daichuan’s mouth.

“Huh!?” Fang Daichuan was startled, pushed by Li Sinian to the back of a tree without any resistance, his back lightly knocked on the rough trunk.

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“Shh.” Li Sinian raised his index finger and listened to the movement not far away.

In the shadow of a tree not far away, there were two voices talking.

“Somebody is dead, how could you know nothing? Who will give me closure?!” This voice was Niu Xinyan’s, shrill, not as soft as usual.

Why did she come out at night? Who is the other one?

Fang Daichuan held his breath and was pressed firmly against the tree trunk by Li Sinian.
In the darkness, he heard Li Sinian’s heart beating fast, and he was obviously restraining a certain emotion in his heart.

The woods were still and silent, every emotion is magnified and becomes particularly vivid.

Du Wei’s voice was a little impatient: “How the fuck did I know!? What nonsense are you asking me? How old was I when the accident happened? You expect me to know what happened?!”

“I don’t believe Liu Xin didn’t mention it to you!” Niu Xinyan was hysterical, “What is the truth behind brother Niu’s death?!”

Brother Niu?! Fang Daichuan’s heart skipped a beat, he turned his head and desperately gave Li Sinian a wink, Li Sinian frowned, and listened carefully.
His grip on Fang Daichuan loosened.

Fang Daichuan quietly peeked out and saw Du Wei’s side profile through the misty moonlight, a strange sneer hung on his face: “Liu Xin did tell me something, but do you dare to say again, that Niu Nahan really dead? If Niu Nahan is really dead, who is Nan Nan?!”

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A thunderclap struck between the skies and Fang Daichuan shivered, almost jumping up.
The hand of Li Sinian on his shoulder also shook hard, the two men twisted their heads and exchanged a look, covered in a cold sweat from the suspicion in their minds.

Fang Daichuan swallowed hard, the sound was clear in the dead silence.

“Who!” Du Wei looked back alertly, glaring in their direction.

The two looked at each other, and neither made a sound.
In the darkness, only two synchronised heartbeats were heard, fast and violent.

Niu Xinyan seemed to want to say something, but Du Wei made a gesture, he put his hand into his trouser pocket, not knowing what he was holding, he walked slowly towards their side.

“Who, come out!” Du Wei’s voice was very deep and there was a cold glint in his eyes.

Li Sinian let go of Fang Daichuan’s shoulders, the pen between his fingers glowing coldly and Fang Daichuan clenched his fists.

“It’s me.” A figure suddenly appeared behind another tree beside him.
The voice was so sudden that Fang Daichuan jumped.
He peeked sideways, and saw a petite, plump figure walking out.

It’s Chen Hui.

“Hui Hui? Why are you here?” Du Wei quietly stuffed the things in his hand back into his trouser pocket, but Chen Hui didn’t pay attention.

She looked at her boyfriend and the woman beside her, and said with suspicion, “What are you two doing outside this late at night?”

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