Chapter 54 [Fourth Night – Part Five]

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Niu Xinyan tucked her hair and explained in a low voice, “Don’t get me wrong, I just want to ask Du Wei about what happened in the past.”

“What happened in the past?” Chen Hui stood and confronted them from a distance, “You can’t talk about it in the house, you need to go to the forest?”

Du Wei was embarrassed.
She came to hold Chen Hui’s hand, but Chen Hui shook it off.
He forced a smile and said, “I’m afraid I’ll wake you up.
I saw you’re sleeping soundly.”

Chen Hui snorted coldly: “Are you afraid of waking me up or are you trying to hide from me?”

“How can you say that,” Du Wei said with a shy smile, “Don’t you trust me?” As he said, he stepped forward to coax Chen Hui.

As the three of them were arguing, Li Sinian pulled Fang Daichuan’s wrist and the two of them took a few steps back cautiously through the shade of the trees.
The three of them were arguing so passionately that they had no time to pay attention to what was going on around them.
Psychologically it was also explained that one’s mind would remain tense if one never noticed anything wrong.
However, after the person thinks that they have found out what is wrong and someone has also verified it, they will no longer keep their guard up.

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The two men hid behind a tree, shoulders touching, whispering to each other.

Li Sinian stared at the movement over there, his lips slightly moving: “Do you remember the night when we did a body search?”

Fang Daichuan froze for a moment, as he heard him talk, his memory travelled back to the second night.

“Niu Xinyan was wearing a Guanyin jade with the character “cow”[牛] engraved on the backside.
At that time, I was actually a little puzzled.
The tradition of wearing jade in China has always been that men wear Guanyin and women wear Buddha.
Why would she, a woman, wear a jade Guanyin with her surname engraved on it? Now that I think about it, it is probably not her jade pendant, it is a memento left by her husband.
I am afraid the surname Niu is not her family’s surname.”

(T/N : On chapter 20)

Fang Daichuan waved his hand: “I’m not afraid of that, it doesn’t matter what her surname is, what I’m afraid of is her child.
You said that the child has a split personality but why do I feel that is wrong, what if inside the child’s body, there are ghost living inside him?”

The light from the lighthouse in the distance loomed above the sea surface, like a ghost fire, the surroundings were so quiet that there was no sound of insects or birds.
Fang Daichuan remembered the scene of Niu Xinyan squatting down and kissing his son that night, the memory brought goose bumps and he couldn’t help but rubbing his arms.

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He put his arms in front of his eyes, stared at his standing hair and whispered, “I don’t remember mentioning it to you.
The night when the crazy kid wetted the tapestries in the corridor, I saw something that I shouldn’t…”

Li Sinian stared at Niu Xinyan who was talking in the distance.
His expression was calm, but his throat felt cold.
He listened to the shocking story, his eyelashes trembled quickly, obviously thinking about something.

(T/N : On chapter 24)

The quarrel over there was gradually coming to an end.
Du Wei hugged his girlfriend, took her shoulders and walked back.
Behind her back, he turned his right hand over and made a gesture to Niu Xinyan.

The rain gradually resumed and became heavier.
Several days of rainfall, coupled with more and more frequent geological activities, caused the sand and soil on the mountain to fall down from water and vibrations, the solid rocks that buried under soil were exposed.
Thunderclouds gathered, obscuring the otherwise clear night sky.

Niu Xinyan stood silently on the hillside in such downpour, wearing a long, thin jacket that could not hold down the skirt of her pyjamas, the corners of her plain skirt fluttering up in the wind and rain.
It got so wet that it clung to her thighs when there was no wind.

Li Sinian gestured for Fang Daichuan to come down the hill with them, they wanted to follow Du Wei and Chen Hui, to hear what they were talking about.
In this scenario, Du Wei would surely explain something to his girlfriend.
Whatever he said, it would more or less give them some information.

Fang Daichuan followed behind Li Sinian, quietly lurking and climbing down the hill.
Halfway down the hill, he glanced back at the mountainside, somehow he felt that the woman that was currently standing under the rain, who looks gentle and weak, who never raised her voice, in the boundless dark night now emitting an eerie ghostly aura.

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“Baby, you really think too much,” Fang Daichuan came back to his senses and heard Du Wei, who was walking in front, say to Chen Hui, “It is not what you are thinking, how can I like Niu Xinyan? Her son is already that old! “

Chen Hui’s voice was obviously very unhappy: “”Who can say for sure? So what if she’s older; she’s pretty, she’s gentle, she’s motherly, it’s not just once or twice that you’ve been messing with a woman outside, you have no conscience just like your father.”

“Hey,” Du Wei laughed dryly and put his hand on his girlfriend’s buttocks, rubbing it while walking, with a skilful and erotic touch, “I’m not messing around with her, if I’m going to messing around, it will be with a hot girl like Yang Song, who is so pretty and young, or Ding Zihui.
A woman who has given birth to a child, why would I mess with her?”

Fang Daichuan frowning and he couldn’t bear to listen.
He whispered under Li Sinian’s ear, “Why didn’t I see that he was so sleazy before?”

“You’re not his girlfriend, how can you know his true colours?” Li Sinian took a step back calmly and ducked, as if he was uncomfortable being touched in his ear.

“A pretty widow is still charming, hmph, you men…” Chen Hui was still sullen, ignoring him.

Du Wei snorted and got angry: “You are still talking about this, aren’t you bored, don’t you understand what Liu Xin said? What widow, her ‘son’ is next to her, I really don’t fucking dare to mess with her!”

“You said,” Fang Daichuan whispered, “What’s the matter with her ‘son’?”

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Li Sinian clicked his tongue: “Hell if I know.”

It might really be a ghost, Fang Daichuan thought, shivering with fear.

Chen Hui snorted coldly and knocked his hand on her butt: “When I go back I will deal with you.”

“How are you going to do that?” Du Wei approached her with a wicked smile, lightly bumped Chen Hui’s shoulder twice with his shoulder, “How are you going to deal with me?”

Like thieves, Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan scurried up to the first floor in the dark after those two.

There was an unpleasant wax oil smell in the air, as if something was burnt, Li Sinian fought the urge to cough and covered his mouth.
The two men were hiding in the corner on the first floor, the same corner where Fang Daichuan had once hidden, with their backs against the door of Li Sinian’s room.

The space was so small that it was a bit cramped for two tall men, Fang Daichuan’s bare arm touched Li Sinian’s and both of them were jolted.

(T/N : Two grown up male, huddled together in a tight space, k…yeah, I wish.)

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