Witch, Open Your Eyes Chapter 55: Fourth Night Part Six

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“That… move… a little…” Fang Daichuan said in an exasperated voice, squeezing Li Sinian as he spoke.

Li Sinian pressed against the wall tightly, said with a bitter smile and the same tone, “There’s no… more… space…”

The two huddled around childishly in the midst of extreme danger and eerie situations, silently complaining to each other in the dark, like two blindly optimistic children in a desperate situation.

A very small ray of moonlight, passing through the layers of thunderclouds, dimly light the side of Fang Daichuan’s face and Li Sinian acutely caught the changes between the subtle light and shadow.
Seeing this fleeting magic of light and shadow gives him an itch, so he quietly stretched out a finger in the darkness and traced the outline of the man beside him along the line of moonlight.
Storyboarding is a must for those who come from a directing background.
His gestures were professional and skilful, with every crease, indentation, detail and outline coming to life at his fingertips.
It is a pity that he does not have a pen to truly portray the charm of this moment of light and shadow, Li Sinian laments a little.

Fang Daichuan seemed to have sensed something as he turned his head back and put on a questioning expression.
The corners of his eyes drooped with some confusion and innocence, giving the illusion of childlike innocence.

Li Sinian withdrew her fingers and shook his head with a smile.

“What’s that smell?”

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Du Wei hugged his girlfriend and was waiting for her to swipe the card to open the door.
He turned his head suspiciously and took a sniff.
The smell of scorched wax oil in the air became stronger.

Chen Hui casually swiped the card, raised her head and put her arm around Du Wei’s neck, and said cutely, “You still have time to worry about smell.
Don’t you want to ‘deal’ with me? Come in.”

“Miss me?” Du Wei quickly gave up thinking about what the smell in the air was.
He put his forehead on Chen Hui’s neck, took a shallow peck and let out a low laugh from his throat.

Chen Hui pried his face away, tilted his head and kissed it, Du Wei followed her lead and leaned against the wall by the door, his hands kneading her waist and hips as he sucked and kissed her hard.

In the darkness, Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan couldn’t see their movements but the sound of lips touching and the low panting was audible and they were infinitely enlarged on the corridor in the dark night.

(T/N : Fun fact! Sounds are louder and travel further at night! Now let’s get back to the story)

Hidden in the darkness, the two glanced at each other, clearly seeing the embarrassment and shame in each other’s eyes.

They quickly avoided eye contact.

Fang Daichuan looked at the long wool carpet on the ground and Li Sinian turned his head to carefully observe the cursive characters beside the door, as if he could not understand English and read it letter by letter.
He squeezed his right hand wrist with his left hand, feeling his index finger constantly trembling.

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The kissing sound became louder, Du Wei’s breathing was already very heavy, Chen Hui moaning in her boyfriend’s ear.

Fang Daichuan swallowed his saliva and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Li Sinian.
Li Sinian felt the gaze from the corner of his eye, his eyelids trembled and he couldn’t help licking his lips.
His eyelashes trembled slightly, like the tail feathers of an arrow on a bowstring, the gaze combined with Fang Daichuan’s light and shadow show, it took a lot of his mental strength to calm down.

“Promise me that there’s nothing between you and Niu Xinyan!” Chen Hui reached out to stop Du Wei from kissing her face down again, gasping for breath while demanding rudely.

Du Wei laughed softly and picked up Chen Hui directly across the room, banging the door open and walking in, throwing her towards the bed and unbuttoning her buttons one by one: “Chen Hui, I can die for you, do you believe me?”

He closed the door with his backhand, it became quiet, leaving the two men in the corner staring at each other, embarrassment bubbling in that silent little corner.

As if they had forgotten about the door behind them, they sat down in the corner, Fang Daichuan squatting, moving his knees, hiding his abdomen carefully behind his legs, like a large dog with its tail hanging out, pawing at the carpet near his feet.
The poor long wool carpet was plucked by him, and there is already partial baldness.
Li Sinian didn’t need to pick at the carpet to distract himself, he was concentrating on his ‘hand of God’, his index finger trembling more and more, drawing in tendons and causing spasms in his wrist from the high-frequency vibrations.


“I think……”

The two turned their heads and got frozen at the same time.

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In the dim light, Li Sinian saw Fang Daichuan’s red ears that he couldn’t hide.

Li Sinian waited for Fang Daichuan for a while but he didn’t see the other party speak.
He looked down and asked, “What do you think?”

“I think something is wrong.” Fang Daichuan answering Li Sinian’s words blankly.

“…What’s wrong?” Li Sinian asked patiently.

Fang Daichuan’s ears were visibly redder.
He lowered his head and stared at his hand for a while, gritted his teeth, raised his head bravely and stared at Li Sinian and said, “I think something is wrong with me.”

Li Sinian’s heart was beating like a drum.
He forcibly held down his desperately shaking index finger, feeling his body getting hotter and hotter.
He took a deep breath: “What’s wrong?”

He was startled when he said the words, his voice became somewhat extremely low, with a slightly hoarse nasal sound.

Fang Daichuan’s eyes wandered: “I feel …… a little hot.
Is it me …… am I overthinking it?” He said, raising his head to stare closely at Li Sinian, and a few beads of sweat had begun to faintly gather on his forehead.

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Li Sinian cautiously moved over, afraid of scaring him, the two men’s noses interlocked at the peak, getting closer.
Fang Daichuan could feel the other party’s trembling breath and the texture of the long eyelashes brushing against the tip of his ear, a very soft touch.
Fang Daichuan’s adam apple quivered twice, he clenched his teeth, his jaw tensing up.

The two of them seemed a little strange tonight.
At that moment, countless thoughts flashed in Fang Daichuan’s mind, all of which were excuses for himself.

It’s only reasonable that a young man full of vigour and vitality would feel some kind of emotion and excitement after watching a scene like that, right?

Thinking of this, he felt relieved, and even started thinking of some guilty pleasure.
He thought that even if there were any other “entanglements”, he could wait until he left the island safely.
Now that his life and death are uncertain, what if he died here tomorrow, wouldn’t he regret it in the future? His heart sank, he said, whatever happens, happens, closed his eyes accepting the fate.

However, reality did not play out as he imagined.

Li Sinian leaned over slowly, when he got closer, he put his hand on the wall behind him.

Fang Daichuan felt that Li Sinian’s body suddenly became tense.

He opened his eyes suspiciously, but saw Li Sinian suddenly stand up from the ground, took a deep breath, his face was ashen: “No! The surroundings are really getting hot! The walls are hot!”

(T/N : … Yeah the mood is there, for a moment, then… Poof, gone.
But well, Chuan’er, you are not so straight anymore huh.)

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