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Ding Zihui has no fear.

For many people, the ocean is a symbol of death, but for her, it is a symbol of life.

There was a rustling sound coming from the bushes behind her.

“You’re here again,” she didn’t turn her head back, still washing her hands with her head down, looking at the turbulent sea, the place she regarded as a symbol of her mother, she smiled and said to herself, “Why do you only come at night? Are you really a ghost?”

Behind her, a shadow stood silently, not saying a word.

Suddenly there was a “meow~” sound behind him.

Ding Zihui jerk her head and saw that the shadow behind her suddenly fading and a black cat jumped off the reef from the window sill on the second floor of the villa and licked its paws at her.

In the distance, Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan came out of the main entrance and walked towards the seaside.
Ding Zihui hid in the bushes under the reef.

On the third floor of the castle, Yang Song was holding a candlestick.
At this time, the sky was dark outside, the rain fell down alarmingly and the surroundings were dead silent.

The copper candlestick was so hot in her hands that the sweat in her palm soaked the handle of the candlestick and it almost slipped out of her hand several times.

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It was quiet in the corridor.
The slippers made a soft sound on the wooden floor.
It was dark all around.
Yang Song holds a key in his palm.
It is made of brass.
The handle of the key is carved with complicated roses and stars,like some kind of a coat of arms or family crest.
She herself didn’t know what the keys were for.

The third floor is empty, there are only four doors.
Yang Song brought the candlestick close to the door handle and saw that the four doors were all electronic locks.

It is not surprising, Yang Song thought, although the villa was renovated into an ancient castle, but five years ago, she is still the island’s nominal owner so this villa should not be built for more than five years at most.
The equipment is certainly up-to-date.

She soon came to an end.

At this end of the first floor, the corner in front of Li Sinian’s room, there was a staircase leading up to this level behind it, and it was logical that there should be a staircase up here as well.
Yang Song looked down at the stairs leading down, it was quiet downstairs, the dark staircase was dead silent, only a little light emitted from the candlestick in her hand.

Tears streamed down the candlestick and hit the small brass plate below.
Yang Song’s toes in the slippers moved unconsciously and the soles of his feet were covered in sweat.

She looked down the stairs to the other side, where there should have been stairs, there is only a wooden door.

This is a dead end.

What’s behind the wooden door?

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Yang Song looked at the brass key in her palm.
She moved the candlestick closer to the wooden door, a keyhole lay under the doorknob.
There was a light layer of dust on the doorknob, Yang Song’s heart beat like a drum; and she inserted the key and opened the door.

A dark shadow flashed quickly.

Yang Song threw the candlestick.

No one should be inside the villa at this hour.
She stood outside the wooden door with a frightened gasp, clinging to the wall.

A black cat climbed up from downstairs, gave her a sidelong glance and rubbed its chin against its shoulder.

The rain got heavier, and as Ding Zhui hid in the woods halfway up the hill, she didn’t know whether it was the rain or the coldness in her heart that was affecting the temperature around her.
She only felt her body getting colder.

Yang Song flew down the stairs, the candlestick in her hand already burnt out and her slippers lost somewhere, as she darted in panic, her eyelashes twitching nervously.
As she descended the first floor, she struggled to restrain her breathing and heartbeat and to ease her movements.
She heard someone talking 一It was the couple.

The man asked, “What’s that smell?”

The woman casually swiped the card and said cutely, “You still have time to worry about smell.
Don’t you want to ‘deal’ with me? Come in.”

Yang Song inhaled, reached out to touch the temperature of the wall, raised the corner of his mouth making a slight smile and gently opened the door to her room.

At this time, outside the window opposite her door, a very small moon shine down.

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